RC Cates
General Hospital
Position Former Music Director/Supervisor
Duration 1990-2012 (Music Director)
Port Charles
Duration 1997-2003 (Music Director)
General Hospital: Night Shift
Duration 2007-2008 (Music Director)

Ron Cates is an American music supervisor/director and was General Hospital’s music director for over two decades.

Cates became musical supervisor for General Hospital in 1990 and was responsible for creating countless iconic couple themes. When ABC created the spin off Port Charles in 1997, RC was named co-composer even while continuing to head music for GH. In 2004, he co-wrote and remixed GH's opening credits with Jack Urbont's, iconic theme (Autumn Breeze). In 2007, RC became head composer for the spin-off General Hospital: Night Shift. From 2010-2011, Cates also composed for All My Children. In 2012, after two decades RC Cates was fired from General Hospital when Paul Glass was hired as the new music director. Cates version of the opening theme as well as his background music was slowly phased out later that year. He was quickly reemployed as music supervisor of The Young and the Restless where he remains to this day.

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