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Prince Spencer Stefan Niklosovich Cassadine[13][14] is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. He is the son of Prince Nikolas Cassadine and his late mistress/fiancée, Courtney Matthews.

He was born onscreen on February 20, 2006.

He is currently being portrayed by actor Nicholas Chavez, who debuted on July 1, 2021.[15]



Twins Nicholas and Caden Laughlin portrayed Spencer in 2006. The twins are pictured to the left.


Twins Nathan and Spencer Casamassima portrayed Spencer from October 2006-07.[16] The twins are pictured to the left with their on-screen father, Tyler Christopher (who portrayed Nikolas Cassadine from 1996-99; 2003-11; 2013-16).


Lance Doven portrayed Spencer for a couple of episodes in 2008.[17] He is pictured to the left.

Rami Yousef portrayed Spencer for one episode in 2008.[18]

Child actor Davin Ransom was notable in the role, portraying Spencer from 2009-11.

Nicolas Bechtel debuted as Spencer on May 16, 2013.

Bechtel played Lewie Diaz on Disney Channel's, Stuck in the Middle.

Due to his busy schedule shooting for Stuck in the Middle, Bechtel hadn't been seen on GH since October 19, 2015, but he was back on set on May 5, 2016 and was seen again starting on June 1, 2016[19] and was last seen on August 5, 2016.[20]

On March 8, 2017, Genie Francis, who plays Laura Spencer, tweeted Bechtel about coming back.[21][22] He returned on June 6, 2017.

On June 29, 2017, Bechtel announced on Twitter that he had wrapped his latest run at GH and stated that he will be back next summer.[23][24] He was last seen on August 4, 2017.

On September 24, 2018, it was confirmed that Bechtel would return to GH as Spencer. [25][26] He returned on October 16 and left the show on December 12.

On January 17, 2019, it was revealed that Bechtel was back in the studio filming new scenes and would return onscreen in a few weeks. confirmed his return on February 1, 2019.[27][28] Bechtel returned from February 12 to April 16.

On January 15, 2020, it was confirmed that Bechtel will make a brief return to GH as Spencer during the week of January 20.[29][30] He returned for only one episode on January 20. This would be Bechtel's final appearance as Spencer.

On July 1, 2021, Nicholas Chavez first appeared as a SORASed Spencer in a mask.[31] As of the July 2, 2021 episode, Chavez is listed in the end credits with the contract actors.[32]


Spencer was conceived during an affair that his parents had while they were both married to other people:

  • Nikolas to Emily Quartermaine, who acted as his mother until her death in 2007.
  • Courtney to Jasper Jacks, who was believed to be his father for the first few months of his life because Jax tampered with paternity test results.

Spencer is seen as a miracle child because his mother, Courtney was told that she was infertile due to a miscarriage in August 2003.

Spencer's biological mother, Courtney

In September 2005, Courtney Matthews finds out she's about four weeks pregnant[33] soon after divorcing her husband, Jasper "Jax" Jacks. She and her then-boyfriend, Nikolas Cassadine, are overjoyed as Courtney thought she was infertile.

Courtney had several mishaps during her pregnancy: two bouts of cramps, a fall, was pushed into freezing water, and had a tree fall on her leg (also hit her head).

Jax finds out, though, and demands a paternity test be done. It comes back saying that Jax is the father. Courtney and Nikolas still decide that they will fight to keep the baby with them once it is born.

Spencer's parents~Nikolas and Courtney

Nikolas's grandmother, Helena Cassadine, also finds out about Courtney's baby. Trying for years to control the Cassadine empire through Nikolas, Helena finally sees the means to gain access to the Cassadine money by taking Courtney's baby to raise as the Cassadine heir. Courtney decides to leave town to give herself some space to think. Helena kidnaps her just as she gets out, but Courtney eventually overpowers her and escapes. With the help of her father, Mike Corbin, Courtney goes into hiding.

Through his mother, he had a older sister named Emily Matthews-Morgan, who miscarried in August of 2003.

Through his father's marriage, he gained Ava Jerome as a stepmother.

Through his uncle Sonny's marriage, he gained Carly Corinthos as an aunt and Josslyn Jacks as a cousin.

