Port Charles Police Department
Comr. Jordan Ashford with Det. Nathan West and Det. Dante Falconeri at the PCPD (2017)
General Hospital
Genre Soap opera
Type Police Department
Nickname(s) PCPD
Notable people Jordan Ashford
Mac Scorpio
(Chief of Detectives)
Harrison Chase
Valerie Spencer
Address 1438 Central Avenue[1]
Port Charles, New York

The Port Charles Police Department, also known as the PCPD, is the police department of Port Charles. It has handled several crimes in the city, but not always well. It has had several officers who were also informants to the mob.


The Port Charles Police Department (PCPD) has played a continuing prominent role on General Hospital since 1979, when PCPD Captain Burt Ramsey became a series regular. In January 1983, Robert Scorpio was appointed PCPD Commissioner, a post he held until December of 1985. Lee Baldwin, leaving shortly as Mayor, declined Robert's recommendation to appoint Captain Ramsey as Commissioner, which led to Burt Ramsey and Anna Devane being named Co-Chiefs of the PCPD by incoming Mayor Ken Morgan. This was an experiment which led to disaster, with Burt deciding to become head of the Port Charles mob.

Anna assumed sole command of the PCPD in December of 1986, but was forced to resign in April of 1987 when unsubstantiated allegations of mob influence continued to swirl around the department. Captain Guy Lewis was appointed as Chief, and he continued to run the department for the rest of the year. Robert Scorpio, back in town after a brief exit, was asked by the state police commissioner and Chief Lewis to re-assume command as commissioner, a post he accepted in early 1988 with the kidnapping of Anna by Grant Putnam. The second time, Scorpio served as PCPD Commissioner for 4 years. During that time Anna served as acting PCPD commissioner in January of 1990 when Robert faked his death to solve a murder, and Chief Lewis stepped in to serve as acting commissioner in the Spring of 1991 when Scorpio briefly became a fugitive, along with his brother Mac.

When Robert left to find Anna in early 1992, Sean Donely reluctantly agreed to serve as Acting Commissioner, pending the return of Scorpio. When Anna and Robert were declared dead, Sean took the permanent job, and served for three years until 1995, when he was shot and left Port Charles for Boston. No head of the PCPD was mentioned for over a year, until 1996 when Robert's brother Mac Scorpio took over.

Mac served as Commissioner between 1996 and 2012. Compared to his brother Robert as Commissioner, Mac was much more of an administrator than Robert, who left many of those routine duties to others.


Jason Morgan, Johnny Zacchara, and Sam McCall talk in the interrogation room at the PCPD.

In 2006, A shootout occurred at the police station when Manny Ruiz took the police commissioner's stepdaughter, Maxie Jones, hostage. Dillon Quartermaine was shot and Maxie was saved by Diego Alcazar, who ironically attempts to kill Maxie two years later. Dillon later recovers. In July 2008, there was almost another hostage crisis at the PCPD involving Lulu Spencer, Johnny Zacchara, and Edward Quartermaine.

In early 2012, A member of the PCPD Ronnie Dimestico was revealed to be a Serial Attacker and was responsible for kidnapping both Lulu and Sam and for threatening to kill both of them as well as threatening to also kill Dante Falconeri, after Ronnie was shot and killed by John McBain all of Ronnie's crimes were revealed and the PCPD went through a scandal forcing the Mayor Janice Lomax to fire to Mac Scorpio as Police Commissioner. The mayor later hires Anna Devane, making it her second time to lead the PCPD, the first being; between December of 1985 and May of 1987.


Det. Nathan West and Det. Dante Falconeri at the PCPD

In January 2014, Anna hires Det. Nathan West and assigns him as the partner of Det. Dante Falconeri.

The following January of 2015, Janice Lomax is elected as mayor of Port Charles again and as her first act in her new term she fires Anna Devane and hires Kyle Sloane as the new Commissioner.

After Sloane was fired in late May 2015, Mayor Lomax appointed former Federal Agent Jordan Ashford to the job of Commissioner.

In early 2018, after Nathan is killed, Jordan hires Det. Harrison Chase and assigns him as the new partner of Det. Dante Falconeri. However, on June 28, 2018, Dante leaves town to join a WSB mission.

Dante returns from his WSB mission in March of 2019 and Jordan offered him his job back, but since Dante was suffering from PTSD and feared that he'd been brainwashed, he left town again to seek help.

Scorpio Brothers PCPD

The Scorpio brothers discuss their new roles at the PCPD. Robert as the DA and Mac as the Chief of Detectives.

As Jordan was recovering from her kidney problems, Laura Collins reinstates Mac Scorpio as commissioner but only temporarily until Jordan can get back to work. Later on, Jordan hired Mac as Chief of Detectives in the PCPD.

Police Department personnel

Those that appear in bold are current personnel
  • Police Commissioner Robert Scorpio (January 1983-December 1985)
  • Co-Chief of Police Anna Devane (December 1985-December 1986)
  • Co-Chief of Police Burt Ramsey (December 1985-December 1986)
  • Chief of Police Anna Devane (December 1986-May 1987)
  • Chief of Police Guy Lewis (June 1987-July 1992)
  • Police Commissioner Robert Scorpio (February 1988-February 1992)
  • Acting Police Commissioner Anna Devane (January 1990; during Robert's tenure)
  • Acting Police Commissioner Guy Lewis (May - August 1991, during Robert's tenure)
  • Police Commissioner Sean Donely (February 1992-March 1995)
  • Police Commissioner Mac Scorpio (May 1996- June 2012)
  • Police Commissioner Anna Devane (July 2012-Jan 2015)
  • Police Commissioner Kyle Sloane (Jan 2015-May 2015)
  • Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford (June 2015-present)
  • Acting Police Commissioner Mac Scorpio (July 2019; during Jordan's tenure)

Those that appear in bold are current personnel



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