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Robinson-Ashford Beach House is a local beach house in the Forest Hills neighborhood in Port Charles, New York. It was originally called a lake house.


It is the residence of Curtis Ashford and Portia Robinson. It was the former residence of Jasper "Jax" Jacks, and part-time residence of his daughter Josslyn Jacks, then Brook Lynn Quartermaine, Harrison Chase, and Bailey Jones.

In 2019, Jax moved in because the house was next to Sonny’s place. He temporarily hid Nikolas Cassadine in his house, while they plotted to take back the Cassadine fortune.

As of autumn 2021, Josslyn has moved into on-campus housing at PCU with her friends Cameron Webber and Trina Robinson.

In November, Jax left town on business for an extended amount of time.

In January 2022, Chase, Brook Lynn, and Bailey moved in for no rent, due to Jax's longtime friendship with Brook Lynn's mother, Lois Cerullo. On March 1st, with the threat of Peter August gone and after giving Bailey back to her mother, Maxie Jones, Brook Lynn goes back to Bensonhurst briefly to see her mother, and Chase moves back into his apartment.

On March 7, Curtis Ashford and Portia Robinson are shown the mansion by sometime-realtor Lucy Coe, as they've decided to take the next step in their relationship by moving in together. Lucy points out the fresh sea air, and that Jax is willing to sell to anyone who isn't Sonny Corinthos. When Lucy mentions all the room (especially for children), Curtis asks why they need 3 extra rooms, Portia suggests a place for his father, Marshall to stay.

On March 16, Portia tells Trina she and Curtis are moving in together and they decided to buy Jax's beach house, which will have room for her. They celebrate the signing of the paperwork and getting the keys with Lucy at the Metro Court Restaurant on the 22nd.

On April 6, Curtis and Portia throw a housewarming party, with Trina, Stella, T.J., Marshall, and Drew in attendance. Unfortunately, Stella ends up collapsing while they attempt to take a big family picture.

On June 6, Marshall temporarily moved in with Curtis and Portia while recovering from a hospitalization stay for a wound he received during a mugging in Brooklyn.