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Spring Ridge Correctional Center is a minimum security prison located just outside of Port Charles. It focuses primarily on restitution and rehabilitation.

Spring Ridge logo (2021)


On July 20, 2021, Jordan Ashford tells Alexis Davis she will not be going back to Pentonville Penitentiary and will instead go to Spring Ridge. It is close to Port Charles, just outside city limits, with a low prison population housing non-violent inmates.

Alexis is familiar with the facility as she has advocated for her clients to be sent there. Alexis says she will have lots of opportunity to volunteer there. Shawn Butler mentions that the inmates at Pentonville refer to Spring Ridge as a spa with guards. Sam is happy for her mother's new sentence, mentioning that it will have vocational training, therapy, and anonymous meetings.

On July 23, Jordan takes Alexis to the facility and shows her around. Alexis sees that Ryan Chamberlain is also staying at Spring Ridge.

On July 8, it's revealed that Harmony Miller got a job as a health aide at Spring Ridge, and personally sees to the locked-in Ryan Chamberlain.

On October 1, Ava, saying "goodbye" to Ryan, ran into Esme. Esme claimed to have interest in interning there, as she is auditing psychology courses at PCU.

On November 8, Diana and Sam visit Alexis, to tell her she's been officially released.

On Christmas Day (shown on December 22), Victor Cassadine arranged a deal for his great-great-nephew, Spencer Cassadine, who is currently facing legal troubles over stalking his step-mother, Ava Jerome. If Spencer changed his plea to guilty, all he would have to do is spend 30 days in Spring Ridge, do 500 hours of community service and make restitution to Ava. The next day, Spencer signed the paperwork to change his plea to guilty.