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Dr. Steve Webber and Olivia Falconeri are fictional characters and a former fictional couple on soap opera General Hospital.


Born in 1977, the character of Steve Webber has only been portrayed by three actors. He was portrayed by Martin Hewitt when the character first appeared on the show at the age of two.

In September 2004, the character returned being portrayed by Shaun Benson. Steven was written off canvas in May of 2005.

In late 2009, Scott Reeves was cast in the role, with Steve initially on recurring status as the head of the ER trauma unit at General Hospital.[2] He made his first appearance on December 9, 2009.

In February 2010, Reeves' status was upgraded to contract.[3][4] He made his last appearance on March 5, 2013.[5]

The role of Olivia Falconeri was originated by Lisa LoCicero on September 19, 2008 on a recurring basis.

It was announced on July 1, 2009, that LoCicero was put on contract with the series,[6] just a month before her onscreen cousin Megan Ward was dropped to recurring status.[7]

She went on maternity leave on June 4, 2015 and returned on August 14, 2015.

As of August 5, 2016, LoCicero was discreetly dropped to recurring status.[8] Despite her change in status, LoLicero has remained in the opening credits ever since, a status exclusive to contract cast members.


Steve's parents are Jeff Webber and Heather Grant. His paternal grandfather is General Hospital's former chief of staff and one of the show's original characters, Steve Hardy. He was named after Steve Hardy and Lars Webber.

Olivia Falconeri grew up in a large Italian family in Bensonhurst, New York. She was very close with her cousin, Connie when they were growing up until Connie left town for college and changed her name, abandoning their family, including Olivia.


The love story between Steve and Olivia began with the General Hospital ski trip. When the bus going to the ski resort crashes, both Steven and Cameron Webber are okay, but Olivia is badly injured. Steve stays with her and keeps her alive while they are awaiting rescue. She tells Steve that if she doesn't make it, he has to tell Dante that she loves him. Olivia is admitted to the hospital in critical condition, and recovers.

After the ordeal, Steve and Olivia bond and get closer. They begin to date, often having dinner at Olivia's loft and meeting up at Jake's to have some drinks and spend time together. In February, they attended the wedding of Sonny Corinthos and Brenda Barrett together and in May they made love for the first time.

Olivia starts to learn more about Steve's past and inquires about his time working at a hospital in Memphis and why he left. Steve avoids answering her question and changes the subject. Olivia seems suspicious, but doesn't question him any further. Over time, Steve is still shown to avoid talking about Memphis. In late September, during a picnic on the roof of the hospital Olivia mentions Memphis again, and Steve tries to avoid the question.

Olivia tells Steve that she doesn't want any secrets between them and asks him to tell her what happened in Memphis. Steve says that his time in Memphis was totally normal and that he isn't keeping any secrets from Olivia. Olivia's suspicions over Memphis grow when Steve's old girlfriend from Memphis Maggie Wurth arrives in town and they appear to have a secret between them.

In October, Steven and Olivia attend a congratulatory party that Patrick and Robin throw for Matt Hunter for his research getting published. The party is on a boat, and unbeknownst to everyone, Anthony Zacchara has given Lisa Niles a drug to wake her up from the coma she's been in, and she too boards the boat. Lisa terrorizes everyone on board, and then winds up dead. Everyone on the boat is a suspect. Steven appears with a scratched up face and is acting oddly. The investigation goes on for months and eventually the First Mate of the boat, Briggs, confesses, then supposedly commits suicide. However, Maxie had asked Anthony to take care of the murder investigation because she believes that Matt was the one who killed Lisa.

On November 3, Olivia almost faints and Lulu Spencer asks her if she might be pregnant and she denies it. She leaves Kristina's going away party so that she can rest and goes home. While at home, Olivia takes a pregnancy test believing that she may be pregnant with Steve's child. However before she can take the test, Steve comes over to check on her so she quickly hides it.

Olivia decided to cook dinner for Steve and while she left to go prepare, Steve found her pregnancy test, but does not confront her about it, instead he puts it back where he found it and makes up an excuse to leave and not stay for dinner. Olivia, unaware that Steve saw the test, thinks nothing of it. After Steve left, Olivia takes the test and right as she is about to look at the results, Sonny arrives interrupting her. Olivia later took the test and discovered that she wasn't pregnant. When Steve confronted her at the hospital about finding the test, she told him that she was not pregnant.

