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Port Charles, New York is the fictional setting of the ABC soap opera General Hospital and its two spin-offs, General Hospital: Night Shift and Port Charles. Its suburb, Queens Point, was the setting for GH's original spin-off, The Young Marrieds. Other distinctive locations in and around the city are the Catacombs, Asian Quarter, and Pine Barrens.


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Port Charles is a fictional small to mid-sized city located in Western New York, part of the fictional Erie County, most likely on the shores of Lake Ontario between the Buffalo-Niagara Falls (Canada) and Rochester areas, or possibly north of Buffalo situated on the Niagara River. In 1993, the producers of General Hospital filmed several exterior locations in and around the Western, New York area - including Letchworth State Park, and the village of Perry, New York. Aerial photos of Port Charles occasionally shown on the air are actually shots of the skyline of downtown Rochester.

Within the fictional universe of General Hospital, the city of Port Charles co-exists with the real cities of Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and Rochester. Events in the series indicate that Port Charles' is located relatively close to all of these locations, however it is depicted as a city which would constitute a separate metro area. During several episodes aired in 1996, the characters of Laura Webber and Stefan Cassadine traveled to a house in Rochester to find Laura's long presumed dead mother Lesley Williams. The episodes in which this occurred suggested that Port Charles was a short driving distance from Rochester, though no actual distance was given. However, when Luke and Laura returned to General Hospital, they made a dramatic entrance at Niagara Falls.

To be separate from but proximate to both Rochester and Buffalo, and located on a body of water (as the "Port" in the name would indicate), Port Charles would likely be located on Lake Ontario north of the city of Batavia and east of similar small cities of Appleton and Somerset. A probable geographical location could be Lakeside or Waterport, New York for comparison.  

This probable location would give the relative distance to popular neighborhood of Bensonhurst, New York, a six hour drive. Llanview and Pine Valley being parts or suburbs of Philadelphia are approximate also six hours apart. Bensonhurst, NY and Llanview/Pine Valley are approximate an hour and forty-five minutes from each other. Corinth, Pennsylvania (the setting of the cancelled soap Loving) was visited in a 2013 story-line involving Luke Spencer trying to find a cure for his radiation poisoning. Other oft visited fictional cities are Beechers Corners, Nixon Falls, and Pautauk.


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Current Elements

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Aurora Media

Main article: Aurora Media

Aurora Media is one of the local media companies in the city of Port Charles. It is located in the Metro Court Hotel. In 2017, Julian sells his media company to his daughter Sam McCall and her then-husband Drew Cain. They rename it, and after their divorce Sam steps down, making Drew sole owner. In 2019, Jasper Jacks comes back into town, and Drew sells him 50%, putting him in charge of the Print Division, and essentially, Nina's boss. Hayden Barnes briefly served as CFO. In 2020, Sam gives Michael Corinthos her half, making him the CEO of the Digital Division.


Main article: Beradino's

A local Italian restaurant.

Black Duck Distillery

Main article: Black Duck Distillery

The Black Duck Distillery is a local distillery in Port Charles, New York. Its specialty is straight bourbon and whisky. It is located next to Charlie's Pub on Charles Street.

Cassadine Industries

Main article: Cassadine Industries

This wealthy, international conglomerate was founded by the Cassadines in the late 70's as a front to cover for their dirty dealings. But the business took off, being controlled by Mikkos Cassadine, Stavros Cassadine, Helena Cassadine, Valentin Cassadine, and Nikolas Cassadine among others. Nikolas is currently in charge of the business. It is planned that when he becomes of age, Spencer Cassadine will take over. Valentin took over in 2016, it was nearly bankrupt thanks to Helena and Victor. Under him it became hugely valuable and profitable, which is when Nikolas took it back in 2020.

Charlie's Pub

Main article: Charlie's Pub

Charlie's Pub is a local bar in Port Charles, New York. Owned by Sonny Corinthos and managed by Phyllis Caulfield. Its specialties are avocado toast and molten chocolate cake. It is located next to the Black Duck Distillery on Charles Street. Formerly owned by Julian Jerome until his death in late 2020, then Ava Cassadine, and founded by Charlie Delaney.

Corinthos Coffee

Main article: Corinthos Coffee

Corinthos Coffee is one of the local coffee import businesses in the city of Port Charles. It is owned by Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan. The coffee imported is served at many local businesses including Perks Coffee. Although many suspect that Corinthos Coffee is a front to smuggle illegal contraband in the coffee bags, it has never been proven.

The Courthouse

Main article: Port Charles Courthouse

The Port Charles City/County Courthouse is located in the heart of downtown, apparently very close to the PCPD. It consists of courtrooms and offices, which houses officials such as the District Attorney and Special Prosecutor.