Spencer was considered an orphan after his father was supposedly killed by Valentin Cassadine in 2016. Nikolas was revealed to be alive 3 years later.

His grandmother, Laura Webber has been his legal guardian since his father's presumed death.

In November 2016, it's revealed that Nikolas and Spencer were never really the Cassadine heirs, when Spencer lost his entire inheritance to his great-uncle Valentin, it's revealed through Mikkos' hidden will that he left his entire estate to the eldest living son. However, in August 2019, it was revealed that there is a codicil to Mikkos' will which could prove that Valentin is not the rightful Cassadine heir which would mean that the inheritance really would belong to Spencer and Nikolas.

With Stavros and Stefan dead, Valentin is the only living son and hence sole heir to the Cassadine Estate with his daughter, Charlotte to follow after him. Spencer has some resentment towards Charlotte because of what her father did.

On January 20, 2020, after more than 3 years of separation, Spencer was finally reunited with his father. However, after learning that he willingly stayed away for all this time, he immediately rejected him, declaring the he was just as heartless as Valentin before disowning him.


Spencer shortly after birth

Spencer was born onscreen February 20, 2006 via C-section to Courtney Matthews and Jasper Jacks. In February 2006, Port Charles is hit by a deadly encephalitis plague. Both Nikolas and Courtney contract the virus. They end up getting engaged, but due to the virus the baby is at risk so Courtney decides that she wants to have a C-section no matter what the risk is for her. Courtney tells the doctors to save her unborn baby, as she fought to keep him alive. On February 20, 2006, she gives birth to a severely premature baby boy via C-section, and doctors are able to keep him breathing. Jax and Nikolas, who have recovered from the virus, keep an eye on the baby for Courtney. Courtney tells Jax she wants to name the baby John, after Jax's father. Overwhelmed with guilt, Jax confesses to Courtney that Nikolas is the baby's biological father, and that he had the test changed so that it would look like he was the father. Courtney tries to tell Nikolas this, but by the time he arrives, Courtney is severely weakened and dies without telling Nikolas the truth.

Baby Spencer

Baby John, as he is called, is able to fight despite being premature. He is infected by the virus, but luckily, he recovers. While he is in the hospital, Nikolas visits John to fulfill Courtney's wish of wanting to take care of her baby with him. Unfortunately, Jax keeps him away by ordering doctors not to allow Nikolas to see him, then getting a restraining order placed against Nikolas to make sure he stays away from John. When John recovers and leaves the hospital, Jax raises him with the help of Carly Corinthos, Courtney's best friend who he is now dating. The doctor who initially switched the DNA tests retires, and leaves behind the actual results. Meanwhile, Nikolas has another DNA test run on John, which Carly tampers with so Nikolas won't find out the truth. In June 2006, Jax holds a baptism for Courtney's son, naming him John Michael Jacks, after his father and Courtney's, and naming Carly the godmother. Dr. Robin Scorpio finds the results of the original paternity test, and realizes what Carly did to Nikolas' test. She tells Nikolas the truth at John's baptism. Nikolas doesn't believe her. Jax, however, intercedes and tells Nikolas that he is John's father, and that he tampered with the test to keep John and Courtney safe from Helena.

Spencer and crazy Colleen

Jax gives John back to Nikolas, who, though upset over Jax's manipulations, resolves himself to be a good father. He is also able to heal his relationship with ex-wife Emily Quartermaine, who divorced Nikolas when she found out he and Courtney were having an affair. Nikolas decides to rename John so that he will stop thinking about the time his son was kept away from him.[34] John is renamed Spencer after Nikolas' brother and sister, Lucky and Lulu Spencer. Emily is named Spencer's godmother. Nikolas hires Colleen McHenry as a nanny to Spencer. She becomes obsessed with Nikolas and falls in love with him, but Nikolas is falling back in love with Emily, who is also becoming a part of Spencer's life. Nikolas fires Colleen after finding out that all the fathers she previously worked for ended up dead.

