Patricia, Bobbie and Luke.
General Hospital
Place(s) of Origin Port Charles, New York
Jacksonville, Florida
Years in PC pre 1963, 1977-present
Current region Port Charles, New York
(Bobbie, Lulu, Carly, Lucas, Cameron, Jake, Aiden, Rocco, Charlotte, Michael, Josslyn, Valerie)
Ethnicity American
Australian (Ethan, Josslyn)
English (Ethan, Jake, Michael)
Greek (Morgan, Rocco)
Cuban (Morgan, Rocco)
Italian (Rocco)
African-American (Valerie)
Notable members Tim Spencer, Lena Spencer, Ruby Anderson, Pat Spencer, Luke Spencer, Bobbie Spencer, Lucky Spencer, Ethan Lovett, Lulu Spencer-Falconeri, Dante Falconeri, Carly Corinthos, Sonny Corinthos, B.J. Jones, Lucas Jones, Valerie Spencer, Cameron Webber, Jake Spencer, Aiden Spencer, Rocco Falconeri, Charlotte Cassadine, Michael Corinthos, Morgan Corinthos, Josslyn Jacks
Connected families Baldwin, Cassadine, Corinthos, Falconeri, Hardy, Eckert, Jacks, Jerome, Jones, Morgan, Quartermaine, Scorpio, Ward, Webber, Westbourne
Known for Stopping the Cassadines from freezing the world, running cons, alcoholism, Kelly's
The Spencer House
Spencer house
Estate Information
Purchased Purchased former Ward family home on December 8, 1993
Destroyed Intentionally burned down by Lucky Spencer on June 16, 2011
Address 24 Royal Street
Port Charles, New York
The Spencers are a fictional family on the American soap opera General Hospital. Supercouple Luke and Laura Spencer are part of this family.

Family history


Patricia,[1] Luke and Bobbie Spencer were born in Port Charles. Their father, Tim, was an alcoholic and abuser. Their mother, Lena Eckert Spencer was said to have died of a burst appendix, caused from beatings by her husband. Tim was then believed to have taken off when Luke was 7 years old, and Bobbie 3.[2] However it was revealed Luke accidently killed his mother as a teen while defending her from his father. Traumatized by the ordeal Luke also murdered his father out of rage. Patricia, wanting to protect her family sent Bobbie and Luke to live with Tim's sister, Ruby Anderson who ran a bordello in Jacksonville, Florida.[3] After which Patricia decided to take off and her whereabouts weren’t mentioned for decades. As teenagers, Ruby had Luke hustle customers, and Bobbie turn tricks. During this time, Bobbie got pregnant, at the age of 16, and gave her daughter up for adoption.

Life back in Port Charles


Bobbie returned to town in 1977 as a former prostitute turned nurse and a received position at General Hospital. Luke arrived the following year and was followed by their Aunt Ruby who moved to Port Charles wanting to be near her niece and nephew. Ruby became the owner and manager of Kelly's Diner and held the position for over a decade.

After two failed marriages, Bobbie found some stability when she married Tony Jones in 1989 and adopted his daughter B.J. Jones. [4] Tony and Bobbie eventually adopted a son of their own, Lucas Jones, whom Bobbie named after Luke. In 1994, B.J was left brain dead in a school van accident and her cousin Maxie Jones, who needed a transplant, received her heart. This left Maxie, Frisco and Felicia forever grateful to Tony and Bobbie, however Tony and Bobbie's already failing marriage is only further torn apart by B.J’s death.

In 1996, Bobbie's daughter, Carly Benson, whom she had while she was a prostitute, arrived in town. Carly was angry with Bobbie for having given her up for adoption. As a result she slept with Tony who was separated from Bobbie at the time, leading them to divorce. Carly also had a one night stand with A.J. Quartermaine and became pregnant, with Tony believing he was the father. However it was ultimately proven to be biologically A.J.’s and she gave birth to her son Michael Morgan. Bobbie and Carly eventually formed a relationship with Bobbie taking on the role of supportive mother to her troubled daughter. Bobbie also reconciled with Tony and they continued to raise their son, Lucas, together as friends only.

