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The Port Charles Airport is the main airport in the city of Port Charles.


When people leave Port Charles, they usually leave through the Port Charles Airport.

In August 2000, Florence Campbell had a heart attack at the airport.

In 2013, Sonny said goodbye to Brenda, the love of his life, before she left town via the airport.

In 2014, Maxie arrives at the airport to pick up Nathan but his flight has been diverted and he's in Beechers Corners.

In August 2015, Tracy Quartermaine ran into her ex-husband Paul Hornsby at the airport.

In May 2017, Emma realizes in the airport that Alex is pretending to be her grandmother Anna. Nathan arrests Alex.

In August 2017, Nathan takes Maxie to the airport.

In August 2020, Robert Scorpio and Olivia Quartermaine fly to Geneva, Switzerland, with the intention of visiting Olivia's son, Dante Falconeri, who is being treated for PTSD at the WSB facility.