Spencer before he gets kidnapped

Unfortunately, that doesn't stop Colleen. She kidnaps Spencer right before the Christmas manger in 2006, and Nikolas and Emily go after her. They find Colleen, but Spencer has already been taken by Helena, who followed Colleen, wanting Spencer to herself. Nikolas and Emily follow Helena to St. Petersburg and ambush her at a cathedral, where she is trying to baptize Spencer under a different name. She holds a knife to Spencer, threatening to kill him unless Nikolas lets her go. Fortunately, Nikolas and Emily reverse the tables and manage to get Spencer back, while Helena escapes in January 2007. Nikolas and Emily baptize him at the cathedral as Spencer Alexi Nikolayovich Cassadine. Nikolas and Emily, back together, raise Spencer with help from Spencer's extended family. Nikolas proposes to Emily on October 31, 2007, who promises to help him raise Spencer, but Emily is killed that same night by the Text Message Killer, Diego Alcazar.

Helena and baby Spencer

Nikolas goes into a depression, not looking after Spencer. He finds out he has a tumor in his brain, which is making him see Emily in hallucinations. Initially, he won't let go of her, but she tells him to let go of her for the sake of Spencer, so that he has a father. Nikolas agrees, and has the tumor removed. Spencer is shown rapidly aged later on when Nikolas is dating Nadine Crowell, a nurse who helped him get treated for the tumor. Nikolas and Nadine break up, and Nikolas starts seeing Rebecca Shaw, who is later revealed to be Emily's twin sister. After he introduces Spencer to Rebecca, he tells Rebecca that he doesn't want Spencer to get to know someone, only to have them disappear from his life, which is why he held off introducing them. Lucky later tells Nikolas that he doesn't spend enough time with his son, worrying about Rebecca more and leaving Spencer with a nanny. Nikolas later breaks up with Rebecca, unable to shake his feelings for Elizabeth Webber.

Spencer feels Aiden kick

Elizabeth finds out she is pregnant in February 2010, and both Nikolas and she believe the baby is his. When he tells Elizabeth he wants to start a relationship with her and raise their child together, Elizabeth refuses and reprimands him for leaving Spencer with his nanny often and not spending enough time with him. Nikolas resolves to be a better father to Spencer, spending more time with him than before and bringing Elizabeth's sons, Cameron and Jake, over to Wyndemere to play with Spencer. Elizabeth eventually agrees to let Nikolas be a part of the new baby's life, and becomes more comfortable around him and Spencer.

Spencer with his family

Jake and Cameron are brought over to Wyndemere by Elizabeth to play with Spencer. During their get-together, Elizabeth goes into labor. Nikolas takes her to the hospital, where she gives birth to Aiden Cassadine. When Cameron and Jake come to meet Aiden, Spencer is not with them, and Nikolas tells Elizabeth it's because he has a cold. About a year later, Elizabeth finds out that Aiden is actually Lucky's son, and tells Nikolas, who refuses to believe it. He decides to leave town with Spencer and Aiden. He changes his mind, though, and gives Aiden back to Lucky & Elizabeth. He and Spencer leave Port Charles, though, to start a new phase of their life.

Spencer returns

Spencer returns with his great-grandmother Lesley Webber (via Nikolas and then Laura Spencer) from Italy on May 16, 2013 to most likely be present for his grandmother Laura's wedding to Scott Baldwin, which he is along with his cousins. On October 31, Spencer was dressed as Captain Hook for Halloween. On December 13, Spencer asks Nikolas to marry Britt as a Christmas present. Lesley takes Spencer to see his uncle Sonny, who celebrates Christmas early with his nephew. He teaches Spencer boxing at his gym. Spencer and his cousin, Cameron Spencer are fighting over who gets to be Emma Scorpio-Drake's boyfriend. They went to the stables, where they encountered Heather Webber, who had kidnapped Carly Jacks, and was planning on killing her to cover her tracks, Heather told them she worked for Nikolas.

