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The Quartermaine Gatehouse is the gatehouse of the wealthy Quartermaine family on the property of the Quartermaine Mansion. Multiple people have stayed in the gatehouse.


In 1983, Alan Quartermaine moved his mistress Susan Moore and their son Jason Morgan, into the gatehouse on the property as his wife Monica Quartermaine wouldn't allow Susan or Jason inside the mansion. Monica also allows Edward's illegitimate son Jimmy Lee Holt to join Susan in living at the gatehouse. When Susan was found murdered at the gatehouse the Quartermaines were all at the top of the suspect list, but it was later revealed that Crane Tolliver had shot Susan when she attempted to back out of their deal to blackmail the Quartermaine family with the revelation that Alan's parents Lila Quartermaine and Edward Quartermaine's marriage was invalid. Edward and Lila later remarry at the mansion.

Alan's cousin Ned Quartermaine took primary residence here for years along with his various girlfriends including Jenny Eckert, Lois Cerullo, Chloe Morgan, and Alexis Davis.

In the summer of 1990, Ned and Dawn Winthrop hold their wedding in the mansion, however when it was discovered Ned slept with Monica (who was Dawn's mother). Dawn left Ned at the wedding reception with Decker Moss. Ned eventually took residence in the Quartermaine gatehouse with his mother Tracy Quartermaine. Larry Ashton, Ned's father also joined them for a short time until Tracy kicked Ashton out.

During a storm in 1992, Tracy goes into labor while trapped with Jenny at the gatehouse. She later gives birth to her son Dillon Quartermaine at General Hospital.

After Paul Hornsby (Dillon's father), Jenny, Tracy, and Dillon left town Ned was left with the gatehouse. He later had the downstairs double as the offices of L&B records when Lois Cerullo moved in.

In 1995, Alan and Monica's son A.J. Quartermaine gets into a fight with his family while drunk and takes off. Jason chases after A.J. and tries to stop him from taking Ned's new car but when A.J. refuses Jason hops in with him and the two end up crashing on the property just outside the gatehouse. Jason was left with permanent brain damage.

In 2000, Edward made a play to get an heir out of Ned and Alexis' unborn child Kristina Corinthos-Davis. In 2003, however Edward suspected the true father of Alexis' child was Sonny Corinthos. He made sure Ned got full custody of Kristina, but when Ned refused to move into the house, Edward set fire to the gatehouse where Ned and Alexis were staying, hoping to force them to move into the mansion.

In 2020 when the threat of Nelle was gone, Michael and Willow Tait amicably annul their marriage, and Willow moves into the gatehouse on the property to stay in Michael's son Wiley Corinthos' life. Michael and Wiley plan to move in with her soon after, until Willow put their new relationship on hold while her boyfriend Harrison Chase was in the hospital with an unknown illness - only Wiley moved in. She marries a dying Chase, who recovers after given a last-minute cure. Willow starts secretly sleeping with Michael as Chase is in a wheelchair.

In August 2021, Chase and Austin Gatlin-Holt check upstairs at the gatehouse and discover Willow has been sleeping with Michael recently. A month later, Michael, Willow, and Chase agree that the marriage is over.

Later Michael moved himself into the gatehouse too.