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Sasha Corbin is a fictional character on ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. She was thought to be the daughter of the late, Dr. Silas Clay and his ex-wife, Nina Reeves. However it was later revealed, that she was hired by Valentin Cassadine to pretend to be Nina's daughter.

Sofia Mattsson joined the show initially in a short-term capacity on September 18, 2018.[1] Mattsson left the role on December 12, 2018 but returned on recurring status on February 5, 2019. Mattsson remained on recurring status through June 7, 2019, and was bumped up to contract status as of June 28, 2019.[2]


On August 25, 2021, Mattsson revealed on Instagram that she gave birth to a son in July.[3]

On September 5, 2021, it was revealed that Mattsson would temporarily exit GH to go on maternity leave.[4][5] She made her last appearance for the time being on September 10, 2021. She returned from her maternity leave on October 11, 2021.

Sister fills in for sister (2022)

On February 16, 2022, it was announced that Sofia's sister, Helena Mattsson would temporarily portray Sasha for two episodes.[6] She appeared on February 17 and February 23, 2022.

On February 27, 2022, it was revealed that Sofia will soon return to GH as Sasha.[7] Sofia returned as Sasha on March 4, 2022.


Sasha is from Chappaqua, NY. She was raised by a single mother named Amanda whom she loved very much. And after Amanda passed, all the family that Sasha had left was her grandmother.

When her grandmother became very ill, she needed surgery and even after Medicare, the costs were enormous. And that's when Sasha got Valentin Cassadine's offer to pose as Nina's long-lost daughter for a few days and make enough money to pay for her grandmother's medical expenses.


On September 18, 2018, Curtis meets with a woman in Chappaqua who might be Nina's daughter. Sasha doesn't believe she was adopted but agrees to a DNA test just to prove Curtis wrong. On October 1, the results confirm that Sasha is in fact Nina's daughter.[8] However on November 2, it is revealed that Valentin hired her to pretend to be Nina's daughter.

Kiki and Sasha meet and they become close quite fast. Kiki offers her a place to stay at her apartment and she accepts. When she is there she is trying to make moves on Griffin because Ava told her that Kiki and Griffin were just casual. A few days later Kiki goes to Crimson while Sasha is working and tells Sasha that her relationship with Griffin is more than casual. She tells Sasha that they moved too fast with the whole sisters thing and that it was best for both of them if Sasha moves out.

Sasha is later seen at The Metro Court where she confronts Ava and tells her off. She then orders soup to her room. Ava sees the soup and puts the sleeping pills she just got from "Kevin" to drug Sasha. Ava goes up to her room and finds Sasha passed out. She takes off her clothes and puts her in the bed. She takes her phone and texts Griffin telling him that her and Kiki are working things out and to come to the hotel.

Griffin shows up and Ava hits him over the head with a vase. He gets knocked out and she takes off his clothes and puts him in the bed with Sasha to make it look they slept together. Ava leaves and she calls Franco telling him that she saw Sasha and Griffin go into a hotel together. She tells Franco he needs to say something to her because Kiki won't believe her. Franco tells Kiki and she goes to the hotel and sees them together. She gets mad and leaves. Griffin is able to see that Sasha was drugged and he goes and tells Kiki.

After Kiki is killed by Ryan, Sasha and Nina move in with Valentin to be safe from the killer. Valentin also tells Sasha that she needs to leave in order to make the plan work. Sasha tells Nina that it is time for her to go back home. Nina doesn't want her to go but she accepts and Sasha leaves.

Shortly after Sasha returns home to Chappaqua, her grandmother dies of complications from her surgery. Then Sasha gets a call from Valentin, saying that Nina wanted her back for another visit. Sasha returns to Port Charles after Valentin and Nina had just gotten back together. Sasha tells Valentin that she is in charge of how this goes now. Nina sets up Michael Corinthos with Sasha and they seem to hit it off well.

They continue to run into each other and when they are both at The Floating Rib, Michael tells her he likes her and she says she does too, which is why she has to leave. They are both seen days later at Volonino's Gym and they talk about what happened. After Michael told her that he wanted someone who doesn't have secrets, she got scared. She says she wants an uncomplicated friendship. He agrees and they are seen seconds later kissing, and later having sex.

While at the Floating Rib restaurant, Lucy Coe spots and approaches Sasha, claiming that she'd be the perfect "Face of Deception", which freaks her out. Lucy tells her and Michael about Deception Cosmetics, and how she's bringing it back. She just needs investors, a house model, and to get the word out. She tells Sasha that she would be perfect, but Sasha turns her down, disappointing Lucy.

Sasha goes into work with a cold and it seems to be pretty bad because she went unconscious. Nina forces her to go to GH and Michael shows up with the same symptoms. After Michael goes back to Sasha's exam room, she is drowsy from the medication she was given. Michael hears her murmur that she wishes Nina was her real mother.

On June 28, 2019, Sasha reveals to Valentin that she has decided to make Port Charles her permanent home due to her relationship with Nina and her new relationship with Michael. Valentin doesn't like this because she was only supposed to stay until his and Nina's September wedding. For her to stay longer, it would make the risk of the secret being revealed greater.

On July 31, Sasha and Michael went to Puerto Rico on vacation and they met a woman named Sandy Lance, who was actually Cassandra Pierce. Sasha told "Sandy" that she was Nina's daughter which took "Sandy" by surprise. "Sandy" invited Sasha and Michael for breakfast at 8:30 the next morning and they accepted her invitation. Before they went to meet her, Cassandra drugged a grapefruit half and had Sasha sit by her. Sasha ended up eating the spiked grapefruit before "Sandy" got a selfie with them and said it was a pleasure to meet them. Then Cassandra leaves the island.

On August 7, Sasha started getting sick and she eventually fainted and lost consciousness from being drugged although no one knew why at first. She was taken to the hospital where it was revealed that she has been infected with a virus called Influenza. Dr. Hamilton Finn advised Sasha's loved ones that they should be tested in case it was contagious and Sasha had to be moved to isolation. On August 26, Sasha learned she got sick with Avian Influenza A also known as bird flu plus she and Michael eventually learned from Nina and Valentin that "Sandy Lance" was actually a drug kingpin named Cassandra Pierce. Eventually, Sasha showed signs of improvement and she started getting better.