Spencer and Britt

Spencer met his great uncle Victor, who gave him a Faberge Egg. He told Spencer that if he gives this to a girl that he loves, she will fall in love with him. Spencer went to Robins to give the Egg to Emma and he spotted Robin and Victor talking. Spencer questioned Victor about it at Wyndemere, but he convinced him not to tell anyone about what he saw. Spencer went to the park with his father, Victor, Britt Westbourne, and her son Ben. He saw Emma their and gave her the Faberge egg, and then Victor appeared, pointing to Heather's picture in the newspaper and asking them about her. After he went to find Nikolas, Franco, who had been looking for Carly, asked the children about Heather's whereabouts.

Spencer and Josslyn plan to break up Cameron and Emma

During his dad and Britt's engagement party, Emma breaks up with him so he goes to the stables to be alone but ends up hearing "Luke" talking to Julian about taking Sonny down. Britt and Nikolas later break up which upsets Spencer. Spencer attends the Nurse's Ball in May 2014 and he tries to win Emma back. In September, before Spencer goes back school he and Josslyn decide to break up Cameron and Emma because he wants Emma and Josslyn wants Cameron so they decide to pretend to date Spencer continues to pursue Emma even though she's with Cameron. He even goes so far as to skip school with her and take her to the stables.

Spencer hugs his mother

Months later at Spencer birthday party there is a fire and Spencer is burned pretty badly. After months in the hospital, Spencer goes home but is having a hard time dealing with the prospect of having his face be disfigured. He decides not to go to the biggest event of the year because of it. When Britt surprises him, she convinces him go. When he gets there, he ends up dropping sand bags on stage during Cameron and Emma's performance. When he goes home afterwards, he is surprised to see his dead mother there but is happy to finally meet her. She helps him realize that his words hurt and that beauty is not skin deep. She also convinces him to let her take his mask off and look at his face. When the mask does come off, it turns out that the burn really isn't that bad. Later on, Courtney tells him that she has to go but that no matter where he is or what he is doing she is always there.

On July 2, (4th of July on the show), Spencer talks to his dad about ELQ. On September 9, Spencer goes back to school. On October, Spencer talks to his dad about Hayden (aka Rachel).

In January, Nikolas tells Hayden that Spencer is now friends with people who he used to call a "townie" after finding out his mother was one.

On February 29, Nikolas tells Elizabeth that when Spencer heard about Jake, he wanted to set up a Lemonade stand but it didn't go over well since it's February. So instead, he decided to sell bow ties.

Spencer is brought home by Elizabeth

On June 1, Spencer comes home from his sleepover to find out that his father is missing. He also shares a special moment with his stepmother. Spencer also seems to be taking his father's disappearance pretty well but it is later revealed that Spencer knows that his father is alive and well.[35] Spencer became an orphan after his father was killed by Valentin Cassadine in 2016. He is now under the care of his paternal grandmother, Laura Webber, who enrolled him in a French boarding school for his protection. Spencer wanted to go to the boarding school because it was something he had planned with his father.

Spencer and grandma Laura

On June 6, 2017, Spencer is seen with his grandma Laura at Dante and Lulu's house after he snuck out of boarding school.

Spencer starts a food fight with Cameron

On June 7, Spencer goes to the hospital with his grandma Laura to accompany her to a board meeting, where they run into Hayden, Elizabeth and Cameron. He and Cameron bicker before they go out with Hayden. She takes them to get a treat at the coffee kiosk but things get out of hand when they start arguing about Emma and that's when Spencer starts a food fight, which turns into a full on throwing match, that is stopped their grandma Laura.

Spencer with his grandma Laura and Scott

A few days later, Spencer goes Kelly's with his grandma Laura and she tells him that he has to wash Hayden's car. They also run in to Scott. Later on, Spencer surprises his uncle Sonny with a visit.

Spencer with his grandma Laura and Kevin

Days later, Spencer is seen with his family and it is revealed that he resents Charlotte Cassadine for what her father Valentin did. Later on, Spencer goes to the park with his grandma and Kevin. Spencer also asks Kevin what his intentions are towards Laura after finding out that they are moving into together. After getting a sufficient answer from Kevin, Spencer is happy to moving in with him.

Spencer and Nina

Spencer is later seen with Laura and Kevin at Kelly's and then he runs of to Crimson to confront Nina Reeves, who was married to Valentin. Eventually, Spencer breaks down in front of Nina saying that he misses his father and Nina comforts him. A couple minutes later, a very upset Laura and Kevin show up.