Carly later gets involved with mob boss, Sonny Corinthos, first marrying in 2000. Sonny adopts her son Michael and they later have one of their own, Morgan Corinthos. She later found out that her biological father was not one of Bobbie's johns from her time as a prostitute, but John Durant, a man the same age as her mother for whom Bobbie actually had feelings. Sonny and Carly have now remarried and divorced over three different times. In 2007, she married Jasper Jacks and they had a daughter, named Josslyn. However, due to Carly’s continued loyalties to Sonny (and Jason), she and Jax separated in 2011, with their divorce being finalized in 2013. They now share custody of Josslyn.

On October 14, 2015, Sonny and Carly married for the fourth time.

Sadly, in 2016, their son, Morgan was killed in a car bombing.


Luke arrived in Port Charles in 1978, per Bobbie's request that he keep Laura Webber distracted from Scott Baldwin. Luke quickly became infatuated with Laura and after she finally returned his feelings, they married on November 16, 1981. Just a few months later, Laura was presumed dead when she was kidnapped by the Cassadine family. She ultimately escaped after a year of captivity and reconciled with Luke. When Laura announced she was pregnant with their son, Lucky, in 1983, they left town, going on the run from mob boss Frank Smith whom they sent to jail.

In 1993, Lucky arrived in Port Charles as teen having been sent by Luke and Laura who spent years on the run from Smith. Luke and Laura ultimately followed and bought the Spencer estate, settling in Port Charles once more. Just a year after their return Laura announced she was pregnant again and gave birth to their daughter, Lesley Lu whom Laura named after her mother.

In 1996, Nikolas Cassadine came to town and it was revealed that he was Laura's son from when she had been held captive by Stavros Cassadine. Luke and Lucky wanted nothing to do with Nikolas; however Lucky grew closer to his older brother while Luke eventually came to accept him as part of the family. The Spencers were heartbroken in 1998, when Ruby died in her sleep, after the actress who played her passed away. Following Ruby's passing Bobbie and Luke inherited Kelly's making it a family owned business.

Luke and Laura separated when Luke learned she and Stefan Cassadine were lovers during her captivity years ago. Their marriage was further strained when Lucky appears to die in a fire in 1999. He returned a year later, having been held captive and brainwashed by Helena Cassadine. Lucky managed in time to overcome his mind control with the help of Elizabeth Webber. Luke and Laura finalized their divorce in 2001; however they quickly became engaged again in 2002 when tragedy struck. After a series of unfortunate events, Laura suffers a nervous breakdown when she mistakenly believed she murdered her stepfather Rick Webber. The family was forced to have her committed to Shadybrook Sanitarium. All of the Spencers struggled to carry on without Laura, with Luke and Lucky’s relationship becoming strained, starting when Lucky chose to become a cop for the PCPD. Luke also took a less active role in parenting Lulu, leaving her a bitter teenager. In 2005, Luke married Tracy Quartermaine for her money and when the two actually fell in love Luke remarried Tracy in a formal ceremony. Tracy also became a stepmother to Lulu, raising her with the Quartermaines while Luke frequently left town.

Lucky married the love of his life Elizabeth Webber on October 31, 2005, and also adopted her sonCameron. A few months later, Nikolas's late fiancée Courtney Matthews gives birth to their son, whom Nikolas names Spencer, in honor of his brother and sister. The same year, Elizabeth discovered Lucky was having an affair, as a result she herself had a one night stand leaving her pregnant. They filed for divorced and Elizabeth gave birth to her second son Jake Spencer. When Lucky discovered he wasn’t the biological father of Jake he decided to adopt him, after it became clear Jake’s father couldn’t be a part in his life.

Laura came out of her catatonia for good in 2008, and after reconciling with her family she left town for further treatment in Paris, France. In 2009, Luke's former lover Holly Sutton returned to town and revealed that con man, Ethan Lovett is their son together, born between Lucky and Lulu. Lucky was especially angry to learn his father cheated on Laura, but overtime welcomed Ethan into the family fold.