On September 16, Sasha confessed to Michael that she is not Nina's daughter and that she was hired by Valentin because she needed the money to help take care of her sick grandmother, who died from complications. She also confessed that she's grown to love Nina and said she was the only family she had left after losing her grandmother. Michael was upset at first and as Nina and Valentin entered and asked if they were interrupting, Michael said they were finished and left. However, later on at the Metro Court, Michael visited Sasha and apologized for how he reacted and acknowledged that she was nothing like Nelle Benson since she was only trying to help her sick grandmother.

On October 2, Sasha tearfully told Liesl Obrecht that she didn't know how much longer she could keep up the lie and Obrecht said that Nina could never know the truth. However, this was all overheard by Lulu Spencer, who was in a stall right next to them. At Nina and Valentin's wedding, Lulu eventually stopped the wedding and revealed that Sasha isn't Nina's daughter. Nina didn't believe Lulu and told Sasha to tell everyone that it wasn't true, but Sasha teared up and revealed that she was not Nina's daughter. Nina didn't believe it initially but realized that it was true and all a con and she was heartbroken and angry by the deception. Everyone was suspicious that Valentin had something to do with the con but Sasha never confirmed it. Michael stood by her and took her out of town after Nina stormed out of the wedding and after Maxie Jones and Lulu Spencer berated her.

On October 11, Sasha told Nina that her actions were her own and tried to convince her that Valentin and Liesl were not involved but Nina didn't buy any of it and threatened to call security if she didn't leave the Crimson office. Michael eventually told Sasha at Charlie's Pub that the way she told Nina about Valentin not being involved was wrong, but he understood that her motives were good. He did explain that the way she went about it means she is waiting for another lie to be exposed, however he is still standing by her. On October 16, Sasha was arrested for her mistake so Michael hired Alexis Davis to represent Sasha and Alexis wanted to know what part Valentin played in the scam. Alexis called Nina to the PCPD and asked her if she would accept the offer for Sasha to pay everything back that she gave her but Nina refused. After Nina left, Sasha asked what happens next.

On October 21, it was revealed that Sasha got out of jail and she and Carly had a chat. At first Carly called Sasha a con artist and voiced her disappointment that she was wrong to think Sasha was different and Sasha didn't blame her at all but insisted she really cared about Michael. Eventually Carly admitted that she made mistakes too and that she came to town to destroy her mother's life and by the time everyone found out who she was that she had someone to stand by her during the fallout. Carly said that we all make mistakes and that the important thing is to learn from them and grow. Carly gave Sasha a second chance and told her to make the most of it and when Michael came back Carly said that she and Sasha came to an understanding.

She and Michael attended the Metro Court Halloween party, where she dresses as Captain Marvel. She runs into Nina there, who is frosty towards her. Sasha attempts to reach out, telling her she's happy Nina is still with Valentin, still in love. Nina insults her, telling her that just looking at her bothers her. Her friends Willow Tait, Willow's boyfriend Det. Harrison Chase, and Michael all come to her defense. When Michael attempts to deflect the blame of her fraud against Nina, she pulls him away, telling him that she knows what he's doing and to stop it. She insists that she could have walked away, she chose to stay and become close to Nina, she doesn't fault Valentin for what he did. She doesn't want Nina to be any more hurt. Nina and Valentin approach them. Valentin had talked her down, and she lets them know she's going to drop the charges against Sasha. She tells her she will never forgive or forget, but she wants to be done with the situation, scrape it off the bottom of her shoe. Sasha is grateful.

On November 4, Michael and Sasha go to Charlie's Pub. She tells him she likes him being protective, that he gave her life back to her. Liesl approaches them, asking Sasha what she revealed about her subterfuge. Sasha tells her that she took all the blame, kept her out of it. Liesl then reveals that she influenced the results of a blood test Sasha had while sick with avian flu at GH, to ensure that the results would match Nina if checked. Sasha had no idea, and she and Michael tell Liesl that while they won't say anything, she'll have to cover her own tracks with the lab. Michael then offers Sasha a job at ELQ. She turns him down, saying it would change their dynamic, and she needs to find something on her own. She doesn't want his help, nor his mother's - she wants to work hard and prove herself. He reminds her that Lucy wants to give her a modeling job. She feels being the "Face of Deception" would capitalize on her fraud against Nina, which she doesn't want. He reminds her she can negotiate her contract.

On November 7, she and Michael go to Kelly's to meet Curtis, and run into Carly babysitting Wiley. Curtis wants to go over Sasha's part of the story, as a professional courtesy for him. They tell Carly that while Nina has not forgiven her at all, they confirm she's not pressing charges. Carly says that Michael is Sasha's biggest supporter, so she's glad he's justified, and that they're still together. Carly gets called away, and Michael and Sasha volunteer to babysit him instead. She's pleased, and Sasha thanks her again for her forgiveness. Curtis arrives, and explains that he became an unwitting accomplice to her fraud, as he signed up to find her, and she was supposedly able to fake three DNA test under his watch. He wants to know who helped her, that he knows she couldn't have done this alone, she side-steps, telling him she's not getting anyone else in trouble for something she did.

He realizes after GH runs the samples again and still get a mother/daughter match, that the samples were compromised, not the test. He believes the only one with the means, motive, and opportunity to give her the sample, was Valentin. Michael claims he's making a lot of assumptions. Curtis just wants to protect her from Valentin, to which Sasha tells him Nina loves him and Charlotte Cassadine, and doesn't want to force them apart. Curtis tells her he realizes that she doesn't want to tell the truth that Valentin was involved, to spare Nina the pain of losing him. He thinks that's noble, but that it'll be bad for Nina in the long run. Sasha just hopes that they'll be happy together.

On November 27, at the Rib, Michael tells Sasha that both the Corinthos family and Quartermaine family have invited her to Thanksgiving. He tells her there will likely be fighting, but it won't have anything to do with her. She agrees to go, that she could use a double-dose of family since she has none. He grants her honorary member ship to both of his. She accepts and they kiss. Liesl joins them, happy that Maxie and Nina have forgiven her and opened their lives back to her. She tells them she wants to buy them drinks, when Michael and Sasha tell her Curtis is investigating. Liesl wonders what there could possibly be to find? It's over and she's buying cocktails.

Curtis is looking to keep his professional reputation. Liesl leaves in a huff, Sasha says she almost feels sorry for her, and Michael comments that Liesl would happily bake Hansel and Gretel into a pie if she could. She then points out that Liesl became a 'weird sort of ally' when they had the same goal of Nina's happiness. They both realize after that they don't know where Valentin got the matching DNA sample. Chase and Willow meet them, and privately in the bathroom, Willow admits to Sasha she's late, but that she doesn't want to be pregnant. Sasha reminds her that they live together, with intertwined lives, and need to talk about the future, what they want together. They join Chase and Michael, the quad becoming best friends, and gush over Chase's pictures of his niece Violet Finn.