Crimson Magazine

Main article: Crimson Magazine
Crimson is a fashion magazine run by Nina Reeves, and formerly by the late Connie Falconeri. Jasper Jacks helped Connie (then known as Kate) get the magazine off the ground by becoming a major investor. Kate hired Maxie Jones as her first assistant, and Lulu Spencer as her second assistant. Connie was killed by Ava Jerome in August 2013. Using the alias "Derek Wells", Julian formed a media company that bought Crimson. In 2015, he hired Nina Reeves to be the new Editor-in-Chief. In 2017, Julian sells his media company to his daughter Sam McCall and her then-husband Drew Cain. They rename it "Aurora Media", and after their divorce, Sam steps down, making Drew sole owner. In 2019, Jasper Jacks comes back into town, and Drew sells him 50%, putting him in charge of the Print Division, and essentially, Nina's boss. In 2020, Sam gives half of the company to Michael Corinthos, making him in charge of the Digital Division.

Deception Cosmetics

Main article: Deception Cosmetics

Deception is a local cosmetic company in the city of Port Charles. It is located inside the Metro Court Hotel. As of 2020: CEO/70% Partner-Lucy Coe, Model/30% Partner-Sasha Gilmore, Creative director-Maxie Jones. Former: CEO-Laura Webber; Partner-Carly Benson; models-Brenda Barrett and Gia Campbell. Julia Barrett launched Deception in the 90's with Scott Baldwin and Dominique Stanton. In 2013, Laura and Lucy Coe tried to revive Deception as a health spa and gym, but the venture failed. In 2020, Lucy Coe convinces Sasha to be the "Face of Deception." They partner to relaunch the "Deception" makeup brand. Maxie joins as does Valentin Cassadine as their new investor, and Brook Lynn Quartermaine as social media management.

Eckert's Bakery

Main article: Eckert's Bakery

Eckert's Bakery is a local bakery run by the Eckert family since 1888.

ELQ International

Main article: ELQ International

ELQ International, or Edward Louis Quartermaine International, is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Port Charles. Owned by the wealthy Quartermaines, it is one of the largest businesses in the region. From 1978 until his death in 2012, Edward Quartermaine was the sole owner. Both Nikolas Cassadine and his uncle Valentin Cassadine have staged hostile takeovers. It is a rival company with nearby Chandler Enterprises and Buchanan Enterprises.


EuroTech is a shell company for DVX. Many DVX operatives are "employees" there to maintain a cover, including Peter August, a current operative.

General Hospital

Main article: General Hospital (location)

General Hospital is a major employer in the city and is the primary hospital for most Port Charles residents. The address is 6065 Central Avenue.

The exterior shots of the hospital are images of an actual building, the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, located just miles from the show's Los Angeles studio.

Greystone Manor

Main article: Greystone Manor

This is the large estate of Carly Corinthos, Donna Corinthos, and bodyguards Max Giambetti and Milo Giambetti in the Forest Hills neighborhood. Not visible from the road, it is guarded by Sonny's men. It has a large terrace, beautiful gardens, and a stately guest house. The large garage stores a Maserati Quattroporte. In 2007, Kate Howard built her house right next door to Sonny's home, which Jax bought and now occupies. The address is 120 Shoreline Road.

Harborview Towers

Main article: Harborview Towers

This is an upper end apartment complex in downtown Port Charles. It has a view of the lake, and can clearly be seen in the Port Charles skyline. It includes Sam McCall's penthouse and was the previous residence of Carly Benson, Damian Spinelli and currently mob boss Sonny Corinthos. When Reese Marshall was living there, Carly Benson broke in and vandalized the entire apartment due to a mental breakdown. In December 2008, it was mentioned that the Metro Court Hotel is located directly across from the Harborview Towers. The address is 122 Harbor View Drive.

The Haunted Star

Main article: Haunted Star

This ship was originally owned by the Cassadine family and was given to Luke and Laura by Helena Cassadine as a wedding gift in 1981. Luke and Laura ran a night club here for a short time in 1982. In 2003, Luke reacquired ownership and turned the ship into a casino. It has been owned by many different people over the years, but is currently owned by Luke and Laura's daughter Lulu Spencer and mob boss, Johnny Zacchara, and is now a nightclub. The address is 1227 Dock Street, Slip #1.

Haven Bistro

Main article: Haven Bistro
The Haven Bistro is a popular restaurant and coffee shop located in Port Charles.

Jerome Gallery

Main article: Jerome Gallery

The Jerome gallery is an art gallery owned by Ava Cassadine. Ava's brother Julian Jerome is her financial backer. It opened in November 2013, when Ava moved her art dealing business to Port Charles. The gallery also serves as a front and base for the Jerome mob family's illegal dealings. It was built on the former site of Luke's Blues Club.

Kelly's Diner

Main article: Kelly's

Waterfront diner and boarding house originally owned and operated by Paddy and Rose Kelly, then by Ruby Anderson. It is currently co-owned by Ruby's nephew and neice Luke and Bobbie Spencer.

