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Scout Cain
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General Hospital
Portrayed by Unknown triplets (2017)
Lori and Sevan Andonian (2017)
Palmer and Poe Parker
Ella Ramacieri (2019-present)
Current status Recurring
Duration 2017-present
First appearance February 28, 2017
Created by Shelly Altman
Jean Passanante
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Birth name Emily Scout Morgan
Alias(es) Emily Morgan
Scout Morgan
Scout Cain
Namesake(s) Emily Quartermaine
Nickname(s) Scout (by everyone)
Cookie (by Alexis)
Sweetness (by Julian)
Ethnicity English-American
Gender Female
Born February 28, 2017
Roebling Park Bridge
Port Charles, New York
Age 3
Occupation Owns voting stock in ELQ
Title Russian royalty
Residence Quartermaine Mansion
66 Harborview Road
Port Charles, New York
Lori and Sevan Andonian as Scout Cain
Unknown triplets as Scout Cain

Emily Scout Cain is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. She is the daughter of former Navy SEAL, Chief Drew Cain and his ex-wife, Sam McCall.

She was born onscreen on February 28, 2017.


IMG 6jufjv

Palmer and Poe Parker as Scout Cain

The role of Emily Scout was first portrayed by a set of unknown triplets for four episodes (Feb 28-Mar 3, 2017).[2]

Twins Lori and Sevan Andonian portrayed Scout from March 9, 2017 to July 28, 2017.[3][4][5][6] Scout has been portrayed by twins Palmer and Poe Parker since October 25, 2017.[7]

As of July 1, 2019, the role of Scout has been recast with Ella Ramacieri.




Emily Scout was conceived in June of 2016 (making her due in March of 2017[8]) in London, while her parents were on the run from the law. While in Greece, Sam experiences fatigue and dizzy spells that lead to her fainting twice.

After returning home to Port Charles, she faints again after a confrontation with her father and is admitted to General Hospital. Dr. Hamilton Finn examines her and takes her blood to run tests. A little while later, he returns with some of the blood results, which confirmed the pregnancy. Sam is elated and she can’t wait to tell “Jason". At the time of Scout's conception, everyone still believed that Drew was his twin brother, Jason.

When Drew arrives at the hospital, he is happy to see that Sam is okay, but before she can tell him about the baby, he has a dizzy spell. Dr. Finn examines Drew and discovers that he has a 102° fever and might have contracted malaria (he did contract it but was treated and cured) from being in the Mediterranean.

Since Sam was also there, she was tested as well, because if she had contracted the disease, it could cause complications for her pregnancy such as anemia, low birth weight and stillbirth. As a result and out of fear, Sam puts off telling Drew about the pregnancy for a little while.


Ultrasound picture

On August 15, Sam tells Drew that she's pregnant and he's elated. Afterwards, Sam tells him that she and the baby might have malaria and that's why she didn't tell him right away because she was scared and also didn't know if the baby will even make it. Drew reassures Sam that no matter what they are in this together (take his hand and he'll always be there and never let go) and that the baby is here now because they love each other.

The first and second tests for malaria come back negative, reassuring Sam and Drew that she and the baby would be alright. Like her pregnancy with Danny, Sam experienced a lot of morning sickness during the first trimester of her pregnancy.

During her parent's "second wedding" on September 2, 2016 (shown on September 2 and 6), a toast was made in her honor. On October 21, Sam and Drew felt the baby kick for the first time. On October 25, Sam and Drew tell Danny that they are having a baby and that he will be a big brother. Danny is excited and nicknames the baby, Scout (which is also what Drew and Sam called the baby throughout the pregnancy, what her middle name is and what she will go by).

On November 1, Sam was hospitalized for what was later revealed to be round ligament pain,[9] something that is very common during pregnancy, but was told to take it easy. On December 7, Drew and Sam went in for an ultrasound and decided not to find out the gender. Their OBGYN, Dr. Kelly Lee gives them an envelope with the baby's gender written down on it in case they decide they want to know.


