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Primary Corinthos Safehouse is a local safehouse near Port Charles, New York.

This is the first of at least five safehouses for the Corinthos mob family.


When Jason and Sam need to hide out, they have used Primary Corinthos Safehouse.

In April 2016, Drew (as “Jason”) and Sam meet at the safehouse to discuss who could have wanted Hayden dead.

In July 2019, Jason and Sam hide out at the safehouse from the Beechers Corners police after he escaped custody.

In April 2020, Jason breaks up with Sam at the safehouse.

In August 2020, Jason brings Taggert to the safehouse to recover from a gunshot wound. He also invites Epiphany to the safehouse to care for Taggert.

In May 2021, Brick takes Jason and Britt to the safehouse after an unknown shooter frames Cameron and shoots Jason in the back.