Mother and daughter, Laura Webber and Lulu Spencer talk at Shadybrook (2008)
General Hospital
Genre Soap opera
Type Mental health institution
Notable people Lainey Winters
(former psychiatrist)
Laura Collins
Carly Corinthos
Lulu Spencer
Lisa Niles
Elizabeth Webber
Connie Falconeri
Heather Webber
(former patients)

Shadybrook is a mental care facility located on the outskirts of Port Charles. It is on the same road as Lookout Point. It has housed many patients, including Kate Howard, Carly Corinthos, Tracy Quartermaine, Laura Collins, and her daughter Lulu.


In 2002, Laura Spencer was committed to Shadybrook because she thought that she killed Rick Webber after hitting him with a candlestick. Shadybrook becomes the permanent home to her after her mental breakdown and slip into catatonia. In 2006, Laura temporarily awakes and shares a tearful reunion with her family before slipping back into catatonia. Later in 2008, Laura awakes for good and moves to Paris, after spending almost 7 years at Shadybrook.

In 2005, Carly Corinthos became jealous and obsessed with Reese Marshall's role in Sonny and Michael Corinthos' life. Soon she had a complete breakdown and ends up being institutionalized after remembering Reese's true identity from when she was a teen. She later stands on the building's ledge, threatening to jump after hearing Sonny tell Jason Morgan that her life is over. Carly later recovers and escapes months after.

In 2008, Lulu Spencer is sent to Shadybrook due to the accidental stabbing and murder of Logan Hayes. Johnny Zacchara then tries to take the fall for his then girlfriend Lulu Spencer and is arrested. Maxie Jones and Damian Spinelli later attempt to break Lulu out, but eventually she is released after the recovery of her mother Laura Spencer.

Lisa Niles is taken to Shadybrook in September 2010 after holding a gun on Robin and Patrick Drake, and later turning it on herself. After less than a week there, she returns to work at General Hospital.

Elizabeth Webber was committed to Shadybrook in 2010, after having an affair with Nikolas Cassadine, which sent her down a dark path. She later checked herself into Shadybrook in 2011, hoping Lucky Spencer would come back to her out of sympathy.

In May 2012, Kate Howard was checked into Shadybrook to seek treatment for dissociative identity disorder. Her alternate personality Connie wreaked havoc in Sonny and Kate's lives until Kate was arrested and later committed. After Kate was integrated in 2013 she chose to use her birth name Connie Falconeri.

In January 2015, Heather Webber took residence at Shadybrook, where she befriended Nina Reeves. Heather planned to enact revenge on her son Franco Baldwin through Nina and attempted to inject her with LSD however Franco arrived in time to prevent this from happening.

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