Scout with her parents

On December 21, Maxie Jones throws Sam a baby shower. Alexis, Monica, Carly, Kristina and Molly all attend. Monica gifted Sam and the baby with a Quartermaine family heirloom -- the spoon Edward and Lila used to feed Alan when he was a baby. Alexis gifted Sam and the baby with a rocking motorcycle and Kristina gifted Sam and the baby with a little leather jacket. Toward the end of the shower, Maxie surprised Sam with a gender reveal cake. Sam is initially upset that Maxie stole the envelope she got from Dr. Lee, which held the baby's gender, but she quickly forgives Maxie and the cake remains uncut.

Later on, Drew arrives and they decide to find out the gender of their baby together. With all of the party guests gone, they cut into the cake and find out the gender, but it's not revealed to the audience.

In January 2017, Sam experienced cramping and was told yet again to take it easy. On February 8, Sam has another prenatal appointment and afterward she and Drew are told that all of her blood work and most of her tests came back normal. However, during the fetal non stress test[10] the baby's heart rate didn't increase like it was supposed to. Dr. Lee assured them that it's nothing to be concerned about; the baby was likely just sleeping, but she wanted them to be aware of it. On February 22, Monica gifts Drew with Jason's old baby blanket (still believing that he is Jason), knitted by his grandmother, Lila, as a gift for baby Scout.


Scout with her parents and big brother, Danny

Scout, like her older brother, Danny, is seen as a miracle child because in May of 2006, Sam was shot in the back by Manny Ruiz, while in Jason's arms. She recovered after a month-long stay in the hospital; and later, she and Jason tried to start a family only to be told that she would never be able to have children as a result of the extensive damage done to her uterus from the gunshot wound. However, in May of 2011, Sam underwent a procedure called fertility reconstruction; the surgery was a success, allowing her to carry Danny to term. When she was revealed to be pregnant with baby Scout, she told Drew that after the fertility reconstruction and carrying Danny to term, the doctors didn’t know if she would ever be able to conceive again (without fertility treatments[11]).[12][13][14]

Through her mother, she had an older sister Lila McCall, who was stillborn on November 8, 2004 and a older brother named, Danny.

Through her father, she had an older brother named, Oscar, who died from a cancerous brain tumor on April 29, 2019 (shown on May 1, 2019).

Scout was born during the year of the Phoenix (or Rooster), which is also what her mother, Sam symbolizes.[15]



Baby Emily Scout

Emily Scout was born onscreen February 28, 2017 to Drew Cain and Sam Morgan and was delivered by her father. In late February, Olivia Jerome kidnapped, threatened and pushed a very pregnant Sam off a bridge and luckily, she and Scout both survive the fall. As a result of the fall, Sam goes into labor. Drew and Alexis quickly discover that Sam is missing and put the pieces together that "Liv," Alexis's AA sponsor, is really Olivia Jerome, Julian's sister. Drew finds a photo on Sam's phone that gives him a clue to where she is. He immediately goes out in search of her while Sam experiences rapidly increasing contractions.


Baby Scout

Drew finds Sam, half conscious and in labor at the bottom of the bridge. He tries to get her to a hospital, but she tells him that it's too late and the contractions are coming too close together. With no time to waste, Drew delivers the baby and it's revealed that the baby is a little girl. However, she isn't breathing when she's born. Sam begs Drew to save their baby and he quickly administers CPR and gets Scout breathing again. But, just as the baby recovers, Sam passes out.


Scout in the hospital

Drew is able to wake Sam up and she and the baby lock eyes for the first time and they have a family hug. Sam tries to get Drew to take their daughter and go, but he refuses to leave her and then they both notice that Sam is still bleeding heavily. Drew tells Sam that he is going to carry both her and their daughter out of there. He hands Sam their daughter and carries them to safely just as the paramedics arrive and Sam passes out again. They arrive at the hospital where it's revealed that Scout was showing signs of cold stress and she was taken to be warmed up. While Scout was okay, her mother was not and Sam was taken into surgery to repair some internal bleeding. Later on, Scout gets a visit from her dad and aunt Robin.


Scout wakes her mom up

Later on, her grandma Alexis brings Scout to see her mom (who is in a coma) and when her dad places her on her mom's chest, Sam wakes up. Afterwards, Scout and her parents share a few precious family moments.