Spencer is kidnapped by Garvey

A few days later he is seen with his grandmother and aunt Alexis.

In July 17, after revealing to Charlotte that her father killed his. He was kidnapped by an unknown assailant. On July 24, Garvey was revealed to be Spencer's kidnapper. On July 25, Spencer escaped and is reunited with his grandmother.

Spencer went back to boarding school on August 4, 2017.

In January 2018, it was revealed that Spencer broke his legs on a ski trip so his grandmother Laura dropped out of the mayoral race to go take care of him in Europe. After Spencer got better, she returned to Port Charles on October 1.

On October 16, Spencer returned to Port Charles and surprised his grandmother with flowers. While she scolded him for sneaking out of boarding school again, she was very happy to see him. Eventually, Kevin (who was not really Kevin at the time but was his psychotic twin brother Ryan Chamberlain) came back and Spencer apologized to him for the months he was lonely. "Kevin" accepted his apology and said it was not necessary.

Spencer later went to see Ava Jerome at the Metro Court and he was angry with her for betraying him and his father's memory to get her face fixed, even saying that when Ava was in the hospital after being severely burned that she was beautiful since she promised to help him and she grew close to his father and that "this woman" doesn't even compare.

On October 17, Spencer visited his uncle Sonny and eventually visited with Josslyn who was upset that Oscar Nero suddenly broke up with her for no reason. He comforted her and gave her advice, plus he consoled her by saying there are other guys who would be thrilled to date her.

On November 5, Spencer tampered with the election machines to buy his grandmother more time to campaign. Eventually, the news of the election tampering was made public, but no one knew it was Spencer. Later on, he and Laura celebrated Nikolas' birthday and were also acknowledging that it's been two years since Valentin killed Nikolas. Afterwards, Spencer shared a happy reunion with the newly-released Britt Westbourne.

On November 21, Spencer and Valentin faced off and Valentin revealed that he knows Spencer tampered with the election.

On December 12, Spencer confessed to Sonny that he has heat on him since he tampered with the election plus he revealed that Valentin knows what he did. Sonny promised he will keep an eye on things and Spencer decided to return to boarding school in Europe.

On February 12, 2019, Spencer returned to Port Charles again and visited his uncle Sonny at his house. Sonny encouraged Spencer to do the right thing.

He later visited Laura and Lulu in the hospital and reunited with them. Lulu had been stabbed and was recovering from her injuries. Eventually, they went back to Lulu's house where they threw her a surprise welcome home party.

On April 12, Spencer was seen with his grandmother at the hospital and when Valentin and Spencer were going at it again, Laura told Valentin not to talk to Spencer. Eventually, Spencer went to talk to Nina and angrily stated that her "knight in shining armor" was blackmailing him. Nina didn't really believe him and then eventually Valentin showed up. He made Spencer think he was going to call the cops, but in reality he called his attorney to tell her that he won't pursue full custody after all. Afterwards he told Spencer to leave.

On October 25, Valentin talked to Laura about Spencer sending champagne to Nina's office to taunt Valentin about his interrupted wedding and he told Laura that if Spencer ever becomes a legitimate threat then he will deal with him the way he deals with threats. He later clarified that he wouldn't harm him but he knows of ways to make his life very uncomfortable for him and told her to tighten the leash.

On November 27, Valentin ordered Martin Gray to keep tabs on Spencer so that in case he needs to find him he can use him as leverage since there is a mysterious man looking for a codicil to Mikkos' will. The codicil could prove that Valentin is not the rightful Cassadine heir after all.

On January 3, 2020, everyone at Valentin and Nina's wedding was shocked to learn that Spencer's father Nikolas is alive and well. Nikolas was the one searching for the codicil and he revealed that not only is Valentin not the rightful Cassadine heir, he also revealed that Valentin is not even a Cassadine at all. He is Helena's son.

On January 20, Spencer saw that Ava came to visit him at his boarding school in France. He was still upset with her for withdrawing her statement that Valentin had killed Nikolas. When Spencer went on about how he lost his home, his inheritance and his father, Nikolas suddenly walked him and assured him that he hasn't. Spencer was shocked and he was happy to see that his father was alive and he hugged him.