On Thanksgiving at Greystone Manor, Sasha and Michael play poker with his half-sister Josslyn Jacks and house guest Dev Cerci. Michael thanks her for being there and playing along. They decide against going to the Quartermaine Mansion, as there will only be the traditional pizza. The Corinthoses explain the Thanksgiving curse on the Quartermaine family, amusing Sasha.

On December 4, Sasha and Willow go to GH so she can find out if she's pregnant. They are interrupted by Chase telling them about Brad and Lucas getting into an accident. Sasha rushes over to Greystone to offer help and support. They babysit Wiley, where they learn that Brad woke up, but Lucas is in a medically induced coma in the ICU. Privately, Willow admits to Sasha that she's not pregnant and glad of it. Sasha volunteers to take Metro Court food to the hospital. Michael is grateful and they kiss. At the Metro Court restaurant, she runs into Jasper Jacks who confronts her about what she did to Nina. He thinks she's naive and desperate to get involved with Valentin. He does believe she can make it right with Nina, which Sasha does hope for.

On December 19, Sasha and Michael go to the Metro Court restaurant, where Lucy sees her and drags her over to a potential "Deception" investor, asking her to play along. She introduces her as the "Face of Deception" and Michael as the CEO of ELQ. When the investor is concerned about Michael being connected to Sonny, Sasha steps in, pushing "Deception." She explains they are going to take the history of the company, with glamor and style to target the current generation, which pleases her. The investor agrees to finance the company, and leaves Lucy giddy. Sasha reminds her she has no intention of modeling. Photo-shoots, public appearances, and press tours do not appeal to her. She wants a stake in the company, an equity partnership, so she will have a stake in the product. Lucy agrees, offering 1.5%. Michael counters with 50, Lucy with 2. They agree on Lucy with 70% and Sasha with 30%. That way Lucy is still totally in control, but Sasha has a say in it and a motivation to be there and for the company to do well.

On Christmas, Sasha attends the Quartermaine party as Michael's date. Sasha meets Michael's great-aunt Tracy Quartermaine, where she learns about her schemes and plots, double-crosses and takeovers. Later, Michael's grandmother Monica Quartermaine introduces a new tradition that her late husband Alan Quartermaine always wanted to do - wassailing. Sasha explains what it is, impressing Monica. They toast to their good health with apple cider. Sasha comes to see that negotiating is a family trait. She then witnesses a conversation between Michael, his cousin Brook Lynn and Tracy, about ELQ and its sustainability efforts, to her great amusement. When Tracy attempts to strong-arm Michael into giving Brook Lynn a job she doesn't want, they make their excuses and say goodbye to go the Greystone Manor.

On New Years Eve, Sasha goes to the hospital for a follow-up appointment from her avaian flu, and runs into Nina, on her way to her wedding. She then finds out that Nina had the lab run her DNA against her late mother Madeline's, to prove to herself where the positive results came from. Realizing Nina knows the truth, Nina admits that she knew Valentin was behind it since the moment she learned the truth.

She knows Valentin passed Sasha off as her daughter because he loves her, and she admits that she loves him as well. They appear to finally put the past behind them and leave wishing each other well. Sasha then meets Michael at the Metro Court, they are both dressed up for the party. He senses something is off, and she admits that Nina knows the truth about Valentin. They don't know at this point if the wedding will go off, that Nina is heading for a world of hurt, and she wants to support Nina. She realizes she still needs to stay away. They see the new year as a new start. He asks Sasha to help him keep things in perspective, remind him of the good things in his life, and make him smile. They kiss. Later, when the quad is together, Sasha and Willow privately talk about how great Chillow are, and that when the time is right, they will make the best parents. They all toast to a happy New Year at the turn of the clock, and about their new beginnings.

On January 10, Sasha greets Michael in a conference room at GH. They discuss getting Wiley a nanny, with Brad being overwhelmed and Lucas still in a coma. They strategize that Michael can take up the slack with Wiley. They kiss, and are interrupted by a call from Lucy. She tells her Nina said no to their pitch, and Sasha goes to help. Sasha confronts Nina, telling her she has always admired her business savvy, her creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, and willingness to take risks. She knows she's determined and pragmatic. Nina tells her flattery is a waste of time. Sasha points out that "Deception" is primed to target the youth and wellness movements and will be big, and this is her chance to get Crimson Magazine in on it. Maxie impresses Lucy with her creativity and business sense, Nina interrupts saying 'It's not a good fit, but they said the same thing about plaid and polka dots.' She requests that they leave their proposal with her to look it over. An excited Lucy lavishes compliments on Sasha and Maxie, and puts out a potential offer for Maxie to join them.

On January 17, Sasha joins Michael at the Metro Court restaurant. He tells her that his psycho ex Nelle Benson was released from prison, and he's working out the details on how to get her sent back and keep everyone he loves safe. He admits that she's going to be a target. He offers to let her move in to the Quartermaine Mansion to keep her safe. She thanks him but declines, saying that she doesn't want to risk moving to fast before they're ready. They kiss and he suggest they go on a trip. She reminds him she can't skip town with "Deception" launching. He negotiates that the leave after. The quad then talk about Wiley not being safe with Brad, as he's allowing Nelle into his life and house.

Everyone is shocked and in agreement that she cannot be allowed near Wiley. Chase and Michael leave to go to Brad's apartment. At the bar, Willow describes Nelle to Sasha, who has only heard stories and finds them almost unbelievable. Willow tells her Nelle comes across as 'sweetness and light, this harmless looking waif who plays the victim card straight away - then just like that she can flip and be threatening - then flip back and act like she never meant it.' Sasha then gets a text from Nina, and Willow hopes that Nina has agreed to the contract, that she and Sasha can rebuild.

They go to the Crimson office, where Nina is with Charlotte. Charlotte ignores Sasha, but is excited to see her teacher, Willow. Sasha and Nina go into Nina's office, where Nina tells her she was impressed with the proposal, and wants to move forward with the partnership - but only if the first issue has an in depth expose on Sasha and her life. After leaving the office, Sasha tells Willow what happened, that Lucy will agree because she insists Sasha's 'deception' will help the company. She then realizes that she doesn't mind people knowing. After spending a year hiding the truth, she wants to live out in the open. They are surprised then to see Nelle approach them. She plays friendly, introducing herself to Sasha. She goads her about seeing each other a lot, by telling her Michael invited to her to live in the Q mansion. Carly overhears and claims she's lying.

