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Stephen Clay and Livvie Locke-Clay are fictional characters and a former fictional couple on the ABC daytime soap opera, Port Charles. Caleb also appeared on General Hospital and Livvie was mentioned on the soap.


Then known as "Caleb", he is from a long line of vampires from Transylvania. He fell in love with a woman named Olivia, who also fell in love with him. When Olivia found out that Caleb was a vampire and he wanted her to become one too when they got married, she left him. Caleb then killed her, but didn't take her blood. He was still obsessed with her however.

Caleb has a kinder, gentler personality, Michael, who is manifested to try to suppress Caleb's evilness. Michael poses as a priest, and lives in an abandoned monastery in the woods. He meets Eve Lambert, who lives in a nearby cabin, and they become friends. The Caleb personality, however, comes out and Eve stumbles upon him. Caleb takes Eve hostage, but Michael then takes over again and frees her. Michael tells Eve that he and Caleb are twins, and that Caleb is evil and dangerous and needs to be locked up. Eve believes him.

Later, Michael married Eve and her boyfriend Ian Thornhart, and Eve invites him to stay with them. Ian gets suspicious that Michael is in love with Eve and just won't admit it because he's a priest. Ian then learns about Caleb and tells Michael to stay away from his wife. Michael starts having trouble staying in control. Caleb knows that Michael is in love with Eve, so Michael gives Eve a necklace that will protect her from Caleb. Soon, Michael's actions start to worry Eve, so she gets her ex-husband, psychiatrist Kevin Collins, to help her. Eve and Kevin then figure out that Michael and Caleb are not twins, but the same person.

Caleb sees a young girl in the woods with her boyfriend and is captivated by her. After a motorcycle crash, the boyfriend, Jack Ramsey, is near death and Caleb finishes him off, making him one of the undead, although he didn't know it. Caleb then meets the girl, Livvie Locke, in an alley and exerts a hypnotic, erotic influence over her. He convinces her to abandon everyone she loves and spend the rest of her life with him. Caleb then plans to kidnap Eve and Ian's son at birth. Livvie's loved ones figure out what is happening; and at the hospital, Caleb plays with everyone's minds and tries to kill them. Lucy Coe, a vampire slayer, tries to kill Caleb. Caleb and Livvie are on the hospital roof, and the Michael personality causes a lightning bolt to come down and hit Caleb, turning him to ash. Caleb's spirit, however, lingered.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Caleb had planted seeds of doubt and insecurity in all the couples. These seeds grow each week, every time they give into arguing, casting blame or throwing around accusations. Caleb has power over Livvie, and she is controlling all of this, getting in between couples. Caleb then forces her to kill Lucy. Caleb returns in the flesh and gathered everyone he hates together, planning to kill them. However, it's revealed that Livvie and Lucy have faked her death and are working together to take down Caleb. Livvie has broken through his hold over her and drives a stake through Caleb's heart. Though Caleb was killed, he was brought back from the dead. This occurred because Rafe had returned and a balance was needed. Under the name of Stephen Clay he started a rock band and reappeared at a televised concert. Over time he and Livvie married only for her to learn he got Alison Barrington pregnant because of a wish she made.

Lucy Coe arrived in Port Charles in January 2013, and encountered John McBain, whom she mistook for Caleb. At the time, he was hanging out with Sam Morgan, and Lucy mistakes her for Livvie. However, they don't know who she is, and try and walk away. But Lucy stabs John later, thinking she's killing Caleb, to protect "Livvie." She ends up getting arrested and sent to Ferncliff Asylum, after being declared insane.

Alison later arrives with her teenage son Rafe Kovich Jr. She ends up dead by the silver arrow/spear that she gave to Rafe. John McBain arrives on the scene and takes Rafe to the PCPD. Rafe is processed and booked. Rafe says he did not kill his mother and initially points to McBain as the murderer when Police Commissioner Anna Devane asks who killed his mother. The murder weapon is tested for fingerprints and the results show that Alison, Rafe, and "John's" prints are on the murder weapon. 

John McBain starts to warm up to the possible idea that there might be someone that looks like him and decides to work with Rafe to possibly find out who could be the true killer. At the same time, Caleb is shown returning to the crime scene. Lucy escapes Ferncliff with Todd Manning and Heather Webber and goes to Wyndemere. Todd and Heather soon after head out after convincing Lucy to take a nap. Lucy is awoken by Caleb, which possibly could be a dream. Caleb goes to the jail cell that Rafe is being held in and takes him, with some help with a guard, to the crime scene.  Caleb decides to re-construct the crime in order to kill the guard. He tries to disappear with his son afterwards, but Rafe refuses to go anywhere and escapes.

Caleb goes to Port Charles University and kills Professor Jay Mosser because he gave information about Caleb's ring to John McBain. Caleb is about to leave, but Sam shows up outside the office, and tries to get in. Caleb realizes who she is, and decides to wait for her to come in. But when Mosser's assistant shows up, Caleb escapes through the window. Caleb then heads to the Pier and finds Heather with Danny Morgan. Heather mistakes him for John. Caleb realizes that Danny is Sam's son, while Heather claims Danny is hers. Caleb plans to use Danny to get Sam, and chokes Heather to that end. He then throws Heather into the water, and tries to leave with Danny. But Todd shows up and stops him, believing him to be John, as well. Caleb tells him to leave, but Todd refuses. The police show up, and Caleb escapes. 

Anna and Sam arrive and Sam gets Danny back. Anna arrests Todd, who proclaims his innocence. After the police leave, Sam is left alone with Danny. Caleb approaches her, and tries to pass himself off as John. But Sam calls his bluff, telling him she knows he's actually Caleb, and to leave her alone. But Caleb insists they're meant to be together, and traps Sam and Danny. John, Lucy, and Rafe escape the PCPD with help from Molly Lansing-Davis and goes to PCU for information. In a backstory of what happened to "Stephen Clay", McBain tells the story how Caleb/Stephen Clay was a musician with a vampire stage persona. Caleb's wife Livvie Locke died and Caleb became deranged. Clay was then institutionalized after committing seven murders and vowed to reunite with Livvie (Sam Morgan's look-alike).

Caleb (John McBain's look-alike) takes Sam and Danny to Wyndemere where he has Sam on the couch and Danny in the stroller. Lucy, John, and Rafe arrived at Wyndemere where Lucy blows their cover. Caleb takes Sam into the closet and then eventually into the tunnels underneath the mansion. Rafe takes Danny and John & Lucy go in search of Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay. John finds Caleb that has Sam on a bed-shape table. He has bitten Sam three times which Caleb has stated is required to refreshen Sam's memory. Caleb ties John up and had Lucy by the throat, but Sam distracts him by stating his name. John wrestles him for the silver arrow and eventually stabs Caleb with it. There was no pulse on Caleb and McBain revealed that there was fake teeth when he took them off of Caleb's mouth. McBain takes Sam upstairs to the living room. Lucy stays, wonders why Caleb is dead, and then starts to leave; Caleb's ring glows.

Lucy, John, and Rafe go back to the PCPD and are later released when Mayor Lomax and the DA decide to give the three a heroic feeling and tell the media that they were acting in accordance with the Police Department. Lucy and Anna go to check on the body to make sure that he is indeed dead.  They both conclude that he is dead. However, after Lucy and Anna leave, Caleb's body on the table is shown as the medical examiner (who resembles Caleb) takes Caleb's ring off his finger, puts it on, and it's revealed that the body was none other than the medical examiner, while Caleb is revealed to still be alive walks away.