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Pine Valley, Pennsylvania
Pine Valley Welcome Sign
All My Children
One Life to Live
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Created by Agnes Nixon
Type City
Source(s) All My Children

Pine Valley, Pennsylvania is the fictional setting for the soap opera All My Children. It is connected to many other ABC soap cities, including Llanview and Port Charles.


  • Skye Chandler-Quartermaine - Skye lived in Pine Valley while pursuing a singing career and was believed to be the daughter of Adam Chandler. After altering a DNA test, Skye quickly left Pine Valley and later resurfaced in Llanview on a task given to her by Asa Buchanan. Skye eventually arrived in Port Charles in search of her biological father and was adopted by Alan Quartermaine.
  • Rae Cummings - Rae Cummings arrived in Pine Valley in search of her long-lost daughter, Skye Chandler-Quartermaine. Rae also made appearances in Llanview and Port Charles.
  • Anna Devane - Anna was taken to Pine Valley by her twin sister Alexandra Marick after surviving a near-death situation on one of her missions. Being a spy, Anna had many enemies, and an assassin was sent to kill her, but killed Gillian Andrassy instead. Anna then decided to stay in Pine Valley to rebuild her life, however after a miscarriage she leaves town.
  • Robin Scorpio-Drake - After hearing her mother was alive, Robin went to Pine Valley to visit Anna. Fearing Robin's life was in danger, Anna sent her to Paris where she would be safe.
  • Cole Thornhart - Cole went to Pine Valley from Llanview to hide from police after murdering Elijah Clarke.
  • Margaux Dawson - Has an unexplained background in Pine Valley.
  • Martin Gray - Mentioned being familiar with the Chandler name. The Chandler family hails from Pine Valley.

Other connections


  • Anna Devane's house is the former set of All My Children's Chandler mansion.