Lila's Kids Summer Camp

Main article: Lila's Kids Summer Camp

Lila's Kids Summer Camp is a summer youth camp established in memory of Lila Quartermaine. It has been a regular go-to for Port Charles children in the summer, as well a foundation for Port Charles teens to volunteer as counselors. It is owned by ELQ.

Lookout Point/Vista Point

Main article: Lookout Point

The Point, as it's often referred to, is a high vantage point that sits steeply in the woods of Port Charles and includes several bridges. It's been the spot of many outings and events in the past. Many citizens have had accidents or driven their cars off the road and into the lake. Hangman's Bridge, and Roebling Park with Roebling Park Bridge is located in this general area. Lookout Point is located on the same road as Shadybrook Sanitarium, and meets Harbor View Road and Old Bluff Road at a three-way intersection. Luigi's

Pizza restaurant that Monica orders from on Thanksgiving 2021.

Metro Court Hotel

Main article: Metro Court Hotel

The Metro Court Hotel is a hotel currently co-owned by Carly Corinthos and Olivia Quartermaine. It is located at 1420 Quartz Lane, Port Charles, New York. It was built by Jasper Jacks on the former site of the Port Charles Hotel, which was destroyed in a fire in 2004, and named after his then-fiancée, the now late, Courtney Matthews. The hotel houses residential suites, businesses such as Crimson Magazine and Deception Cosmetics, and such amenities as a restaurant and rooftop pool.

Noodle Buddha

Main article: Noodle Buddha
Noodle Buddha is one of the local Chinese restaurants in the city of Port Charles. It is located in the Asian Quarter. It is Jason and Sam Morgan's favorite Chinese takeout, and where they got married.

Pentonville Penitentiary

Main article: Pentonville Penitentiary

This is considered the "state" jail where convicted felons go. The real Pentonville Prison has had few references, the most recent being the summer of 2007. Current prisoners are Shawn Butler, Ryan Chamberlain, Brad Cooper, Paul Hornsby, Suzanne Stanwyck, and Johnny Zacchara.

Perks Coffee

Main article: Perks Coffee

Perks Coffee is one of the local coffee shops in the city of Port Charles owned by Sonny Corinthos. It is located in a boardwalk area with a courtyard, coffee kiosk, and a coffee shop which are managed by Aaron Roland. It serves Corinthos Coffee.

Pickle-Lila Relish
Pickle-Lila Relish was created in 1984. After a hostile takeover causes the Quartermaines to lose everything, they move into the apartment above Kelly's, where Lila Quartermaine creates a special pickle relish. They name it "Pickle-Lila" and it helps them get their fortune back. When Edward dies, instead of leaving Tracy money or stock like the rest of the family, he leaves her a jar of Pickle-Lila. The company is part of ELQ.

Pier 52
Pier 52 is a pier that has become infamous for an increase in mob activity and crime; including the Pier 52 shootout, involving Jason Morgan, Joe Scully, Jr., Bernie Abrahms, and Cesar Faison disguised as Duke Lavery. Several murders have taken place here, and wanted criminals have attempted to leave town from here.

Port Charles Emergency Services

Main article: Port Charles Emergency Services

The Port Charles Emergency Services is the local emergency services. It is frequently called to rescue people after fires or explosions occur in town.

Port Charles Grill

Main article: Port Charles Grill

The Port Charles Grill is a popular restaurant which is frequented by the citizens of Port Charles. It was named after a popular restaurant in the 80s and 90s. This former restaurant was located in the Port Charles Hotel which burned down.


Main article: Port Charles Police Department

One of the best known organizations in Port Charles is the Port Charles Police Department. It has handled several crimes in the city, but not always well. It has several officers that are informants to the mob, most notably the late Logan Hayes and Cooper Barrett. Current employees include Commissioner Jordan Ashford, Chief of Detectives Mac Scorpio, Det. Harrison Chase, and Det. Valerie Spencer. The address is 1438 Central Avenue.[1]

The Port Charles Press newspaper

Main article: The Port Charles Press

The Port Charles Press (formerly The Port Charles Sun and The Port Charles Herald) is a local newspaper in Port Charles. In December of 2011, Pres Floyd bought The Herald and renamed it The Press. In May of 2012, Todd Manning bought it, renamed it again, reformatted it as a tabloid, and moved its offices into the Crimson offices in The Metro Court. In March 2013, Todd moved out of Port Charles, and The Sun was reformatted again as a newspaper and returned to its prior name The Press.


Main article: Pozzulo's

Owned by mob boss, Sonny Corinthos and former mob boss, Jason Morgan. Pozullo's is an Italian restaurant located on the west end of Port Charles. It was first frequented by members of the mafia in the 1990s, and by local mob boss, Sonny Corinthos and his wife Carly Benson in the early 2000s. After the former owner died in 2009, Sonny Corinthos purchased the building and opened an office there.