Kissy face with mama

A week later, Scout and her parents are seen with her grandma Monica Quartermaine and her parents decide to name her Emily Scout Morgan, after Jason and Drew's late sister, Emily Quartermaine.


Scout and her parents

Later, Scout is seen with her parents, then grandma Alexis, where Sam tells Alexis Scout's full name. Later on, Scout, her mom and grandma are evacuated from the hospital due to a bomb. On March 13, Scout meets her uncle Sonny, after the hospital is saved and the bomb is defused thanks to her father and Curtis Ashford. Scout sees her grandma Alexis again and it is revealed that she met her aunts Kristina and Molly. Later on, Elizabeth comes for a visit and gifts Sam with a baby book to record all of Scout's firsts. The next day, Scout meets her aunt Carly, who stops by for a visit.


Siblings Scout and Danny: Meeting her big brother

On March 23, Scout goes home with her parents and spends time with her uncle Sonny, who brings her a teddy bear as a gift. She also meets her big brother, Danny. The next day, she meets her parent's investigative partner, Curtis Ashford, who gifts her with a new baby blanket. She also gets a visit from her aunts, Kristina and Molly.

On April 3, Sonny and Carly Corinthos became Scout's Godparents.

On April 14, Scout sleeps through her first Easter egg hunt at the park with her parents, big brother, Danny and grandma Alexis.


Julian teases Scout with her pacifier

On April 21, Scout is seen at her grandma Alexis' house with all the Davis girls.

In May, Scout had a mild fever but was okay otherwise and then it was revealed that her aunt Molly took her and presumably Danny to the zoo.

In June, Scout is seen with her mom and grandma Alexis. After a little while, Sam leaves Scout with her grandma and then she meets her grandpa Julian.


Scout in the hospital

In July, it was revealed that Sam had Toxoplasmosis and that Scout could've contracted it as Sam was exposed to it the night she gave birth to Scout. While at the hospital with Sam, Drew calls Alexis to have her bring Scout to get tested. It was later revealed that Scout's tests came back completely normal. Later on, Kristina takes Scout back to the penthouse.


In September, Scout is "seen" outside Kelly's with her aunt Kristina and Parker.

On October 25, Scout is seen with her parents and brother Danny.


On November 10, Scout meets Patient 6, who turns out to be her uncle Jason Morgan and he tells her about her big sister, Lila.


On December 8, Scout is seen with her parents.

On December 21, Scout is seen on her first Christmas meeting her big brother, Oscar. On February 28, Scout and her family celebrated her first birthday.

On September 7, Scout is seen with her mom and dad right before she takes a nap.

On October 16, 2018, Scout is seen with her parents when she wakes up from her nap.

IMG 20190701 145546

Scout with her father Drew.

On April 25, 2019, Scout is seen at the Quartermaine mansion with her family. On July 1, 2019, Scout is seen at her father Drew at Aurora media and got sit in her father's office chair.

On December 27, Scout is seen with her brother Danny and her uncle Jason who brought them to see Santa. She and Danny are later happy when Jason brings Sam home and they spend Christmas together.


Scout with her mother Sam.

On February 4,Scout is seen with her mother Sam at Kelly’s diner.Scout was coloring a picture and Sam was investigating and came across Finn at the diner when Sam brings up Scout father Drew Cain plane crash with Andre she start putting headphones on Scout because she didn’t want Scout to know what happen to her father Drew and started listening to music while her mother Sam discoveries that Peter could be behind it all the plane crash and framing her for Hank escape which Bryce was responsible for it under Peter orders along with the stabbing of Andre Maddox and her father Drew Cain presumed death.