On January 29, Sasha and Willow go for lunch at the Metro Court Hotel. They discuss Nelle, and Willow admits she's freaking out over Brad and his decisions, that he would let someone like Nelle anywhere near his son. She doesn't think she can let Brad raise her son alone if Lucas never recovers, despite signing over her rights. Sasha comforts her, telling her take what she's feeling and put it into action, that they will all support her if it's for Wiley.

Sasha then goes to meet Michael on Pier 55, where she accepts his invitation to move into the Quartermaine Mansion. She tells him she wants to help him, not have to deal with Nelle alone.

Moments later, Cyrus Renault's men ambush them in a shootout. Dustin Phillips, Lulu's boyfriend and Josslyn's teacher, stops the gunman and chases after him. Sasha, Michael, and Josslyn are okay, but Mayor Laura Collins was shot. Josslyn calls an ambulance, and Sasha and Michael work to keep Laura from bleeding out, elevating her feet, and comforting her. Dustin comes back and Josslyn is hero-struck. Laura is rushed to the hospital, Chase and Jax arrive on scene, and they are convinced that Michael was the target. When Chase attempts to question Michael a fourth time, Sasha gets angry, telling him that Michael is his friend, they have each others backs, and Chase is acting like this was Michael's fault. Chase tells them about the shootout in Brooklyn aimed at Sonny, and that Jason killed the gunmen. They know it was a hit, and he wants Sonny to let the police handle it.

Sasha accompanies Michael back to Greystone. It's crawling with guards now, and Carly's whereabouts are still unknown. Michael gets a call from his uncle Jason Morgan, who tells him that Carly is fine and they were definitely targeted. Michael comforts Dev, assigns him to watch over his little sister, Avery Jerome-Corinthos to help him feel safe, and Sasha asks Michael how many times this has happened. Not calm someone down, but rather explain away why someone is trying to kill them. She is concerned about there being more danger, that Michael could have died right in front of her. Jax and Josslyn show up, and Sasha profusely thanks her for her quick thinking and saving their lives. Josslyn informs them that Corinthos cousin, Gladys Corbin's son Brando showed up unexpectedly and saved Carly and his mom, getting shot in the process. They all thought he was dead, Jax explaining that Gladys must have lied to protect something. Sasha wonders if it's good news that Dev's "dad" is alive and in Port Charles.

Reading the tension in the room, Sasha excuses herself so the rest can discuss Brando. Michael goes out to Sasha on the deck, and he regretfully tells her they need to stop seeing each other. He fears what is coming, that this shooting is just the beginning, and is desperate to keep her safe. She reminds him that he supported her when she went through hell, one of her own making. He thinks she's the best person he knows, but his father has enemies. She wants to keep him safe too. He insists they have to walk away from each other, and ends up admitting he loves her. She tearfully admits she feels the same, and that they are going to get through this together, consequences be damned. They kiss.

On February 4, Sasha greets Jax at Greystone Manor. They discuss Michael, his goodness and loyalty. Jax tells her that while Michael actively tries to stay out of Sonny's business, that business doesn't always stay away from him. She and Michael get ready to go out, with them both wearing body armor under their clothes. Carly tells her that they are safe, there's a huge police presence around Sonny, and Sasha thanks her for her hospitality.

They to the Quartermaine mansion, where they have to contend with Nelle, and the family's reaction to her staying. Michael admits he invited her here, asked Monica to let her stay, and she consented. He tells them that he wants her in close proximity to watch her, keep her away from Wiley, and they can hopefully better negotiate for Oscar's shares that Nelle holds. Ned reminds him of all the children in and around the mansion, and that a warning would have been nice. Michael then give Sasha a drink and tells her about life at the mansion. Nelle makes a snide remark about being her a breakfast guest, to which Sasha tells her that she's moving in.

Nelle snarks that she's Michael's ex-wife and Sasha is just his 'temporary mistress.' Michael reminds her they were never legally married, and that he's moving Nelle into the boathouse. Nelle calls Sasha a fraud, Sasha responds that she's a murderer. Nelle thinks Michael has a type, wonders why Sasha is different and won't be in the boathouse. Sasha responds that she'll be in his bed. Nelle's lawyer Martin Grey shows up, and Michael gives her a new offer for her ELQ shares, that she can buy her own place. She rips it up and goes to the living room to confer with her lawyer. Sasha worries to Michael that she's like Nelle, and he assures her she's not.

On February 14, Sasha and Michael have dinner at Kelly's, and she tells him "Deception" has interest from an Italian department store chain. The discuss what it's like to run a business. How being good can sometimes not be good enough. Nelle interrupts them, making a snide remark that they are following her. She tells Michael she will allow one last offer for her shares, and it better be good. He tells her she's obsessing, that she only has a claim to the shares, that Oscar's will hasn't been probated yet, and they will get their shares back. Nelle then informs them that Brad and Lucas are moving to Portland with Wiley. He tells her he can visit every weekend, to which Nelle storms out angrily. Sasha is impressed with him, they agree keeping Wiley across the country from Nelle might be best, and hug.

On February 19, while attending Brad and Lucas' farewell party, Michael finally learns that Wiley is his son when Lucas told him after his memory of that night returned. Everyone is in total shock as Carly tore into Brad for switching the real Wiley with Jonah, and then Michael raged at Brad for what he did. Sasha calls Chase to come over the Greystone, where he learns the truth as well. He and Michael leave to stop Nelle and get Wiley. Nelle is arrested, and Michael brings Wiley home.

On February 25, Sasha and Michael discuss him being dad to his son, of shifting away from just having fun. Sasha tells him he has great instincts, as both a fun uncle and good dad. They shift the conversation to "Deception." Lucy is crazy as ever, but they are having lots of meetings and she thinks they are exciting times. They realize their priorities are changing, her with a new business, and him as a new dad. He tells her he wants to be with her, for her to be in his life, but he doesn't expect her to suddenly be an insta-mom to Wiley. She tells him not everything needs to be defined. They love each other, she adores Wiley and knows he obviously comes first. She is hoping they can just take it as it comes, if he's comfortable with it. He agrees. She has to leave for a conference call with Italy, they agree to dinner after.

She comes back later when Michael and Willow are discussing her role in Wiley's life. Willow and Sasha both think Wiley is lucky to have the other, and also both realize they are not his mother. Willow thinks it's too painful to be around Wiley, that it might not be good for either of them. Sasha is convinced that Willow has fought so fiercely for Wiley, that Willow is loving and giving, and that she should be in Wiley's life. They are touched by each others kind words, but Willow is also afraid, and leaves in a hurry.