Quartermaine Mansion

Main article: Quartermaine Mansion

The home of the wealthy Quartermaine family, it also features living quarters for several members of the extended family, including the maid Alice Gunderson and "Cook", Virginia Cook. In 1978, Alan Quartermaine bought the mansion for his wife, Monica, she often reminds the family its "her" house when they begin quarreling, which is an often occurrence in the Quartermaine quarters. She has been known to throw them out of "her" house as well. There is a a gatehouse on the property which has housed many members of the family and their friends. The garage featured luxury vehicles such as a custom vintage Bentley. A rose garden was present in the courtyard which was tended to by Lila Quartermaine until her death. There is also a boathouse and family crypt on the property. The address is 66 Harbor View Road.

Rice Park

Main article: Rice Park

Rice Park is a popular hangout spot, though it can be dangerous at times. Kidnappings, murders, and rapes have occurred here. In 2019, to honor the late Oscar Nero-Quartermaine, the Quartermaine family erected a memorial in an area he had liked, naming it "Oscar's Meadow."

Salatino's Deli Located on the boardwalk where the Perks Coffee kiosk is.[2] The Savoy

Main article: The Savoy

The Savoy Nightclub is a popular nightclub and bar located in Port Charles, which makes excellent "mocktails."

Shadybrook Sanitarium

Main article: Shadybrook Sanitarium
Shadybrook is a psychiatric facility located in a small country area in Port Charles on the same road as Lookout Point and is the former work place of Lainey Winters and Ewen Keenan. It has been home to many patients, including Carly Benson, Tracy Quartermaine, Laura Webber, Lulu Spencer and Connie Falconeri.

Volonino's Gym

Main article: Volonino's Gym

Volonino's Gym is a local gym and boxing ring that caters to boxers and fighters in the area. It has a reputation for only catering to the most serious of fighters. The gym is frequented by mobsters Sonny Corinthos (also the owner) and Max and Milo Giambetti. The gym was named after Alice Volonino, a member of the costume and wardrobe department for the show. It is located at 152 Broadway.

The Waterfront/Docks

Main article: The Waterfront

As its name suggests, Port Charles is a major port. The Waterfront district has been under the control of Sonny Corinthos for over a decade, though rival gangs have tried to move in on his territory, such as Lorenzo Alcazar, the Ruiz brothers, and others. Kelly's, a local eatery, is located in this area and the Elm Street Pier is also located here. Majority of the Port Charles waterfront is owned by the Pride-Philips Company, which was given to Courtney Matthews as a thank you from a woman whose life she saved. Courtney later sold Pride-Philips to Lorenzo Alcazar. The B/N Department Store is located somewhere in this area. This is also where launch for Spoon Island is located. Many high level Port Charles citizens meet on the Elm St. Pier daily. Major events, explosions, and shootouts have taken place on the docks.

WSB (World Security Bureau)

Main article: World Security Bureau

World Security Bureau
World Security Bureau (WSB) is an espionage agency its nemesis is the international organization known as the DVX. It is currently run by Frisco Jones, with Anna Devane acting as the East Coast representative, and Dante Falconeri as an agent in treatment for PTSD and brainwashing. One of the WSB's most daring and effective agents was Robert Scorpio who traveled incognito as an international financier and well-know bon vivant. Other former agents include Victor Cassadine and Sean Donely. They have at least three facilities around the world they use to treat and train their agents.

Wyndemere Castle/Spoon Island

Main article: Wyndemere Castle

Cassadine family home. The island was leased to the Cassadines long ago by a Native American group. It is home to a grand old mansion called Wyndemere, where many noteworthy residents have resided, and it is currently occupied by Nikolas Cassadine, Spencer Cassadine, Britt Westbourne, Ben Westbourne and Lesley Webber. Wyndemere is considered a castle by many, but Nikolas Cassadine is quick to defend that it is a "mansion." Many notable events have occured on Spoon Island, including the wedding of Elizabeth and Lucky Spencer and the murders of Katherine Bell, Summer Halloway and Emily Quartermaine.

Xtreme Motors

Main article: Xtreme Motors

Xtreme Motors is a garage owned and operated by Brando Corbin, given to him by his cousin Sonny Corinthos in 2020. It was once abandoned, then bought by Johnny Zaccahara in 2009. In 2015, Julian Jerome was part owner of the garage. The address is 4278 7th Avenue.

Yoga Studio

Main article: Yoga Studio
The local yoga studio is frequented by the citizens of Port Charles, especially in times of personal turmoil, when they are seeking internal peace.

Port Charles society

The Nurses' Ball

Main article: The Nurses' Ball

From 1994 - 2001, the Nurses' Ball was the social event of the year in the Port Charles calendar, and is most notable for being a charity event dedicated to raising funds for various HIV/AIDS organizations, both on the show and in reality. The Nurses' Ball was held in the Port Charles Hotel (which burned down in 2004). Notably from 1997 until the last ball in 2001, the Nurses' ball was usually a major crossover where characters from both Port Charles and General Hospital got a chance to interact with one another. A train/bus collision interrupted the 2001 event. The event has since been discontinued. The onscreen reasons for this have not been explained, but it is known that rising expenses and budget cuts in the real world, along with the revamp that was made to Port Charles in 2001 were the reasons why the producers of both General Hospital and Port Charles decided to end the annual event. In 2012, it is explained on screen that The Nurses' Ball was discontinued due to the lack of funding. In 2013, the Nurses' Ball was resurrected again in memory of Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake, who was believed to have died the previous year. The Ball took place in the first week of April during the 50th anniversary celebration of General Hospital and has since continued once a year.