After their embrace, Spencer asked where he's been for three years. Nikolas confessed that he stayed away so he could strategize a way to take back their inheritance and destroy Valentin. Spencer grew angry since he willingly stayed away. Spencer ranted about how he hated Valentin for "killing" him but now he hates Nikolas for staying away.

While Nikolas went to get some air, Ava suggested to Spencer for him to let go of his anger and let his father love him again. When Nikolas came back, he pleaded for Spencer to let him make everything up to him but Spencer cried that he was alone for three years. Spencer said that Nikolas was just as heartless as Valentin before telling him to stay away from him. Spencer then stormed off, leaving Nikolas devastated.

On May 4, Spencer sent Nikolas a letter which contained an ultimatum. Spencer promised to let Nikolas back into his life if he divorced Ava. Nikolas desperately wanted to reconnect with Spencer, but he didn't want to risk losing the Cassadine fortune. Eventually, Nikolas called Spencer to let him know the answer to his ultimatum.

On August 13, it was revealed that Spencer forgave Nikolas and that the two of them were conspiring to make Ava feel so guilty that she'll divorce Nikolas without taking the Cassadine fortune. Their scheme was blown out of the water by Lulu when Ava overheard her spilling the news of Nikolas' scheme to her boyfriend, Dustin Phillips.

On February 19, 2021, Ava received an encased roach as a Valentine's Day gift while at the PC Grill with Nikolas. He claims that is not the present he got for her.

On February 22, Ava receives Nikolas' gift, a bracelet, and asks the waiter who brought other gift. The waiter later tells her that the gift was already there when his manager came to work along with a note addressed to "Mrs. Cassadine". Ava immediately suspects Ryan and calls Jordan. She says she has not gotten a call about Ryan so he should still be paralyzed in the facility he was sent to.

On April 5, Nikolas says that Spencer is going to graduate soon.

On April 6, Ava was sent a prosthetic hand with a note that sounded to be from Ryan Chamberlain.

On June 8, a photo of Nik and Ava is found stuck on a door at Wyndemere with a knife. Nikolas recognizes the knife as one of his. There is a note on the backside which threatens Nikolas and Ava by mentioning "Nurse Ingles"' head being cut off.

On June 21, Avery finds a stuffed bear inside Nikolas' Metro Court suite that has Ryan's voice saying "I can't wait to be a family." Dante takes the bear as evidence.

Trina runs into masked Spencer (2021)

On July 1, Spencer breaks into the Jerome Gallery while wearing a mask. Nikolas has an alert that tells him about the break-in. Trina later runs into Nikolas in the gallery and pepper sprays him in the face. She apologizes once she realizes it is him and comments that she used all of the spray on him.

Later Spencer creeps around the gallery and Trina runs into him. She tries to spray him but the pepper spray is empty. She throws a remote at his head and sets off Spencer's trap.

Spencer goes to Trina's graduation party at The Savoy, entering the back way and scaring Trina. They talk and flirt, with Spencer complimenting her, calling her "badass" and claiming his name is Victor and that he's a barback at the nightclub. When he is alone, Spencer looks at a picture of Laura, Nikolas, and himself. He calls Nikolas "father" which confirms Spencer's identity.

Trina runs into Spencer at Pier 54 (2021)

Later Trina runs into Spencer who is wearing only shorts and sunbathing on Pier 54. She was looking for a place to watch the fireworks. He assumes she was searching for him and suggests they wear their birthday suits. Trina offers to take him to the park instead.

At the park, Trina says she can introduce "Victor" to Cameron and Josslyn. Spencer says he is thirsty and goes to grab some bottled waters. He never shows up and Cameron tells Trina she may not want to be friends with someone who is playing games. Trina leaves to watch the fireworks with her mom as Spencer spies on her from the bushes.

Spencer later apologizes to Trina about not showing up and gives her a water bottle. They talk about art and he says he lives in a studio in an expensive part of town. He tells her his mother died and he has been in Europe. Portia shows up and Spencer turns down an offer to have dinner with the Robinsons. Later Spencer goes to Mike Corbin's grave.