When Elizabeth had an affair with Nikolas, she became pregnant, and the child was believed to be his, tearing a rift between Lucky and his brother. Elizabeth named him Aiden Spencer, and a few months after he was born it was proven to be biologically Lucky’s making it his third child with Elizabeth. In 2011, Another tragedy hit the Spencer family when Jake was presumed dead after a hit and run by Luke, who drove while intoxicated. This nearly destroyed Luke and Lucky’s relationship. Lucky later married Siobhan McKenna in early May of that year. However this was short lived as Siobhan was murdered just a few months later. Devastated by his continued losses Lucky then decided to leave Port Charles. Tracy eventually became fed up with Luke and divorced him, while Lulu married her boyfriend of 2 1/2 years, Dante Falconeri on December 23, 2011. Together they now have a son named Rocco, who was born in 2013.

In 2015, when Luke splintered into Fluke, Patricia was tracked down in an effort bring the deadly secret concerning Luke’s parents to light. The reunion was short lived as Patricia died from heart failure just a few hours later leaving her daughter Valerie Spencer to settle in Port Charles with her new family.

Two months later, Laura returned home when Lucky was said to have been kidnapped. Lucky managed to escape however, and revealed that Jake was alive, being held captive by Helena on Cassadine Island. After Luke, Laura and Lucky rescue Jake and return him home, Luke decided to leave Port Charles once and for all.

In early 2016, Dante and Lulu decide to divorce but manage to reconcile and remarry in November of that year. The Spencer family also discovered they had a new member when Valentin Cassadine reveals he and Lulu share a daughter Charlotte Cassadine via IVF, who was born in 2009.

Spencer family tree


1. Unknown male Spencer
   Unknown female 
   2. Tim Spencer (died 1963)
      Lena Eckert (died 1963)
      3. Pat Spencer (died 2015)
         Unknown man
         4. Valerie Spencer
      3. Luke Spencer (c1948-present)
         Holly Sutton
         4. Unnamed child (1983; miscarriage)
         Laura Webber (1961-present)
         4. Lucky Spencer (1979-present)
            Elizabeth Webber (1981-present)
            5. Cameron Webber (2003-present) (adopted by Lucky)
            5. Jake Spencer (2007-present) (legal son of Lucky)
            5. Aiden Spencer (2010-present)
         Holly Sutton
         4. Ethan Lovett (1987-present)
         Laura Webber (1961-present)
         4. Lulu Spencer (1988-present)
            Dillon Quartermaine (1988-present)
            5. Unnamed child (2006; abortion)
            Valentin Cassadine (1976-present)
            5. Charlotte Cassadine (2009-present) (carried by Claudette)
            Dante Falconeri (1985-present)
            5. Unnamed child (2012; miscarriage)
            5. Unnamed child (2012; miscarriage) (carried by Maxie)
            5. Rocco Falconeri (2013-present) (carried by Britt)
      3. Bobbie Spencer (1957-present)
         John Durant (c1957-2006)
         4. Carly Benson (1973-present)
            A.J. Quartermaine (1972-2014)
            5. Michael Corinthos (1992-present)
            Sonny Corinthos (1969-present)
            5. Unnamed son (2000; miscarriage)
            5. Morgan Corinthos (1994-2016)
            Jasper Jacks
            5. Unnamed child (2008; miscarriage)
            5. Josslyn Jacks (2002-present)
         D.L. Brock (died 1985)
         4. Unnamed child (1983; miscarriage)
         Tony Jones (1952-2006)
         4. B.J. Jones (1986-1994) (adopted by Bobbie)
         4. Lucas Jones (1987-present) (adopted)
   2. Ruby Spencer (died 1998)


Dashed line denotes an adopted child

Rocco Falconeri

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  2. They were originally said to be this age when their mother died, but Bobbie's age has subsequently been changed.
  3. History of the Spencers:
  4. Lucas' christening, when Tony proposes to Bobbie:

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