General Hospital Pediatric Ward Christmas party
For many years, the Pediatric Ward Christmas party has been the focus of General Hospital episodes that have aired just before Christmas (usually on the December 24 episode of General Hospital, but sometimes on December 23 or December 22 if December 24 falls during a weekend). It is traditional for the current chief of staff to read the Christmas story to the children during the party. Steve Hardy did this for many years until his death in 1996 when Alan Quartermaine took over. The chief is also accompanied by the General Hospital volunteers dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Claus, as well as elves. The children of various cast members from the show are often featured as extras in the party scenes playing the sick children from the ward. After Alan's death in 2007 the Pediatric Ward party was not shown on screen until 2014, when Liesl Obrecht took over as Chief of Staff.


Main article: Cassadine family

The Cassadine brothers, Mikkos, Tony and Victor first made their presence in Port Charles felt in 1981, when they caused the infamous blizzard through the use of carbonic snow. Tony was killed with Alexandria Quartermaine after taking a curious stroll into the Ice Princess freezer chamber and later Luke Spencer killed Mikkos and Tony by throwing them into the chamber as well. Helena Cassadine the widow of Mikkos and patriarch of the family in turn cursed Luke and Laura at their wedding thus beginning the long rivalry between the Spencers and the Cassadines. She also ordered her son; Stavros Cassadine, to kidnap Laura Webber, together they had Nikolas, before she escaped leaving Nikolas to be raised by his Uncle Stefan, Mikkos and Helena's youngest son.

Stefan eventually took control of the family and in 1996, he and Nikolas moved to Port Charles permanently, joined by distant Cassadine cousin Alexis Davis who was later revealed to be Mikkos' illegitimate daughter (Natasha Cassadine) with Swedish opera singer Kristin Bergman. In 2001, the family received another addition when Alexis' long lost sister, Kristina Cassadine (originally Kristina Carter), was brought to town to reunite with her sister by Jasper Jacks. Stefan was later murdered by Luke in 2003, at which time Nikolas declares the war between the Spencers and the Cassadines over. Helena wrecked havoc against the citizens of Port Charles for many years before finally being killed when Nikolas poisoned her in 2015. Alexis has given birth to three daughters, Samantha McCall, Kristina Davis, and Molly Lansing. Nikolas has a son, Spencer Cassadine, with the late Courtney Matthews. Sam has two children; Danny with Jason Morgan and Scout Cain with Drew Cain. Sam also had a third child; Lila McCall with Sonny Corinthos. However Lila was stillborn on November 8, 2004. In 2016, Mikkos's illegitimate son Valentin manages to take Nikolas's family and friends' hostage and forced Nikolas to sign over his entire fortune. When a struggle ensued, Nikolas falls over a balcony and is presumably killed. Valentin later takes residence in Port Charles with his daughter Charlotte Cassadine. In 2019, Nikolas is revealed alive, comes back to claim his life, and reveals that Valentin is supposedly not a Cassadine. In 2021, Victor Cassadine is revealed alive, and admits he father Valentin, making him family by blood after all.

Main article: Corinthos family
Main article: Corinthos mob family
Sonny Corinthos arrived in Port Charles in 1993, and owned and operated a strip club before becoming Port Charles' most powerful mobster in the power struggles that followed Frank Smith's death. He has become known for his relative benevolence compared to other mafia gangs, and his donation of several million dollars was instrumental in setting up the Stone Cates Memorial AIDS Wing at General Hospital. In 1996, Sonny befriended Jason Morgan and taught him the business. Jason then became Sonny's mob enforcer and his right-hand man. Sonny also has six children, while living in his home town, Olivia Quartermaine gave birth to his first born son Dante, who is now a cop at the PCPD. In 2002, Sonny adopted Carly Benson's son Michael and Carly later gave birth to their son Morgan. After Sonny has a one night stand with Alexis Davis she becomes pregnant and gives birth to his daughter Kristina. Another one night stand with Ava Jerome, leads to the birth of Sonny's youngest daughter Avery. In October 2016, Morgan was killed in a car bomb. In September 2019, Carly gave birth to another daughter, Donna Corinthos.