On March 25, 2022, newly released from Spring Ridge, fresh off fighting with Esme, and having seen Esme's pregnancy test kit, Spencer confides in Cameron that they broke up, she might be pregnant, and he doesn't want to be stuck with her the rest of his life.

Crimes Committed

  • Ran away to push his dad and Britt back together [Jul 17-Aug 5, 2014]
  • Assault; twisted Franco's arm [Aug 1, 2014]
  • Truancy; skipped school with Emma Scorpio-Drake [Nov 21, 2014]
  • Broke into his father's safe and took Jason Morgan's ring to give to Emma [Apr 2015]
  • Assault; dropped sand bags on the stage at the Nurses' Ball during Cameron and Emma's tango [May 4, 2015]
  • Obstruction of justice; knew that his father was alive and kept quiet about it [Jun-Jul 2016]
  • Ran away from boarding school and back to Port Charles [revealed Jun 6, 2017]
  • Fraud; texted his boarding school pretending to be his grandmother [revealed Jun 6, 2017]
  • Assault; threw ice cream in Cameron's face following an argument over Emma [Jun 7, 2017]
  • Destruction of property and assault; made a mess in the coffee kiosk by engaging in a food fight with Cameron [Jun 7, 2017]
  • Asked Sonny to kill Valentin Cassadine [Jun 28, 2017]
  • Tampered with election machines [Nov 5, 2018]
  • Terrorized and stalked Ava Jerome by sending her creepy gifts and messages in order to break her and his father, Nikolas up (with the help of Esme Prince) [Feb 19-Oct 1, 2021; revealed on Jul 1, 2021; Esme's involvement revealed on Aug 19, 2021; arrested on Oct 11, 2021; released on bail on Oct 22, 2021; changed his plea to guilty on Dec 23, 2021; sentenced to 30 days in Spring Ridge, 500 hours of community service and making restitution to Ava as a result; reported to Spring Ridge on Feb 3, 2022; released from Spring Ridge on Mar 23, 2022]
  • Broke into the Jerome Gallery and rigged the sprinkler system to cover Ava in fake blood, but Trina Robinson accidentally set the trap on herself instead [Jul 1-2, 2021; arrested on Oct 11, 2021; released on bail on Oct 22, 2021; changed his plea to guilty on Dec 23, 2021; sentenced to 30 days in Spring Ridge, 500 hours of community service and making restitution to Ava as a result; reported to Spring Ridge on Feb 3, 2022; released from Spring Ridge on Mar 23, 2022]
  • Disposed of his shoes covered in fake blood after hearing that the police had a lead through them [Jul 13, 2021]
  • Briefly escaped from Spring Ridge to visit his mother’s grave with help from his great-great uncle, Victor Cassadine [Mar 4-7, 2022; Spencer returned to Spring Ridge]
  • Slapped Rory Cabrera [Apr 20, 2022; arrested]

