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Sonny Corinthos and Nina Reeves are fictional characters and an adulterous affair on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.


Sonny has only been portrayed by Maurice Benard since 1993.

The role of Nina was originated by veteran soap actress, Michelle Stafford on May 1, 2014. On June 17, 2019, actress Cynthia Watros took over the role as Nina.


Sonny is the son of Mike Corbin and his late ex-wife, Adela Corinthos.

Nina is the daughter of the late, Mr. Reeves and his widow, the late socialite, Madeline Reeves.


In January 2021, it is revealed Sonny Corinthos is alive after falling off a bridge, he has amnesia, and is in Nixon Falls, Pennsylvania. He goes to a bar called The Tan-O that his nurse Phyllis and her husband Lenny run together. "Mike" is diagnosed as bipolar and given medication to calm down his symptoms.

On March 22, Nina goes to visit Phyllis, who was her own nurse years ago, at the bar in Nixon Falls and she sees "Mike". She calls Carly and is yelled at about the upcoming fight to see her grandson Wiley so Nina doesn’t say anything about Sonny and hangs up on Carly.

On April 1, a friend of the Caulfields named Elijah walks into the bar and "Mike" introduces him to Nina. "Mike" tells Elijah about the article on the town he is trying to get Nina to write for Crimson. Elijah is familiar with the magazine. He offers to give Nina a tour of the town and she accepts to go on one the next day.

"Mike" and Nina go to a Firehouse dance with Lenny, Phyllis, and Elijah where two robbers pull guns on Jax, who just arrived in town, and "Mike". Jax is shot in the shoulder by one of the robbers before they are arrested. Before he passes out he sees Sonny but Nina convinces him he was seeing things.

On May 13 & 14, Elijah goes on a date one night with Nina at a local park in Nixon Falls. But Nina only agrees to this as a front for Sonny to break into one of his local businesses called Llantano Valley Commercial Properties, to find dirt on Elijah. Sonny only ends up stealing a few bucks and leaving right as the police zero in on the heist.

Elijah shows up with Nina in tow only to find the place trashed with the the robber nowhere in sight. Elijah leaves to go to the police station to take a statement. Nina pretends to leave with him only to circle back to the building to pick up where Sonny left off when the police came. Nina was on the phone with "Mike" and she tells him she is printing out proof of Elijah's illegal activities. All while Sonny is pleading Nina to get out of there.

Just as Nina is doing exactly this, Elijah returns from a back door and is surprised to find Nina in his office. When he questions her as to what she's doing there, Nina stuffs the papers into her purse and claims to have been looking for missing earrings she dropped when she was in his office the first time, which she "finds" on the floor.

Nina collects the earrings and leaves, returning to the Tan-O to show Sonny the papers she printed proving Elijah's illegal activities in various surrounding towns, with Corinth being one of his victims. Meanwhile, Elijah investigates the print job history on his computer and learns the printer also had been used when Elijah was away at the police station giving them a statement and makes a phone call to one of his associates, mentioning Nina Reeves by name, saying he doesn't know how much she knows but she'd seen some of the accounts and that he might have to take care of her himself.

On May 18, a man named Walter, who'd previously attempted to rob the Tan-O at gunpoint, turns up in Corinth, Pennsylvania where Sonny and Nina travel to investigate the crime that'd taken place there to devalue the financial livelihood of the town. He is seen texting someone as he is stalking Sonny and Nina but Sonny spots him first and confronts him. Walter is a criminal working for Elijah and attempted to rob the Tan-O on Elijah's orders.

On May 25 & 26, Nina goes out to the park with Elijah. He finds the papers Nina printed after they fall out of her purse. He starts to manhandle her until "Mike" hits him with a log in the leg. Nina hugs "Mike" and Elijah is taken away by cops when he is arrested. After a state trooper is forced to let "Mike" and Nina go as he has no proof they did anything wrong, "Mike" kisses Nina. Later "Mike" and Nina discuss the kiss and Nina tries to push "Mike" away.

On June 9, Jax tells Nina she is allowed to see Wiley again. "Mike" wants to leaves town to with Nina but she promises to come back. He gives her a jar of his tomato sauce and she kisses "Mike" goodbye. Later Phyllis tries to convince "Mike" to go after Nina in Port Charles. When Nina sees Wiley, she rhetorically asks him if she should tell grandma Carly that grandpa Sonny is alive.

On August 31, "Mike" and Nina have their first date and eat dinner on the porch of The Tan-O where they first met.

On September 8 (September 17th on the show), Jax - thinking that Sonny might be alive - surprises Nina in Nixon Falls. He sees an amnesiac Sonny who thinks he's "Mike". Nina and "Mike" claim to love each other, and Jax admits that the nails are firmly in the coffin of their relationship. After Sonny leaves, Jax and Nina have it out, with Nina trying to rationalize keeping Sonny from his home and family, and Jax trying to get Nina to understand the lives she is ruining and possible catastrophe she's set in motion.


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  1. Madeline put Nina in a coma because her husband left all of the money in his will to Nina. Which would mean he's dead as Nina inherited the money.
  2. On August 28, 2018, Nina received a call from Pentonville that revealed Madeline was dead …