Main article: Hardy family
Main article: Webber family
Steve Hardy was the chief of Staff at General Hospital from 1963 until his death in 1996. Perhaps one of Dr Hardy's biggest achievements was finding a cure to the Lassa Fever epidemic of 1979. He was married to Audrey Hardy for many years, and adopted her son Tom Hardy, who would also become a doctor. His other son, Jeff Webber, is a doctor as well. Jeff has four children, Steven and Sarah, who are also doctors, Elizabeth, who is a nurse and Hayden, all of whom have worked at GH. Elizabeth has three children, Cameron Webber and Jake Spencer, whom she is raising with Lucky Spencer, and Aiden Spencer her biological son with Lucky. Hayden has one daughter with ex-fiancé Hamilton Finn named Violet.

Main article: Quartermaine family

One of the most distinguished families in Port Charles is the Quartermaine family, who moved to the area in 1978 and are best known for ELQ International, founded by Edward Quartermaine. Edward and wife Lila have two children; Alan and Tracy. Tracy has two sons, Dillon Quartermaine and former rock star Ned Quartermaine. Dr. Alan Quartermaine was the chief of staff at General Hospital for several years before his death in 2007, while his wife Monica is a renowned heart surgeon and is currently chief of staff herself. Alan also had three sons, A.J. with Monica and twin boys; Jason and Drew with Susan Moore who Monica later adopted herself. In 1996, Alan and Monica adopted their daughter Emily Quartermaine. Emily was eventually killed by a serial killer in 2007.

The Quartermaines have had a long-standing rivalry with Sonny Corinthos that began when Sonny married Carly Benson, the former wife of A.J. and forced him to give up parental rights to his and Carly's son Michael. A.J is later shot and killed by Sonny himself in 2014. Jason has two children, Jake Spencer and Danny Morgan. Andrew has a deceased son, Oscar Nero-Quartermaine and daughter, Scout Cain. Due to their dysfunctional tendencies, the Quartermaines are comically notorious for their annual attempts to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Usually for one reason or another it ends up ruined and they now order takeout pizza as a Thanksgiving tradition. Other Quartermaines include Skye Chandler-Quartermaine, Justus Ward, Brook Lynn Quartermaine, Lila Rae Alcazar, and Maya Ward.

Main article: Scorpio family
Australian ex-pat Robert Scorpio was Police Commissioner of Port Charles for many years (1982-1985, 1987-1992), and solved numerous mysteries and crimes. Robert has married Anna Devane twice and they later had a daughter Robin Scorpio. Robert was presumed dead in 1992, but later returned to town in 2006 to track down Luke Spencer who had brought the encephalitis outbreak to Port Charles. Robert currently travels the world working as a spy for the WSB, though he is known to occasionally visit Robin and ex wife Anna. Mac Scorpio is Robert's brother, and was Police Commissioner of Port Charles for many years as well (1996-2012). Mac has two step-daughters Maxie Jones and Georgie Jones. In 2007, Georgie was only a teenager when she was strangled to death by a serial killer. In 2008, Robin married Patrick Drake and they have two children, daughter, Emma Scorpio-Drake and son, Noah Scorpio-Drake.

Main article: Spencer family
The Spencer family is originally from Port Charles, the two main members Luke and Bobbie Spencer both being born there, but the siblings moved to Florida when they were young after the death of their mother Lena. Luke and Bobbie both moved back to Port Charles in the late 1970s. The Spencers are perhaps best known for supercouple Luke and Laura and their long standing rivalry with the Cassadines. Luke and Laura have two children, Lucky and Lulu, Luke also has a son, Ethan Lovett, and Laura's son Nikolas Cassadine is often considered part of the family. Bobbie also has two children Carly Benson, her biological daughter and Lucas Jones whom she adopted. Carly is a prominent person in town, as she owns the Metro Court Hotel. Lucky's ex-wife Elizabeth Webber and their children Cam, Jake and Aiden currently live in Port Charles. Other current Port Charles residents include; Bobbie, Lucas, Carly and her children Michael, Morgan, Josslyn, and Donna, and Lulu, her son Rocco, and daughter Charlotte with Valentin Cassadine.


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Chiefs of Police & Police Commissioners

  • Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford (June 2015-present)
  • Acting Police Commissioner Mac Scorpio (July 2019; during Jordan's tenure)

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Rapes & Notable Trials

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  • In September 1977, a hurricane strikes the city, claiming the lives of Martha Taylor and David Hamilton's wife and child.
  • In August 1981 the town experienced a blizzard in the midst of summer. The cause of this blizzard was determined to be Mikkos Cassadine's weather machine.
  • In 1988, a bomb explodes in the main exhibition tent of the Port Charles Art Festival.
  • In 1990, a blackout hit the city when Cesar Faison joined together the alien crystals from the planet Lumina.
  • In February 1991, the Quartermaine S.S. Tracy sank in the middle of Port Charles Harbor, unleashing toxic chemicals and causing an environmental disaster.
  • In 1991, the town experienced an earthquake, which destroyed the Brownstone.
  • In May 1994, a school bus for a Port Charles elementary school crashes, leaving B.J. Jones dead.