Health and VitalsEdit

  • Was exposed to malaria in utero (two tests confirmed that her mother, Sam didn't have it therefore she didn't have it either) [revealed Aug 9, 2016; revealed Aug 16, 2016]
  • Was exposed to Toxoplasmosis in utero[16][17] (was tested and revealed to be completely okay) [Feb 2017; revealed Jul 27, 2017; revealed to be in the clear Jul 28, 2017]
  • Wasn't breathing when she was born (received CPR from her father and recovered) [Feb 28, 2017]
  • Showed signs of cold stress[18] [revealed Mar 1, 2017]
  • Had a mild fever [May 8, 2017; revealed May 15, 2017]

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Photo galleryEdit

  • Sam finds out she's pregnant
  • Sam experiences morning sickness
  • Sam tells Drew she's pregnant
  • Drew touches Sam's stomach
  • The baby is malaria free kiss
  • Sam touches her stomach
  • Drew talks to the baby
  • A toast is made in honor of Scout at her parents "wedding"
  • Sam instinctively protects her baby from Franco
  • Sam starts showing
  • Sam and Drew feel their baby kick
  • Drew kisses Sam's stomach
  • Danny finds out about Scout
  • Sam during her pregnancy
  • Sam has round ligament pains
  • The baby's okay
  • Scout's ultrasound
  • Ultrasound picture
  • Surprise gender
  • Baby shower
  • Finding out the gender of the baby
  • NYE--Happy almost birthday to Scout
  • Ready to pop
  • Sam and Drew during her pregnancy
  • Aunt's Krissy and Molly feel the baby kicking
  • Before lamaze class which ends up being canceled
  • Olivia holds a pregnant Sam at gunpoint before she pushes her off a bridge
  • Sam talks to Scout after the fall
  • Baby kicks
  • Sam goes into labor
  • Sam during labor
  • Drew and Sam during labor
  • Sam pushes
  • Emily Scout is born -- D: "You did it honey, our little girl is here."
  • Scout isn't breathing
  • Her father performs CPR
  • Scout starts breathing
  • Scout with her parents
  • Emily Scout shortly after birth
  • Scout and her dad (Drew holds Scout)
  • Scout sees her mom for the first time
  • Scout with her parents
  • Drew hands Scout to Sam
  • Scout and her mom (Sam holds Scout)
  • Emily Scout in the hospital
  • Scout with her dad and aunt Robin
  • Drew holds Scout
  • Scout with her grandma Alexis
  • Sam starts to wake up when Drew puts Scout on her chest
  • Sam holds Scout
  • Scout with her parents and grandma Alexis
  • Scout with her parents
  • Scout and her father
  • Scout and her mother
  • Drew and Sam name their daughter, Emily Scout (with grandma Monica)
  • Scout with her parents
  • Alexis feeds Scout
  • Sam feeds Scout
  • Uncle Sonny meets Scout
  • Aunt Carly meets Scout
  • Drew kisses Scout
  • Uncle Sonny holds Scout
  • Scout meets her big brother, Danny
  • Siblings Scout and Danny
  • Scout with her parents and big brother, Danny
  • Scout cuddles with her parents and big brother, Danny
  • Scout meets Curtis
  • Scout gets a visit from her aunts
  • Miss Emily Scout
  • Scout and her father
  • Scout and her parents
  • Scout and her mother
  • The Davis girls
  • Scout with her mama and aunts
  • Scout with her mom and aunt Krissy
  • Sam talks to Scout
  • Miss Scout
  • Scout meets her grandpa Julian
  • Scout with her grandparents
  • Scout with her grandpa
  • Arriving at the hospital
  • Scout with her grandma Alexis and aunt Kristina
  • Doctors check out Scout
  • Making sure Scout isn't scared
  • Scout and her aunt Krissy
  • New baby Scout comes down the stairs with her mom
  • Scout and her mom
  • Scout and her family
  • Scout and her uncle Jason
  • Learning about Lila
  • Scout's first Christmas
  • Scout meets her big brother, Oscar
  • Birthday girl
  • Scout's first birthday party
  • Scout and her parents on her birthday
  • Happy first birthday Scout
  • Scout and her parents
  • Drew kisses Scout
  • 2 years old Scout with her grandma, Monica
  • Scout with big brother, Oscar and her grandma, Monica
  • Nu Scout Cain (debut 2019)
  • Scout with her father Drew
  • Scout father Drew Cuddling her
  • Scout returns
  • Scout with her mom Sam and brother Danny
  • Her mom Sam hugging her and her brother Danny
  • Scout with mother Sam.
  • Mother Sam putting headphones on Scout she doesn’t want know what happened to her father Drew.


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