Sharon Grant
Brea Bee as Sharon Grant
General Hospital
Portrayed by Brea Bee
Duration 2017
First appearance September 27, 2017
Last appearance October 12, 2017
Cause/reason Never seen again
Created by Shelly Altman
Chris Van Etten
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Gender Female
Education Unnamed boarding school
Residence Palm Beach, Florida

Sharon Grant was a fictional character on the ABC Soap opera General Hospital.

She was portrayed by Brea Bee from September 27 to September 28 and returned a final time on October 12, 2017.

Brea previously played a nurse on GH in 2012.


On September 27, 2017, Carly Corinthos tells her mother Bobbie that she received a text from Sharon Grant who agreed to meet. Sharon’s brother Zachary was Nelle Benson’s fiancé. When Sharon arrives Carly introduces her to Bobbie. Sharon explains that not too long ago, an investigator contacted her about Nelle. They wanted information but wouldn’t say why. So Sharon hired her own PI to find out which is how she learned that Janelle Benson was now Nelle Hayes, living in Port Charles, and working for Carly. Carly mentioned that she had lost a son Morgan Corinthos recently and Sharon wanted to know if Morgan was involved with Nelle before he died. Carly said he barely knew her but Nelle has been involved in a misunderstanding and has been constantly lying. Sharon warns Carly about Nelle while Bobbie excuses herself and leaves. Sharon explains how Nelle alienated Zach from his family and right after he left everything to Nelle in his will, he died in a mysterious canoeing accident in Maine. Sharon believes Nelle was behind his death. Then Nelle runs into Sharon and they argue. Sharon calls her a murderer. Michael walks by and tries to stop them. Sharon tells Nelle that she wants her grandmother’s diamond engagement ring back. Nelle claims she lost it so Sharon warns Michael about Nelle and leaves. Later Michael starts unpacking and he finds the ring in a box of Nelle’s things.

On October 12, Curtis Ashford travels to Palm Beach, Florida and poses as a potential buyer for a boat Sharon is selling. She reveals that her family hadn’t used the boat since her brother died. Curtis asked if her brother had died on this boat. Sharon told him that Zach had drowned while kayaking with his fiancée Nelle. She was very impressed with his background and lifestyle so the police suspected foul play. Nelle was given a recommendation from one of the teachers at Lake High to become Sharon’s mother’s personal assistant. Her mother believed in giving people a chance since Nelle was not as well-off as her family. After her mother died, Zach took it the hardest and he grew close to Nelle who was always around him. Soon they were engaged and he amended his will so Nelle would get everything. Sharon suspects that if her mother hadn’t died, Nelle would have found another way into the family. Nelle never got the money since the investigation is still open. The police department is also on Sharon’s side but they never found proof. Curtis asks if it is possible Zach’s death was an accident. Sharon explains that the kayak took on water because of a faulty plug. Zach began to sink and Nelle watched him drown. And then she told the police that she couldn't save him because she wasn't a strong enough swimmer. Curtis pointed out that that Nelle grew up a few towns over so she has been raised by the water. Sharon agreed and realized she had to get to an appointment but Curtis could look over the boat if he wanted.

On July 27, 2018, Nelle confessed to Michael that she had to kill Zach because he was weak. She knew that if she waited too long, that his family would come between them. He would change the will, and he wouldn't end up marrying her. She didn't want Zach to die, but she didn't have a choice.

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