On March 4, Sasha meets Michael in a study at the Q mansion. He tells her he's taking a leave of absence as CEO to take care of Wiley, she approves, and they kiss. They discuss that they want Willow to stay in Wiley's life. Michael then leaves to go to Nelle's arraignment. Sasha has a call with Lucy, trying to convince her Nina's still on board for advertising. She reminds her Maxie is on board and she's the "Nina Whisperer." Chase then comes in, and tells Sasha that Willow needs time and distance, that she's grieving her late son, but he's unintentionally hurting her. They realize that Michael and Willow are too deep, to close to the problem, and that they have to take action to help their loved ones, maybe make the decisions for them.

On March 9, Sasha goes to Nina's office at Crimson, who forgot they had a meeting. She agrees to postpone, and Nina is appreciative of her being able to reign in Lucy's issues and impulses. They both think that Anguilla will be the best location for a tropical shoot. Sasha leaves and goes to the Rib, where she runs into Chase. She is killing time and giving Michael and Diane space to discuss the custody case. Sasha cannot believe that Nelle gets away with anything, calling her an actual deranged murderer. Chase tells her that Nelle targets people, takes them in for suckers and that she actively tries to destroy the good in them. They feel she will destroy Wiley. Sasha then admits to Chase that while she will do anything Michael asks to help his case and help Wiley, she's not ready to be a mother. Sam McCall overhears her admission.

The next day, Michael tells Sasha that Diane suggested he get married to help bolster his case for custody. He has a better case, but Nelle is a master manipulator who has raised it to an art-form. Sonny shows up, and Sasha excuses herself to go make work calls. Michael tells Sasha his dad wants to solve all his problems, but Michael is convinced that his dad will not do anything to compromise Wiley. They continue discussing Diane's marriage idea. He talks about it as a business transaction. Sasha laughs at his "romanticism." They hug.

One March 12, Sasha and Willow run into Nelle at Charlie's Pub. Willow is dying for a distraction, for gossip. Sasha tells her she and Michael are thinking about marriage. They discuss the situation, and while things are going well in the romance department between Michael and Sasha, she's having trouble thinking of herself as a mom. Willow ends up throwing a drink in Nelle's face, to Sasha's delight, and admitted jealousy that she didn't get to. Willow tries to convince Sasha she should marry Michael. Sasha comes back to the mansion, and greets Michael with a kiss. They start talking themselves into getting married. They talk about their love for each other and Wiley, agree to get married, and they kiss.

They call Diane over, to tell her the news. She thinks it's a bad idea, based on Sasha's fraud in Port Charles. She claims Sasha will hurt Michael's chances to keep Wiley. Sasha realizes she can't marry Michael, and Diane agrees, saying he needs Snow White and Mary Poppins in one. Sasha tears up, disappointed. He comforts her and they kiss.

On March 17, Sasha spends some time with Wiley. She tells him he comes first, that she loves Wiley and his dad and will do anything to help them. Michael comes in, tells her that Nelle won visitation, and is on her way over. Sasha watches Nelle closely with Wiley, who objects over Michael inviting Chase, a cop, to intimidate her. After Nelle leaves, Chase insists they all need to talk. Chase tells Sasha its bad. Sasha insists to Michael that he needs to get married. Willow arrives, and the quad strategize what to do about Nelle. Sasha immediately suggests that Willow marry Michael. Sasha is convinced that Willow would be perfect, having acted as his mother the entire time, taken on the world for Wiley. Chase thinks Nelle will always be there, going after any weakness. Willow and Michael go to see Wiley, and Chase angrily confronts Sasha. He thinks it's the craziest idea, but doesn't have a better one.

On March 20, Carly and Sasha confront Michael at the Q mansion, and both are in agreement that Michael needs to marry Willow. Sasha gets Michael to leave, then she and Carly talk about Sasha's solution for him to marry Willow. Carly tells Sasha she is impressed by her, applauding her for putting others ahead of her. Carly says thanks to Sasha, Michael's odds are better.

On March 23, Sasha and Lucy introduce Maxie to their new office. It's sparse, but they conceptualize that they can incorporate a natural aesthetic for their organic product. They toast with sparkling water to their new company. Valentin crashes the party, wanting to congratulate them on their forthcoming success. Lucy admits that Valentin is their investor. Maxie doesn't want to believe it, but her quitting Crimson to come to "Deception", meant that Nina cancelled their contract, so Lucy needed to accept Valentin's offer. He assures her he's a silent partner, only interested in making money.

Sasha comes back home, and tells Michael that Valentin is their new investor. Michael admits that if she can put her personal feelings aside, then Valentin is a great businessman and can be very good for her company.

They go to check Wiley, and discover he's having complications from his genetic heart issues, and they rush him to the hospital. Monica recommends an immediate elective surgery to fix the hole in his heart. Nelle shows up and refuses to sign the consent form for the surgery, saying she wants more options. Michael is exasperated by her, and Sasha is supportive of him.

On April 7, at Greystone, they learn from Diane that Nelle is suing the hospital for performing successful surgery on Wiley, saying her consent was forged. Diane tells them if Michael wins sole custody, that her lawsuit will be ineffective. Diane leaves, and Sasha declares everything as unfair, with Nelle using Michael's grandmothers. Carly claims she will stop Nelle and leaves. Willow shows up, and Sasha continues to think that Willow is the best person to marry Michael. Chase arrives, telling them he's being deposed as a witness for Nelle. They all insist that Wiley needs to be kept safe from Nelle. Willow becomes overwhelmed and leaves, with Sasha going after her.

On April 14, Sasha brings Michael coffee at the hospital. He tells her that Diane's pulled every trick in the book, to give him a 50% chance. She remains convinced he needs to marry Willow. She and Michael reiterate they love each other. He's starting to realize she's right. He reminds her Chase and Willow love each other, and Sasha begins to form a plan. She reminds him, that he at least has to give Willow the choice. Chase then text Sasha, and she agrees to meet him.

Meeting Chase, Sasha tells him that Michael is finally realizing that a marriage to Willow needs to happen. They both agree that they want Michael to get Wiley away from a psychotic mother, more than they want Michael and Willow for themselves. He admits that Willow is the love of his life, that he started thinking about their forever together early in the relationship. Sasha reminds him that Willow will only follow her heart, and Michael doesn't want to stomp on Chillow. Chase realizes that he couldn't forgive himself for seeing Willow's heart break over Nelle winning and hurting her son. He then later tells Willow he thinks she should marry Michael.