  • From late December 2010 to early January 2011, a bus heading to Cedar Mountain for a ski trip crashes, injuring Olivia Quartermaine, Matt Hunter, and Morgan Corinthos, and giving Kristina Corinthos-Davis hypothermia. The bus driver dies on site and Kristina's friend Ali dies at the hospital.
  • In October 2011, Lisa Niles wakes up from her coma to terrorize Port Charles. First she puts a nurse in a coma at GH, drugs Johnny Zacchara, and stabs Anthony Zacchara. Then she goes on a boat where Matt Hunter is throwing a party. There she kills the captain of the boat, drugs the First Mate, drugs Elizabeth Webber and throws her into the water, drugs Patrick and Robin and intends to infect Patrick with HIV to be stopped by Robin, and lastly she fights Robin on the deck. During this Olivia Quartermaine passes out. Lisa is found dead two weeks later having been killed by Matt.
  • In June 2012, Tea Delgado and Sam McCall both gave birth to their sons during a torrential rainstorm. Tea's son wasn't breathing, and her ex-husband, Todd Manning, went looking for help. He brings the baby to Heather Webber, who tries to save him, but the baby dies. Meanwhile, Sam comes to the same area, looking for help, and ends up passing out after putting her son down. Todd & Heather then switched the babies, giving Sam's breathing son to Tea, and leaving Tea's stillborn son in his place. Tea names "her son" Victor Lord III, while Sam buries "her son" as Jason Morgan Jr. Four months later, Jason Morgan figured out the switch, and told John McBain. However, Heather had kidnapped baby Victor from Tea, wanting to raise a son by herself. Baby Victor was rescued from Heather, and returned to Jason & Sam, who renamed him Danny Morgan.
  • From late August to early September 2012, Jerry Jacks puts a deadly pathogen in the water supply and everyone in town becomes deathly ill, except Alexis Davis and Josslyn Jacks, whom he inoculated against the pathogen. Jerry blackmails Ewen Keenan and Joe Scully, Jr. into helping him, and tricks Todd Manning into selling him his cable TV franchise so he can announce his intentions to the city. Ewen snaps because of what Jerry has made him a part of and kidnaps Elizabeth Webber. Jason Morgan saves Elizabeth, but he and Ewen shoot each other, killing Ewen. Jerry kidnaps Alexis, and in a confrontation between Jerry, Jasper Jacks, Johnny Zacchara and Carly Benson, Johnny is shot. The Quartermaine cook, Virginia Cook, dies from the pathogen in the water.
  • On October 22, 2012, Bernie Abrahms is waiting at Pier 52 for Jason Morgan. Joe Scully, Jr. however arrives and shoots Bernie, but before Joe can finish Bernie off, Jason arrives and confronts Joe. Joe tries to shoot Jason, but Jason fatally shoots Joe first. Jason goes to Bernie where Bernie tries to tell Jason "about the money", but before he could say anything else, Cesar Faison (disguised as Duke Lavery) shoots Jason in the back and then kicks Jason's unconscious body into the harbor. Jason was presumed dead. After that, Faison threatens to kill Joe and notices that Bernie is alive and goes over and shoots him. Joe starts to run off. Faison sees Joe running off and tries to shoot him, but misses, Faison tries to go after Joe, but stops when he hears the police sirens and instead goes to a different direction. Joe goes to the Quartermaine Mansion where he later on dies from his gunshot wound. Back at Pier 52, the Police as well as the paramedics and Sonny Corinthos arrives, Sonny goes over to see a dying Bernie and asks him who shot him and what happend to Jason. Bernie tells Sonny that Joe shot him and that Jason was shot and dumped into the harbor. Sonny leaps into the water to tries to find Jason, but fails. Sonny goes back to Bernie where Bernie tries to tell Sonny about someting but before Bernie could say anthing else he dies. Jason was revealed to be alive in 2017.
  • In February 2013, a Serial Killer named Caleb Morley who looks like John McBain goes to Port Charles where he wrecks havoc by first murdering Alison Barrington, he then poses as John and gets Rafe Kovich, Jr. out of jail with the help of Officer Bud Carlson, all three arrive at Pier 52 where Caleb then stabs Officer Carlson to death and tries to kidnap Rafe but Rafe escapes and runs off. Caleb then goes to the PCU and kills Professor Jay Mosser by stabbing him in the neck with a pair of scissors. Caleb frames John McBain for his crimes and John is later arrested. At Pier 52 Caleb sees Heather Webber with Danny Morgan and stops her from leaving, he chokes Heather by the neck and then throws her into the harbor. Caleb tries to kidnap Danny but then Todd Manning arrives and stops Caleb, both Todd and Caleb struggle over over the stroller and Caleb threatens Todd to leave but Todd refuses, after hearing the police sirens Caleb quickly escapes. After Todd is arrested by Anna Devane. Caleb goes back to Pier 52 where he sees Sam McCall who looks like his deceased wife Livvie Locke. Caleb tries to pose as John by tricking Sam but fails. Sam tries to escape from Caleb but Caleb blocks Sam's way and kidnaps both her and Danny. At Wyndemere Castle, Caleb has taken both Sam and Danny as hostages and has also drugged Sam and also bitten her neck. Caleb threatens to kill Sam but before he can, John McBain arrives and both him and Caleb get into a struggle. Caleb over powers John and ties him up. Caleb then goes over and tries to kill John but before he can, Lucy Coe arrives, Caleb threatens to kill Lucy but before Caleb can, John escapes and goes after Caleb where they struggle, Caleb almost over powers John but gets distracted when Sam calls out his name, giving John enough time to overpower Caleb by stabbing him to death.
