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The Renault Organization was a fictional crime organization, ran by drug kingpin, Cyrus Renault.


Cyrus Renault Pharmaceuticals logo (2021)

Cyrus is a notoriously dangerous drug runner from the Northwest, in Seattle, Washington. He ran his operations from prison for the past decade. He brought in his products in from Russia over the Canadian border and then he disturbed it throughout the western states. His people would sell his products from Corporate CEOS to middle school kids.

In 2010, he was put behind bars after being framed for crimes he did actually commit by former DEA agents Jordan Ashford, Marcus Taggert, Bob Massicotte, and Mark Simon who infiltrated his organization under false identities. In late 2019, after learning the true identities of those who betrayed him and had him put behind bars, he began plotting his revenge. He had himself moved from Thompson Penitentiary to Pentonville to be close to Port Charles. In early 2020, he began making moves against Sonny Corinthos to expand his business there as well as get revenge on those who locked him up.

He's feared in the underworld business, as even Sonny and Jason Morgan became worried upon learning that he was threatening their families and their way of life in Port Charles. Cyrus's network is as extensive as Sonny's, if not more. Jordan considers him to be the most evil man she's ever known.

On March 13, 2020, it was revealed that Cyrus blackmailed Harmony Miller into working for him after he threatened her daughter Willow.

In April, after a decade behinds bars, Cyrus was released from prison with a full exoneration, after forcing Jordan to tarnish the reputation and memory of her former colleagues by revealing that they framed Cyrus.

He is responsible for the deaths of Bob Massicotte and Mark Simon. Neil Byrne and Sasha Gilmore have overdosed on his drugs. Neil died and Sasha was hospitalized. He had Ryan Chamberlain and Brad Cooper stabbed in Pentonville. Ryan is in a coma and Brad was hospitalized.

Cyrus became the Chairman of the Board at General Hospital, where he fired Monica Quartermaine as Chief of Staff and Epiphany Johnson as Head Nurse. He hired Britt Westbourne as Chief of Staff and an unnamed person as Head Nurse.

On October 20, Brando Corbin went to work for Cyrus in order to infiltrate his organization for Sonny and Jason.

On November 23, Dev Cerci and Dustin Phillips are killed in an explosion at the Floating Rib meant for Jason caused by Julian Jerome under Cyrus' orders.

In early 2021, Cyrus created a pharmaceutical company, with which he attempted to push through the creation of a highly addictive pharmaceutical grade narcotic "Tobadryl", which he presented to the board of directors as a financial windfall for the hospital. He hoped for them to approve it, and then send it to the FDA. Dr. Britt Westbourne, acting as a Corinthos mob mole at the hospital, informs Jason. Drs. Lesley Webber, Monica Quartermaine, and Lesley's daughter Mayor Laura Collins use an interview given by esteemed journalist Jackie Templeton with Cyrus' mother Florence, giving a scathing point-of-view of her son, and are able to rush through a secret vote "no" vote with the GH board.

With the disappointment of not getting his drug approved, and wanting revenge against Jason, Cyrus joins league with Peter August, who was revealed to be a villain with a long list of crimes. Peter killed Franco Baldwin once Franco learned he had caused Drew Cain's disappearance in 2019, and he and Cyrus schemed to frame Jason for the crime. Cyrus proceeded to use Gladys, who also disliked Jason for perceived (but not true) rejection of her son into the family business. Gladys witnessed Peter's killing of Franco and disposal of the gun. Cyrus convinced her to tell the police that she saw Jason. This chain of events led to Jason being sent to Pentonville, getting stabbed, getting shot in the back while escaping from Cyrus, and him and Britt becoming fugitives by running off to Canada. When Gladys accidentally revealed to Cyrus that his obsession, the beautiful model Sasha was pregnant, he realized she was a liability. Peter mentioned witnessing Brando and Sasha's closeness, which led to Cyrus and Peter kidnapping and holding Gladys hostage.

When Brando got to the warehouse, Cyrus ordered him to kill Gladys. Brando took a gun from Cyrus and aimed it at Gladys, but Brando then turned the gun on Cyrus instead and tried to kill him, but the gun was empty. Cyrus revealed that he knew Brando was loyal to the Corinthos organization this whole time and planned to have his men kill both him and Gladys, but Carly and her men rescued them - but Gladys got shot in the shoulder in the process. After Gladys was taken to the hospital, Cyrus saw Damian Spinelli and took him hostage. Cyrus called Carly and ordered her to bring Gladys to him in exchange for Spinelli's release.

Carly agreed to meet Cyrus on Pier 55, but Ava disguised herself as Gladys. Cyrus and his men held Spinelli hostage at gunpoint and they almost rescued him, but Nikolas Cassadine was caught trying to line up a shot on Cyrus and thought she was going back on their deal. Cyrus planned to have them killed, but Jason returned to Port Charles and a shootout occurred. Jason shot Cyrus in the shoulder but Cyrus was able to get away as Spinelli was saved.

After Gladys recanted her false statement against Jason, revealed that Cyrus paid her to lie to the police and revealed that Peter was Franco's true killer, the P.C.P.D. put out on A.P.B. and Cyrus became a fugitive. Cyrus made his way to Dr. Portia Robinson's house and began holding her hostage in her own house. Trina Robinson later showed up and Cyrus began holding her hostage as well before he ordered them to treat his gunshot wound. Cyrus planned to leave Port Charles since the cops were finally onto him and he planned to take them with him. As Portia treated his wound, he passed out so she was able to get a call out to Curtis Ashford.

Cyrus woke up and was angry that she took advantage of his "momentary weakness". Curtis and Laura showed up and heard Cyrus yelling at Portia and Trina, so they went into the house, but Cyrus ordered them to get out or else he'd kill them. After they went back outside, Curtis called Jordan and told her about Cyrus holding Portia and Trina hostage, so Jordan, the P.C.P.D. and various S.W.A.T. teams showed up outside of Portia's house. Kevin Collins later came as a hostage negotiator and they waited outside. After an intense standoff, Laura was able to convince Cyrus to let Portia and Trina go by offering herself as his hostage instead. Once Laura was inside, Cyrus told her that she'll treat him as her brother and not as a criminal. When Laura tried to get Cyrus to stand down and said that she was trying to save his life, Cyrus eventually started having a meltdown and cried that incarceration was not a life. He said that he would not be an afterthought or a bad memory.

Cyrus then blackmailed Laura into letting him walk out a free man or else he'd make sure that neither one of them would make it out alive. Laura tried to get Cyrus to stand down and turn himself in but Cyrus didn't want to. He cried that ten years was an infinity and he can't go back. When Cyrus said that he and Laura were a lot alike and that he's like a caged animal. When Laura asked Cyrus what he was going to do, Curtis snuck back in and Cyrus told Curtis to drop his gun or else Laura would die. When Curtis dropped his gun, Cyrus shot him in the stomach, so Jordan busted down the door and shot Cyrus in the leg. After Cyrus went down, he and Curtis were taken to the hospital.

On June 16, Cyrus was taken to Flatland Federal Prison out in the Midwest by the F.B.I. because the feds were able to trace Cyrus' shipments of drugs back to him. Jordan was given full immunity and the charges against Taggert were dropped as Cyrus' organization was dissolved.






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