On April 20, Sasha and Chase meet in Port Charles Park. They are firm and committed to doing what they have to do get Willow and Michael to marry each other. They decided to fake an affair with each other, which Willow walks in on that evening. She runs to tell Michael, who rushes to their apartment to confront them. Sasha is devastated, and runs away. She later tearfully calls Michael and tells him she moved out and goodbye.

On April 29, Nelle interrupts Sasha at the Metro Court. She wants Sasha to be a character witness against Michael. Carly shows up, and she realizes what Sasha did, what she gave up, and thanks her. She knows that Sasha is sacrificing her own happiness for Michael and Wiley. She admires Sasha. Sasha walks away, goes to see Chase, to check on him. They are both devastated, waiting to feel like they did the right thing, it's worth it. She also tells him Carly figure out the truth, and that she thinks they did the right thing.

On May 5, Chase and Sasha go to Volonino's Gym to work out, where they run into Michael and Brook Lynn. Brook lays into them for cheating, then accidentally sucker punches Sasha. Michael brings her to the ER. Hamilton Finn, Chase's brother looks after her, and she brings up that Chase told her he knows they faked their affair. He feels they're playing god with everyone's lives.

On May 12, at the Floating Rib, Lucy fusses over Sasha, as their first photo-shoot is the next day. Lucy tells her that she's been a cheater and the cheated, that she understands. Nelle shows up and tries to pick a fight with her.

Sasha and Chase learn that Michael and Willow are getting married that night. They try to hide that they are devastated, but they know it's for the best. Nelle overhears the news and rushes off. Sasha texts Carly, to let her know that Nelle might be up to something.

On May 14, on her way to the photo-shoot, Sasha runs into Nina. Nina tells her that she believes Sasha is only hurting herself, and that she hopes she finds love and peace. At the shoot, Lulu asks her some questions for an Invader article. Sasha starts to break down, and Maxie tells her she has to be a businesswomen, and pull herself together. In the dressing room, Suzanne, a PA, offers her white powder to help get through the day.

On May 21, the team is admiring the photo-sheet of "Deception" images of Sasha. Valentin announces they are going to have an official launch by being an official sponsor of The Nurses' Ball. Alone, Valentin asks her if she's okay, he knows about her personal issues. They both know what it's like to lose someone for something they've done. She wishes she could hate him, she can sympathize with what he was trying to accomplish. He sees that she's a good person, and she knows he still loves Nina. He tells her he's sorry she's still paying for her mistakes.

On August 13, Brook Lynn joins Chase and Sasha at the Rib, wanting to commiserate. She continues to berate them as cheaters, making Sasha uncomfortable. Chase tells Brook Lynn to lay off Sasha. Sasha is approached by a Sienna, a friend of the "Deception" PA. She gives Sasha more drugs in the bathroom. She claims lots of models do it. Sasha ignores her and goes back to the bar. She then witnesses Brook Lynn tell them about getting the blame and thrown out of her home for her seeming "betrayal." She quietly texts Olivia Quartermaine, Brook Lynn's stepmother, that she is hurting. Brook Lynn tells Sasha she's going to be rich and famous and doesn't need Michael. Chase reminds Sasha that Brook Lynn is just drunk and hurting. Sasha, feeling desperate, alone, and emotionally vulnerable, takes them. Carly tracks them down, excited and grateful. She tells them that Willow and Michael won full custody of Wiley, that the hurt and pain they are going through was worth it, and thanks them profusely for their part.

On September 2, Sasha meets Chase at Haven Bistro. He wants to tell Michael and Willow the truth, and she thinks he's nuts. He reasons that Nelle is gone, and even if she comes back, she kidnapped her son and attempted to kill Brook Lynn, so there is no way a judge would ever let her near Wiley again. He says it's over, Wiley is safe from Nelle for the rest of his life. Sasha asks him what he thinks will happen - he tells Willow, she says "Great news!" hands Michael his ring, kisses Wiley goodbye, and runs into his arms. Chase gets that, but he knows Willow loves him and will understand. Sasha agrees, but says Willow loves Wiley her own child and he loves her as a mother. She tells him that's their doing, they can't put something in motion and think they can control the outcome. They can't ruin the happy family by showing up and saying "Whoops, just kidding!" Chase argues they are playing god, when they could have told the truth and ask them to choose. Sasha doesn't believe Willow would choose him over Wiley, especially if she learns they lied and broke her heart. He tells her that he refuses to give Willow up.

She then visits Brook Lynn in the hospital, giving her moisturizer to combat hospital climate dryness, hailing her a hero, and takes the blame for her and Chase "cheating" on Michael and Willow, calling Chase a genuinely good guy.

On September 14, Sasha is late to meet her business partner Lucy at the Metro Court. Sasha tries to hide that she feels overwhelmed, as Lucy talks up a big meeting with the largest cosmetic retailer in the US, that they need purchase orders and a big contract with them. They see Ned there, offer their well-wishes for Brook Lynn's recovery, and Ned berates Lucy for voting for Valentin instead of throwing her ELQ vote behind the family. He claims ELQ will back "Deception" instead, and she reminds him that while she was running around desperate to find financing they ignored her. When he accuses her of being a traitor, Sasha stands up, in his face, and demands he leave Lucy alone.

She tells him while she understands he's angry about losing control of the family company, she points out his own family members sold their stock and they should be blamed. Lucy thanks her that what she said was perfect. She tells Ned she loved being a Quartermaine and loved Edward, but points out that he was touch, shrewd, and absurdly practical - that he would have understood Lucy's choice and reasoning. Ned realizes she was right and apologizes. Lucy then leaves, and Ned and Sasha discuss Brook Lynn and his initial anger at her. Sasha volunteers to put in a good word for him when she discusses business with his daughter.

They both go to GH to see Brook Lynn, and momentarily panic when she is nowhere to be found. Jason brings her back, after she went to see a dying Mike Corbin. Sasha is saddened to hear the news about her ex-Michael's grandfather. She wishes Brook Lynn well and leaves.