  • In 2016, Nelle Hayes came to town and tortured the Corinthos family. She made Sonny think they slept together, tried to drive Carly crazy, and had a baby with Michael. In 2018, Nelle switched her baby with Brad and Lucas' adopted baby who recently died.
  • From January to March 2017, Olivia Jerome returned and terrorized Port Charles. Sam McCall eventually figures out that Olivia was the one behind Morgan Corinthos's death and after a struggle, Olivia pushes Sam off a bridge. Olivia also kidnapped Robin Scorpio-Drake and Griffin Munro in an insane attempt to resurrect Duke Lavery. Griffin made her believe that Duke was back to gain control but she managed to escape when Anna Devane arrived and was injured. Olivia ended up breaking into her sister, Ava's apartment, where they meet for the first time and Olivia holds her hostage. Olivia forces Ava to call Julian Jerome and uses that as a distraction to kidnap Alexis and lure Julian to the bridge where she and Alexis are. Julian arrives but a struggle ensues and he goes over the bridge but survives. In a hasty attempt to leave town, Olivia goes to the cemetery to retrieve the plaque on her grave when she runs into Carly Benson who is visiting Morgan's grave. Olivia pulls a gun on Carly, which they struggle for and Olivia is shot. Carly threatens to kill Olivia but Sonny Corinthos arrives and stops her. The police are called and Olivia is later sentenced to a mental asylum.
  • In March 2018, an earthquake struck Port Charles thanks to the construction team of Jim Harvey. Mayor Ned Quartermaine quickly organized a rescue operation while many resistance became trapped in various locations. Franco Baldwin was trapped with Jim at GH as Carly Benson and Nelle Benson became trapped at the Jerome Gallery while Drew Cain, Kim Nero and Lulu Spencer were trapped at the Floating Rib which was host to Josslyn Jacks and Oscar Nero-Quartermaine's school dance. Drew later killed Jim in defense of Franco the following month.
  • In August 2018, thought-to-be-dead serial killer Ryan Chamberlain was revealed to be alive and switched places with his twin, Kevin, whom he left trapped at Ferncliff. Ryan pursued a romantic relationship with Ava Jerome and then killed Nurse Mary Pat Ingles on Halloween, Ava's daughter Kiki Jerome on Thanksgiving, and film producer Peyton Mills on New Year's Eve. In February 2019, after stabbing Lulu and failing to kill her due to becoming temporarily blinded, Ryan framed Franco for all the crimes, but after denying any wrong doing, Franco teamed up with Jordan Ashford to flush out the real killer, so Franco admits to committing the crimes while mentally ill and was subsequently sent to Ferncliff, where Ryan had now locked up both Kevin and Laura. A triggered Ryan stabs Franco, but is unable to kill him since Franco escaped and after being treated for his wound, confirmed Ryan to be the killer (along with fellow escapees Kevin and Laura). In March, Ryan took Ava, now his fiancee, to Niagara Falls for their honeymoon, but not long after kidnapping Carly Benson, whom he left to die at the bottom of the bridge after Ava discovered her in the trunk and was left thinking that 'Kevin' was suffering from another mental breakdown. While attempting to cross the border with Ava, Ryan was shot by Jason Morgan and then tossed himself and Ava off a bridge to avoid police capture, but Jason caught Ava before rescuing Carly and Laura told Ava the whole truth, leaving her completely devastated. Ryan was presumed dead for two months until he sent Kevin his severed right hand, killed his caretaker April Tremblay, and left Curtis and Laura trapped in a cabin rigged with explosives. Curtis and Laura did escape, but Ryan already returned to PC and hung Kevin from the roof of the Nurses' Ball stage after attacking him and Scott Baldwin. Ryan later visited Ava in her cabin, but Ava tried to kill him and was stopped by Curtis, who needed him alive for Jordan's sake. As Ryan was getting arrested, Ava stabbed him in the back, sending him to GH where he survived his wound and even a seizure given to him by Finn. On June 4, after saying no multiple times, Ryan reluctantly decided to donate his kidney to Jordan all because Stella forced him to. Ryan later lapsed into a coma for days before being transferred to prison where he met troublemaker Nelle Benson.
  • In December 2019, sexual predator Shiloh and his Dawn of Day Cult took over Port Charles. Kristina and Oscar became members and Sam killed Shiloh in self-defense.



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