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The Pine Barrens is a wooded area just outside of Port Charles. There is a real Pine Barrens in New Jersey which is notorious for being a popular spot for mobsters to dump bodies.


The Pine Barrens is where Sonny Corinthos has had countless dead bodies buried. In 2009, after Michael killed Claudia in a cabin, Sonny had Jason go with Max and Milo, who dug a hole and dropped her in it at the Pine Barrens. Franco later dug up Claudia’s body as he was watching Jason the whole time.

In 2010, Dante talked to Lulu about being undercover and how Sonny and Jason wanted him to take a midlevel soldier to the Pine Barrens. They suspected the man of talking to the cops. Dante took him out there but got him to turn state’s witness.

In 2011, Dante asks Jason if he will take a field trip to the Pine Barrens to show Michael where he buries all the bodies.

Max and Milo discuss taking Ethan to the Pine Barrens when he is suspected of abusing Kristina. Milo says everyone uses the Pine Barrens and they are getting too full.

Theo mentions that Jason is at the Pine Barrens waiting to ambush him.

Max suggests to Sonny sending Jax to the Pine Barrens. Sonny says that is the first place the cops will look.

In 2012, Sonny tells Joe Jr. that the Pine Barrens is nice this time of year.

In 2018, Brad worries that Sonny will send him to the Pine Barrens when he finds out about the baby swap.

In 2019, Molly tells Michael and Jason, if Uncle Sonny was there, Shiloh would be in the Pine Barrens.