Health and Vitals

  • Born severely premature via C-section during the encephalitis plague [Feb 2006]
  • Wasn't breathing when he was born (was placed on a ventilator) [Feb 2006]
  • Kidnapped by Colleen McHenry [Dec 22, 2006-Jan 12, 2007]
  • Kidnapped by his great-grandmother, Helena Cassadine [Jan 12, 2007-Jan 25, 2007]
  • Threatened by Luke Spencer [Feb 5, 2015]
  • Trapped in a flame-engulfed building [Feb 23-24, 2015]
  • Rendered unconscious in the fire [Feb 24, 2015]
  • Suffered from smoke inhalation in the fire [revealed Feb 25, 2015]
  • Suffered a small burn to his cheek in the fire [revealed Feb 25, 2015]
  • Suffered severe burns to the right side of his body in the fire [revealed Feb 25, 2015]
  • Was almost kidnapped and killed by his great-uncle, Valentin Cassadine [Aug 4-5, 2016; saved by his uncle, Sonny Corinthos]
  • Had food and other objects thrown at him by Cameron as he and Cameron were engaged in a food fight [Jun 7, 2017]
  • Kidnapped by Garvey [Jul 17-25, 2017]
  • Fell while trying to escape [Jul 18, 2017]
  • Broke both of his legs in a skiing accident[36] [revealed Jan 19, 2018]
  • Having tabs kept on him by his great-uncle, Martin Grey under the orders of Valentin (his other great-uncle) [Nov 27, 2019-present]
  • Manipulated into stalking and terrorizing his step-mother, Ava Jerome by Esme Prince under Ryan Chamberlain’s orders [Feb 19-Oct 1, 2021; revealed on Mar 9, 2022]
  • Had tabs kept on him by his great-uncle, Cyrus Renault [revealed May 3-Jun 16, 2021]
  • Hit in the head with a remote Trina Robinson threw at him [Jul 2, 2021]
  • Pushed into the Metro Court pool twice by Josslyn Jacks [Jul 20 & 27, 2021]
  • Terrorized at his party by his father, Nikolas Cassadine [Aug 16-17, 2021]
  • Grabbed and then fake stabbed with a prop knife by Nikolas [Aug 17, 2021]
  • Scalded his hand making espresso shots [revealed Oct 28, 2021]
  • Shoved to the ground by Trina [Mar 7, 2022]
  • Punched by Cameron Webber [Apr 20, 2022]

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Tony Cassadine (Mikkos & Victor's sibling)
Dimitri Cassadine, Petros Cassadine (Mikkos & Victor's cousins)
Irina Cassadine (Mikkos' stepchild)
Kiki Jerome, Avery Jerome-Corinthos (Nikolas' stepchildren)
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Corinthos family

Corinthos Profile 2020n.jpg
Mike Corbin
Gladys Corbin
(Mike's cousin)
Sonny Corinthos
(widowed from Lily Rivera and Claudia Zacchara)
Brando Corbin
(married to Sasha Gilmore)
Juan Santiago · Johnny Zacchara (Sonny's stepchildren)
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Grey family

Grey Profile 2022.jpg
Gordon Grey (married to Florence Chamberlain)
Martin Grey
Cyrus Renault
Laura Webber (married to Kevin Collins)
Nikolas Cassadine
(married to Ava Jerome)
Lucky Spencer
(widowed from Siobhan McKenna)
Lulu Spencer
Spencer Cassadine
Cameron Webber
Jake Spencer
Aiden Spencer
Charlotte Cassadine
Rocco Falconeri
Livvie Locke (Laura's stepchild)
Kiki Jerome, Avery Jerome-Corinthos (Nikolas' stepchildren)
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Jerome family

Victor Jerome
Evan Jerome
(married to Veronica Jerome)
Julian Jerome
(widowed from Nelle Benson)
Ava Jerome
(married to Nikolas Cassadine)
Evan Jerome, Jr.
Sam McCall
Lucas Jones
Andy Nero
Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos (Julian's stepchild)
Spencer Cassadine (Ava's stepchild)
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Romanov family

Romanov Profile 2020.png
Basil Romanov (married to Agatha Romanov)
Helena Romanov (widowed from Mikkos Cassadine)
Stavros Cassadine
Stefan Cassadine
Valentin Cassadine
Irina Cassadine
Nikolas Cassadine
(married to Ava Jerome)
Spencer Cassadine
Alexis Davis, Kristina Cassadine (Helena's stepchildren)
Kiki Jerome, Avery Jerome-Corinthos (Nikolas' stepchildren)
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Webber family

Webber family MemorialIcon 2021.jpg
Rick Webber (married to Lesley Webber)
Jeff Webber (Rick and Terri's legal brother;
married to Carolyn Webber)
Laura Webber (married to Kevin Collins)
Mike Webber
Webber Jr.
Elizabeth Webber
(widowed from Franco Baldwin)
Hayden Barnes
Nikolas Cassadine
(married to Ava Jerome)
Lucky Spencer
(widowed from Siobhan McKenna)
Livvie Locke (Laura's stepchild)
Kiki Jerome, Avery Jerome-Corinthos (Nikolas' stepchildren)
Terri Webber (Rick's sister, Jeff's legal sister)
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