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Rice Park
Park Oscars Meadow Michael Josslyn.jpg
Siblings Michael Corinthos and Josslyn Jacks in Oscar's Meadow in Rice Park (2019)
General Hospital
Genre Soap opera
Type Park
Address Port Charles, New York

Rice Park is one of the local parks in the city of Port Charles.


Rice Park is a popular hangout spot, though it can be dangerous at times. Elizabeth Webber was raped here, while Michael and Morgan Corinthos were kidnapped by Faith Rosco, Jake Spencer was kidnapped by Maureen Harper, and Georgie Jones was strangled by the Text Message Killer. Maxie Jones was later attacked and knocked out here in November 2008.

In 2014, the summer camp Lila’s Kids began meeting here. In 2019, to honor the late Oscar Nero-Quartermaine, the Quartermaine family erected a memorial in an area he had liked, naming it "Oscar's Meadow."