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Rory Cabrera and Trina Robinson are fictional characters and a romantic couple from the original ABC Daytime soap opera, General Hospital.


On March 29, 2022, Officer Rory Cabrera leads Trina into the interrogation room of the PCPD where Jordan is waiting to talk to Trina. Later Ava comes into the room and Jordan tells her she can have ten minutes alone with Trina but Rory also stays in the room. After ten minutes, Rory apologizes to Ava and lets her know that her time is up. Spencer comes into the PCPD and Rory opens the interrogation room door after Spencer knocks on it. Jordan gives Rory a signal to let Spencer in. Rory closes the door and watches while Spencer talks with Trina in the interrogation room. He warns Spencer who makes Trina upset and after Spencer leaves, Rory gets Trina a cola and she smiles at him.

When Trina is at the courthouse awaiting her trial, she asks her mother for some time alone to clear her head. Curtis asks Rory if Trina can stretch her legs. Rory says he will take her. He promises Trina that it will be like he is invisible. Cameron and Josslyn visit with Trina outside of the courtroom until Rory tells Trina it is time to head back in.

On April 11 at the PCPD, Dante gives an envelope from Trina's case to Rory to be logged in as evidence. Rory eavesdrops at the door while Jordan and Dante discuss the case.

On April 14, Josslyn noticed a guy looking her direction while she was talking to Trina at Kelly's. Josslyn went over to to the man, Rory, and yelled at him. He explained that he knew Trina and had given her a soda when she was arrested. Josslyn apologized and Rory left after telling Josslyn it was nice to meet her.

On April 20, Rory comes into Kelly's and says hi as Cameron, Josslyn, Trina, and Spencer are there. Spencer implied that Josslyn was involved in Trina releasing the sex tape of Cameron and Josslyn. Cameron punches Spencer and Rory comes over to arrest Cameron. Spencer slaps Rory and then apologizes but Rory arrests him too. Trina tries to ask Rory to let them go but Rory said Spencer assaulted an officer which is against the law.

On May 9, Josslyn and Trina run into Rory at the Yoga Studio. Josslyn praises Trina and then leaves to give Trina and Rory some time alone. They chat about the local museum and Esme overhears that Rory shouldn't be seen with Trina until the trial is over. Josslyn comes back as Rory is leaving. Trina accuses Josslyn of trying to hook her up with Rory and mentions running into Spencer at the gallery the other day.

Rory and Trina flirt (2022)

After flirting with Trina at the Gallery several times and being caught by Spencer who is jealous, Rory tells Trina he wants to help her in her case. They agree to a picnic at the park on the 4th of July where Rory has brownies he offers to Trina. They kiss for the first time and Spencer later walks in as they are kissing again. Trina tells Rory she doesn't want a relationship before her trial is over. Later Trina tells Josslyn she and Rory kissed four times. Spencer runs into Rory at the hospital and tells him that he saw Rory and Trina kissing.

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