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Ruby Anderson
General Hospital
Portrayed by Norma Connolly
First appearance August 1979
Last appearance November 18, 1998
Cause/reason Died
Created by Douglas Marland
Introduced by Gloria Monty
Book appearances Robin's Diary
Birth name Ruby Spencer
Nickname(s) Rube
Ethnicity Irish-American
Gender Female
Born October 11, 1924[1][2]
Died January 28, 1999
Port Charles, New York
Age 75 (at death)
Cause of death Old age
Occupation Second owner of Kelly's Diner

Ruby Anderson was a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.

She was played by actress Norma Connolly from 1979 to 1998.


Ruby Anderson came to Port Charles in 1979. She had previously worked as a prostitute in Jacksonville, Florida, but after becoming too old for that job, she decided to come and visit her niece and nephew, Bobbie Spencer and Luke Spencer in Port Charles. While in Port Charles, Ruby befriended nurse Jessie Brewer, who helped get her a job at General Hospital.

After working at GH for a while, she decided to move on to other opportunities and she eventually became the owner and manager of Kelly's diner. She also began a relationship with General Hospital administrator Dan Rooney.

In 1983, Ruby found out that Scott Baldwin was threatening to expose her niece Bobbie's past as a prostitute in order to keep her nephew Luke from being elected as Mayor of Port Charles. Ruby didn't like her family threatened, so she paid a visit to Scott's father, Lee Baldwin and told him about Scott's threats. Lee wasn't happy with Scott's threats either and as a result had Scott fired from his legal practice.

In 1992, Ruby met a young Jagger Cates after he and his friends broke into the diner. During the robbery, Ruby was assaulted and Jagger was shot by the police while trying to escape. Ruby forgave Jagger for his part in the robbery and even helped him get back on his feet, by offering him the room above Kelly's and a job.

In 1997, Ruby met a young Elizabeth Webber. Elizabeth asked her for a beer but didn't have any identification, and Ruby suspecting that the girl was underage served her a root beer instead.

Ruby helped Elizabeth out like she did Jagger, by offering her a job at the diner. In 1998, Ruby died in her sleep and left the diner to Luke and Bobbie. As to this day, kindhearted Ruby is still mentioned by Luke and Bobbie and is regarded as one of the kindest characters on the show.

Anyone who has ever had any kind of interaction with her, only has positive things to say about her nature and hold her in the highest regard.

Ruby was mentioned in 2015.

Crimes Committed

  • Prostitution


  1. On the episode aired October 11, 1994, Ruby had a surprise birthday party thrown for her by her niece, Bobbie Spencer.

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