Steve recommends Maggie be hired for the open pediatrician position at the hospital. Maggie begins flirting with Steve and they reminisce about their time in Memphis. This makes Olivia jealous and nervous that she is trying to take Steve from her. It is revealed that Steve and Maggie's secret is why he wanted her to come to town, so that he could keep an eye on her.

Gradually, it's revealed that their secret is that they were involved in a suspicious death, possibly murder, at the hospital in Memphis. Later, Steve tells Maggie that he has learned that the investigation into the death is being reopened. Olivia confronts them on several occasions and they insist that nothing is going on.

In February, Olivia accompanies Steve to a Pulmonary Research benefit at the Metro Court Hotel. After seeing Steve and Maggie whispering again, she blows up at them and demands to know what was going on. Maggie blurts out that they are having an affair, and Olivia grows angry but hardly has time to react as Sonny is shot. Kate begins to breakdown over Sonny's shooting and Olivia leaves with Kate to comfort her.

Olivia later runs into Steve and Maggie at the hospital again and Steve finally comes clean with her. He tells Olivia that he and Maggie are not having an affair and takes her into a conference room to finally tell her the truth. Steve admits that he killed one of his patients in Memphis deliberately. His patient - a prisoner with a life sentence was in an irreversible coma. Maggie's patient a young fourteen year old girl was in need of a heart transplant.

Steve's patient's heart was a match to Maggie's patient so Steve killed his patient deliberately in order to give the prisoner's heart to the young girl. Olivia has a hard time accepting this and felt that it wasn't Steve's call to decide who lives and who dies.

In April 2012, Olivia and Steve continue to grow closer in their relationship. When Steve's scheming mother, Heather Webber, returns to town, Olivia instantly meets her at Steve's apartment. Heather isn't aware of the woman knowing her son and tries to stop Olivia from coming in. Steve stops Heather and introduces her to Olivia. After Steve leaves, Heather makes snide remarks and attempts to offer her some of her famous sweet tea.

Olivia is suspicious of Heather, and continually tries to warn Steve about his mother. Steve believes that Heather is cured, and says he wants to believe the best of her. When Heather steals Olivia's car and disappears in the middle of the night, Olivia decides to hire Damian Spinelli, a private investigator, to look into Heather's actions. Heather continues to lie about everything she's done and eventually Olivia goes to her son, Detective Dante Falconeri to help investigate Heather.

When Steve finds this out, he's angry that Olivia went behind his back, and tells her that he thinks they should take a break from their relationship. Olivia tells Steve she loves him and he confesses his love for her too, but can't let go of his loyalty to his mother. When Heather injects Olivia with LSD, sending her into hallucinations, and causing her to hold a knife to her throat, Steve is by her side, and promises to send Heather back to Ferncliff where she will not hurt Olivia again. He is able to talk Olivia down from killing herself and supports her while she deals with the afterwards side-effects from being injected, which includes a stream of hallucinations and visions.

On January 4, Steve and Olivia make love and afterward Steve proposes to Olivia and she happily accepts. Olivia has a hallucination that Steve would be stabbed and Elizabeth Webber tries to prevent this by poking him with a pen. Heather turns up alive and tries to kill Olivia. Olivia is kidnapped and held hostage with a knife. When Steve rescues Olivia, Heather stabs her son, and later turns herself in. Steve is rushed to the hospital and survives the stabbing.

Olivia, overcome with emotion, demands that they wed now. Olivia gets Maxie Jones to plan an eloped wedding in the General Hospital ICU with Elizabeth as the maid of honor and "best man". The pastor was at the "by the power vested by ..." line when Memphis Police arrive and say that Steve is under arrest. Steve says that he will not fight the charges and go to prison.

Olivia begs Steve to finish the wedding and get married, however, he says that he will not marry her now because it would be a bad start to the marriage. Steve was later discharged from the hospital and expedited to Memphis to be sentenced for his crimes.

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