On September 24, while at GH, Sasha overhears Elizabeth offering her condolences to Michael and Willow over Mike's death. She is devastated for Michael and goes to hug him before suddenly remembering they aren't together and he's married. She awkwardly backs away and tells him to give his parents her sympathies, to which he magnanimously agrees. After he leaves, she tries to walk away from Willow, who stops her. Sasha tells her almost hugging Michael was a force of habit, that she forgot herself. Willow understands and says it's okay, that while she hasn't forgotten or forgiven Sasha's "affair" with her ex boyfriend, she knows how hard it was for Sasha to stop herself from comforting Michael when she still loves him. They dance around Sasha's feelings for Michael...Willow wants her to know that Michael has lots of support, that she doesn't have to worry about him. When Willow tells her that she's going to adopt Wiley once they are legally able, Sasha fights her surprise and distress, and congratulates her. When Michael joins them, she makes her excuses, her condolences again, and rushes off.

Sasha approaches Elizabeth, asking for a referral for a doctor to see about her insomnia and its side affects, wanting to get a prescription. When Elizabeth offers an appointment with Dr. Kevin Collins, Sasha claims she doesn't need a psychiatrist, that it's not a therapy issue. Elizabeth offers an appointment with a GP, but warns her that prescription sleep aids aren't as commonly prescribed anymore due to abuse. Sasha tells her not to worry, she is always careful about what she puts in her body.

After that, Sasha secretly makes a phone call to her supplier, for more of her "usual" amphetamines. Chase nearly interrupts her call, then goes on to tell her the news that Nelle was found dead. She wonders if Michael knows, thinking he and Willow must be relieved. She then admits to Chase that she's thankful Nelle's dead, that Michael and Willow are free of Nelle and her constant torment - that Wiley is truly safe. She overwhelmed by the finality of it, then realizes to Chase that it's too late for them to be back with the ones they love. Chase tells her this is what they wanted - not Nelle's death, but for certainty that she's out of the way and Wiley is safe. He points out that Michael and Willow can divorce, they don't have to be married anymore for custody.

Sasha brings up their kiss, saying that while they may not be in love, they are developing feelings for each other, and they deeply love Wiley. She feels it was a turning point, and they need to walk away. She reminds him they lied to them and manipulated them, they can't be forgiven for that. Chase tells her she's acting like she wants Michael and Willow to hate them. She apologizes for blowing up at him, telling him she has insomnia. Chase tells her she's trying to hide it, but she's struggling with having to give up Michael and move on. She doesn't want to admit that she still loves Michael. They agree they never expected this turn in their life.

Brook Lynn, now up and about, runs into them, calling Chase her roomie. Both she and Sasha claim nothing is going on between them and Chase, but neither believes the other. Chase then tells Brook Lynn that Nelle is dead. Brook Lynn says that while she is sorry for the loss of any human life, she is also relieved, echoing Chase and Sasha's feelings. He leaves them to go the morgue. Sasha and Brook Lynn chat, and Sasha asks her when she's going to record her song for "Deception." Sasha is excited about the buzz and momentum for the company, while Brook Lynn tells her that doctors haven't cleared her for singing. Sasha understands, just tells her she's excited about the next steps. They are going to be a huge success, and both women want to be a part of it together. Brook Lynn volunteers to help with the business-side of things, surprising Sasha. She claims she wants to be part of a winning team, expand her horizons, be more than just a singer. Sasha, thinking she's consoling her, tells her that her voice has been plenty - they then both leave to go to their appointments.

On October 7, Sasha ran into Valentin at GH. He is immediately worried she's sick, but she's just picking up a prescription. He explains that he's still trying to untangle ELQ from the mess at the hospital. He is worried about her, as she looks tired. She tries to appease him that she's just tired, but he doesn't buy it - he's observed that she hasn't been okay since her break from Michael. When angrily tells him that's none of his business and tries to walk away he stops her. He's concerned about her and knows that "Deception" has a huge meeting the next day, they all need her to wow the company. She reacts angrily, to which he counters - are you angry with me because of Nina, or with yourself for deliberately pushing Michael away?

She concedes to his logic...she's mad at herself for "trashing the best thing she ever had." He reminds her he's not there to judge after the "royal mess he made of his life." She admits to him she hadn't realized how much of her life was part of Michael's. The life she had is gone now and it has her feeling really alone - and Valentin relates. They've both been alone before, but after such a deep connection and life shared with someone else, this is a very "lonely" alone. Valentin wishes he had great advice to give her...all he can recommend is a good nights sleep and then throwing herself into her work at "Deception" just as he is with ELQ. He admits its small consolation, but it's all they got, then walks away.

Sasha then goes to Charlie's Pub, where she overhears Monica tell Brook Lynn that Willow is adopting Wiley. Overcome, Sasha immediately leaves. Once outside, she takes out the drugs she bought, and contemplates them.

On October 14, 2020, the Deception team minus Maxie meets with the head buyer (Ms. Madigan) from Pebela. Sasha, secretly going through withdrawal, first asks Lucy to postpone saying she isn't feeling well, then makes a mess of the presentation. Valentin steps in to attempt to smooth talk her into buying their product - she represents one of the top cosmetic and beauty chains in the world - he tells her that his ex-wife shops there exclusively. Brook Lynn confronts Sasha over her behavior, reminding her that this is a career for all of them, they all have a stake in the company, and they cannot tank this deal. They both approach the buyer, and off the cuff and from the heart, Brook Lynn and Sasha plead:

Deception Cosmetics makes this imperfect woman look perfect. And that is what we want to bring to women who shop at your stores: perfection in an imperfect world. They all want a second chance - just like me.

The team is pleased with Sasha's words, and Ms. Madigan seems impressed by their passion and realism. Lucy attempts to play the "Deception" demo, for her - and when it doesn't work, is convinced that Brook Lynn can sing it live. Panicking, Brook Lynn agrees when she realizes Amy Driscoll, the true singer, is there and they can use bluetooth. Unfortunately Chase interrupts the performance and their deception is discovered. The buyer walks away and Lucy fires Brook Lynn.

On November 16, Sasha has a heart attack after she overdosed on cocaine given to her by Cyrus Renault. She is rushed to the hospital by Brando Corbin. Michael, Willow, Carly and Chase all arrive at the hospital to check on Sasha and the secret of Chase and Sasha's fake affair is finally revealed. Chase reveals the truth to Willow and Carly tells Michael. Shocked, Michael sits by Sasha's bedside and holds her hand, thanking her for all the sacrifices she made to ensure Wiley's safety.

On November 18, 2020, Willow and Michael learn the truth, that Chase and Sasha faked an affair so the two wouldn't feel guilty about ending their relationships and marrying for the sake of winning custody of Wiley. Both started to repair their friendships with their previous lovers due to this information.

