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Kevin Collins, Cmr Jordan Ashford, and S.W.A.T. on the scene to stop Cyrus Renault (2021)

Special Weapons And Tactics, also known as the S.W.A.T., is a team that has jurisdiction all over the United States.


On March 24, 2004, Zander held Emily hostage at an apartment and is surrounded by a SWAT team. He is shot by the SWAT team when he pretended to reach for a gun.

In 2014, Dante Falconeri and Nathan West lead a team to capture Peter Harrell, Jr. and free his hostages, Lulu Spencer and Maxie Jones.

On September 23, 2019, Dev Cerci got a hold of Sam in attempt to call Jason and he told Sam he was on the Haunted Star before being knocked out. Sam went to the Haunted Star and found Dev unconscious and was surprised to see that Shiloh was on the boat along with "Wiley." Shiloh was armed and dangerous and was wearing a police officer uniform while holding all three of them hostage. Sam tried to talk Shiloh down and she convinced him to let her hold "Wiley." Sam tried to convince him to let Dev and Wiley go and just use her as a hostage, although Shiloh initially refused, however he eventually agreed when Sam warned him about "Wiley" being caught in the middle of a firefight since he is being hunted by the PCPD, a bunch of SWAT teams, and the FBI plus he said he had too many hostages.

On June 3, 2021, Jordan talks to a SWAT captain and threatens to send SWAT in after Cyrus who is holding Portia and Trina hostage in their house. Laura and Curtis arrive when they tried to get Portia on the phone - with Laura there both as Cyrus' sister and as the mayor. Kevin and Taggert arrive shortly after - Kevin has a hostage negotiator and Cyrus' brother-in-law and Taggert as Trina's father. Kevin convinces Cyrus to let the Robinson ladies go in exchange for Laura - and Jordan tells SWAT to standby as she and Kevin listen to Laura try to talk her brother down. After Trina tells him about another way in, Curtis sneaks inside in an attempt to take down Cyrus and free Laura. Cyrus sees him and shoots him in the stomach, causing Jordan to kick down the door and shoot him in the leg, with SWAT and the others following her to treat Curtis. Curtis and Cyrus are rushed to the hospital, with Jordan arresting Cyrus.


  • Captain Gerald Brodin
  • Officer Jude Lanston