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The Quartermaine Boathouse is the boathouse of the wealthy Quartermaine family on the property of the Quartermaine Mansion. Multiple people have stayed in the boathouse.


The Quartermaine Boathouse made its debut in 1989, when Lucy Coe thought she was meeting Alan Quartermaine there for a secret assignment but was met by escaped convict Victor Jerome instead. When Lucy rejected his appeal to go on the run with her, Jerome impulsively swallowed a locket he had made for her and choked to death. Lucy convinced Alan to hide the body, but he couldn't live with a dead man in the freezer and told her he was calling the police. Lucy diverted him by seducing him and they dumped Jerome's body in the lake.

This is also where Emily Quartermaine lost her virginity to Zander Smith (2001), and Lulu Spencer lost her virginity to Dillon Quartermaine (2006).

In May 2012, Johnny Zacchara murdered his grandfather Anthony Zacchara at their family penthouse and proceeded to plant his body on the grounds of the Quartermaine boathouse.

In October, A.J. Quartermaine was revealed to be alive and returned to hide out at the mansion with the help of Monica Quartermaine and Alice Gunderson. After he was almost discovered by Tracy Quartermaine, Alice rendered her unconscious and tied her up in the boathouse.

In 2013, Franco Baldwin took residence at the Quartermaines when it was believed he was the twin brother of Jason Morgan. As it was also believed Franco's daughter was Kiki Jerome she and her mother, Ava Jerome, came to live at the mansion much to the Quartermaines annoyance. Kiki's boyfriend Morgan Corinthos also joins Kiki on the property when he moves into the boathouse. After it was proven none of the above had any ties to the family, they were all evicted from the Quartermaine premises.

In 2014, Heather Webber kidnaps Carly Corinthos holding her at the Quartermaine boathouse, intending to kill her and frame her son Franco Baldwin for the crime. However, she's discovered by Luke Spencer, who she gets locked up in Miscavige, and instead takes Carly to the Catacombs on Spoon Island.

On October 6, 2016, Morgan sees a silhouette of who he thinks is Kiki and Dillon making love in the boathouse. He grabs a fishing hook and plants it in the boathouse door. It is revealed that Ned Quartermaine and Olivia Falconeri were the couple inside who had snuck into the boathouse. Olivia later finds the hook and thinks it is from Julian regarding her relationship with Ned. Morgan is so angry he ends up stealing Julian’s car which blows up and kills him.

On February 4, 2020, Michael Corinthos moved the mother of his child (Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos), Nelle Benson into the boathouse, with boats, central heating, and indoor plumbing.

On February 9, 2022, Drew Cain and Cary talk in the boathouse after Carly walked in on her husband Sonny Corinthos and Nina Reeves in bed at the Haunted Star. Drew and Carly almost kiss but she stops it.