In January of 2021, Avery gave Nelle's half-heart necklace she had found, to Lucy Coe to put on Sasha for luck during her interview with Jackie Templeton for GMA3. The press had learned about Sasha's drug use as a model for Deception Cosmetics, so the team decided to have Sasha sit down for a live interview with Chase's famous journalist mother Jackie, to give their own narrative and tell the truth.

On Valentine's Day, Michael and Sasha were each others date, but were interrupted by the news that Brando had been shot and was in the hospital.

On March 22, Michael confirmed to Brook Lynn that both he and Sasha were back together, as well as Chase and Willow.

On April 6, Sasha witnessed a close moment between Michael and Willow. This led to a discussion about their intentions towards each other, and a break-up.

On April 15, Sasha visits Brando at the Xtreme Motors Garage, where she deduces that Cyrus is blackmailing Brando into working for him using the late Dev Cerci's illegal status and his closeness to Brando. After revealing she and Michael broke up, she and Brando finally kiss and have sex in the car he is working on.

On May 13, after feeling ill and visiting the doctor, Sasha reveals to Lucy that she is pregnant. Lucy wants to use Sasha's motherhood to make Deception Cosmetics the "Year of the Mother" and she later comes up with the idea to call Sasha the "Face of Conception".

On May 19, Brando confronts Sasha about her pregnancy and she admits it is his baby. They decide he will quit his job as Cyrus' driver and they prepare to talk to Cyrus together. Brando eventually quits as Cyrus' driver and Cyrus is taken to prison.

On June 23, Brando and Sasha go on their first date at Kelly's.

On July 15, Maxie and Sasha meet at the Metro Court Restaurant. Maxie hands Sasha some file folders which have research and press information that Sasha will need to make another pitch to Pebela as Maxie is taking a leave of absence.

Later that month, after Sasha told him she doesn't want her child around the mob, he decides commit himself her her, their baby, and his job at Xtreme Motors. He point-blank tells his mother he's choosing Sasha and the baby over a possible job with the Corinthos Organization. The following week, he kicks his mother out of his apartment so he'll have more room for the baby.

On August 5, with sales doing well and products flying off the shelves, Sasha convinces Brook Lynn to take on Gladys as her assistant for sales/marketing. When asked about her work background, Gladys tells her she was in sales at "Colby Kleen", a multi-level marketing/pyramid scheme that landed it's CEO in jail. Gladys then orders expensive food on the company card and insults a potential customer.

In September, Sasha is a guest at Carly's bachelorette party, where she and Willow clear the air about their past relationships. She is happy to learn that Chase is walking again, that Willow is with Michael, and they affirm their friendship. Carly arrives, describes the guests as her "favorite people" and Sasha is stunned to see that Brando now has a gig as a stripper! He worries that she disapproves, but she tells him it's the opposite - she is pleased at his commitment.

On November 16, Sasha and Brando went to Ava’s art gallery to see the National Geographic gala which was being hosted by Trina Robinson.

Crimes Committed

  • Fraud; pretended to be Nina Reeves' daughter under the orders of Valentin Cassadine [Oct 1, 2018-Oct 8, 2019; revealed Nov 2, 2018; arrested on Oct 16, 2019 and released (presumably on bail) on Oct 21, 2019; charges dropped on Nov 1, 2019]
  • Destruction of property; knocked over some glasses at the Metro Court, causing them to break [Oct 27, 2020]
  • Accidentally hit Harmony Miller with her car while trying to get away from Felty [Apr 27, 2022; Harmony later died from her injuries as a result]
  • Attacked Felty and cut his hand [Apr 28, 2022]

Health and Vitals

  • Drugged by Ava Jerome [Nov 16, 2018]
  • Got sick with a fever [Apr 26, 2019]
  • Poisoned with Avian Influenza A by Cassandra Pierce after Cassandra drugged her grapefruit [Aug 2, 2019; hospitalized from Aug 7-Sep 16, 2019; diagnosis revealed on Aug 26, 2019]
  • Collapsed and lost consciousness [Aug 6, 2019]
  • Shot at multiple times by one of Cyrus Renault's men [Jan 30, 2020]
  • Punched in the face by Brook Lynn Quartermaine and got a bloody nose [May 6, 2020]
  • Addicted to cocaine [May 14-Nov 13, 2020]
  • Heart attack due to cocaine overdose [Nov 13, 2020; it was revealed the cocaine was laced with dextroamphetamine on Dec 4, 2020]
  • Hospitalized [Nov 16-Dec 7, 2020]
  • Nearly killed in her hospital bed by Cyrus [Nov 16, 2020]
  • Had her arm grabbed by Brando Corbin [Dec 14, 2020]
  • Threatened by Cyrus when he learned from Brando that she tried to search his apartment for drugs [Dec 14, 2020]
  • Learned she is pregnant [revealed May 13, 2021]
  • Threatened by Cyrus [May 25, 2021]
  • On bed rest for high blood pressure [Sep-Oct 2021]
  • Accidentally locked in a storage room with Gladys Corbin by Esme Prince, who wanted to lock in Trina Robinson [Nov 16-17, 2021]
  • Her water broke [Nov 17, 2021]
  • Placental abruption; had an emergency C-section [Nov 19, 2021]
  • Unconscious due to hemorrhaging [Nov 22, 2021]
  • Collapsed when trying to get out of bed [Dec 2, 2021]
  • Taking pills (uppers) that Sienna gave her [Mar 4, 2022-May 2022; revealed to be uppers on May 18, 2022]
  • Threatened to have photos of her published by Felty if Gladys didn’t give him back his memory card for his camera [Apr 28, 2022-May 17, 2022]
  • Taking pills that Felty gave her [Jul 1-5, 2022]
  • Hallucinated seeing her baby; had a meltdown and put on a 72 hour hold at GH [Jul 6, 2022]

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Current Crew
Dan O'Connor (Head writer, 2019-present) · Frank Valentini (Executive producer, 2012-present) · Chris Van Etten (Head writer, 2017-present)
Former Crew
Shelly Altman (Head writer, 2011-2012, 2015-2019) · Ron Carlivati (Head writer, 2012-2015) · Jill Farren Phelps (Executive producer, 2001-2012) · Robert Guza, Jr. (Head writer, 1996, 1997-2000, 2002-2008, 2008-2011) · H. Wesley Kenney (Executive producer, 1987-1989; Head writer, 1988) · Gloria Monty (Executive producer, 1978-1987, 1991-1992; Head writer, 1981) · Jean Passanante (Head writer, 2015-2017) · Wendy Riche (Executive producer, 1992-2001) · Garin Wolf (Head writer, 2008, 2011-2012)
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