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There are different kinds of storylines on soap operas; Current Storylines, Callbacks, and Dropped Storylines.

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Here are a list of both kinds of storylines on General Hospital:

Current Storylines by Major Character

  • Alexis Davis: Dealing with Cassadine family/dating?/interested in Gregory? (Invader rivalry)
  • Anna Devane: Romance with Valentin/friendship with Liesl and Felicia/investigating Victor?/searching for mustached man (Valentin in disguise) who took the Ice Princess
  • Austin Gatlin-Holt: Austin vs. Brook Lynn and Spinelli/romance with Maxie?/bonding with Britt/helping her find a partner/ceasefire with Brook Lynn?
  • Ava Cassadine: Marriage with Nikolas (renewal postponed)/custody of Avery with Sonny/having Spencer's restitution not in gallery?/friendship with Nina and Finn/Ava vs. Carly/wants Esme out of Wyndemere/in separate bedroom than Nikolas/offered to give Spencer his trust fund back if he and Esme leave Wyndemere
  • Brando Corbin: Marriage to Sasha/dealing with son's death/staying out of the mob?/friendship with T.J. and Sonny/having Happy Marriage party?/rich/Nina warned him about Sasha/threatened Smoltz/Gladys moving in?
  • Britt Westbourne: Huntington's Disease?/co-chief of staff with Terry/grieving for Jason's presumed death/friendship with Brad and Spencer/helped Spencer identify pills (he pushed her away for her protection?)/Austin and Liesl helping her find a partner?/bonded with Drew/bonding with Carly/blackmailed by Selina to manipulate Brad into taking Selina's poker job because of something Britt and Faison did in Lisbon in 2016.
  • Brook Lynn Quartermaine: Romance with Chase (kissed)/gave Bailey back to Maxie/writing songs for Deception?/ceasefire with Austin/rich/Linc remixing her old songs
  • Carly Corinthos: Dealing with Jason's presumed death/Carly vs. Nina/bonding with Britt and Elizabeth/leaving Brad alone/doesn't want a Jason replacement/friendship with Drew? (stopped him from kissing her)/divorced Sonny/Carly vs. Esme/aware of plan to stop Victor/knows Nina is Willow’s mother and Willow was Nelle's twin and told Drew/didn’t tell Willow/Willow and Nina's DNA test is ready at GH/at Wiley's hearing
  • Curtis Ashford: At New York Methodist Hospital for Marshall/Romance with Portia/still married to Jordan reveal?/friendship with Laura/allowing Selina to have gambling in The Savoy/knows Marshall wasn’t in witness protection and was institutionalized/knows Stella and Irene knew that Marshall faked his death/knows Marshall is taking antipsychotics
  • Dante Falconeri: Romance with Sam/involved in the plan to bring down Victor/believes Trina is innocent/not happy with Sonny/looking for other robber (suspects Sonny)/investigating Harmony’s past?
  • Drew Cain: Relationship with Scout and Sam?/friendship with Curtis and Liz/relationship with Carly? (almost kissed her)/bonded with Britt/ELQ fight with Valentin?/working at Aurora/knows about Operation Demeter?/merger of ELQ and Aurora?/knows Willow and Nelle are Nina's twins/offered Ned COO position at ELQ & Aurora company
  • Elizabeth Webber-Baldwin: Romance with Finn?/Jeff called her, destroyed his picture/dealing with Jason's presumed death/moved her wedding ring, burned Franco's studio down, and shredded her wedding dress while in a trance/upset that Jake was talking to her parents secretly/bonding with Carly/tired/taking sleeping pills/committing herself to Shadybrook to protect her kids
  • Esme Prince: Working at Spring Ridge/Ryan's daughter who knows he is faking being locked-in/trying to break up Nikolas and Ava by sleeping with Nikolas under Ryan's orders/relationship not back on with Spencer yet/Esme vs. Josslyn & Trina/drugged Trina's drink reveal?/reveal that she locked Gladys and Sasha in gallery closet?/Esme vs. Victor/shared sex video of Josslyn and Cameron during class/framed Trina by making purchases with Trina's credit card on the burner phone she put in Trina's purse/reported Trina/Ava wants her out of Wyndemere/former nanny Maggie knows Ryan is Esme's father and that Esme is in Port Charles with Spencer/knows Rory shouldn’t be with Trina/caught Spencer reading Maggie's letters/updated Ryan/expelled from PCU
  • Felicia Scorpio: Interested in Austin and Maxie/marriage to Mac/investigating Victor?/wants a baby?/friendship with Nina and Anna/Esme's mother?
  • Hamilton Finn: Romance with Elizabeth?/doctor at GH/brother to Chase
  • Harrison Chase: Suspended for two more weeks on May 25 at the PCPD/romance with Brook Lynn (kissed)/involved in baseball/bonding with Leo/doesnwant to go along with Brook Lynn's plan against Linc
  • Jordan Ashford: Police commissioner at the PCPD/still married to Curtis reveal?/dealing with Curtis and Portia?/told Portia she remembers her confession about Trina's real father/investigating the Cameron and Josslyn sex tape/believes Trina is innocent/Jordan vs. Portia/investigating the gambling at The Savoy
  • Josslyn Jacks: Romance with Cameron (called a truce over him not being mad at Esme)/dealing with sex tape that was leaked by Esme/Esme vs. Josslyn/going to PCU/wants Trina and Rory together
  • Laura Collins: Marriage to Kevin/thinks Victor had to do with Luke's death/trying to reunite Nikolas and Spencer/keeping Esme away from Victor/suspicious that Victor is associating with Ava/trying to bring down Victor with others/let Eileen in on plan to investigate Luke's death/wants Nikolas to kick out Esme
  • Maxie Jones: Romance with Austin?/mother to Bailey/wants Britt to date/wants to throw Happy Marriage party for Brando and Sasha/trying to get Spinelli and Austin to get along/friends with Nina
  • Michael Corinthos: Romance with Willow (delayed proposal)/doesn't want Nina to see Wiley/served by Nina/Michael vs. Brad and Selina/dealing with Jason's presumed death/mad at Scott and Nina for involving Willow/wants to destroy Sonny for sleeping with Nina and defending her/Paris trip with Willow delayed after his arrest (can't leave town)/at Wiley's hearing
  • Nikolas Cassadine: Marriage with Ava (renewal postponed)/disowned by Spencer, trying to make up with him/keeping Esme at Wyndemere/Ava wants Esme out/in separate bedroom than Ava/aware of Esme
  • Nina Reeves: Blames Carly for death of her daughter Nelle/ONS with Sonny (relationship on hold?)/friendship with Ava and Felicia/Nina vs. Carly and Drew/Scott wants her to choose Sonny or Wiley/served Michael and Willow for Wiley visitation rights (hearing tomorrow)/reveal that Willow is her other daughter?/relationship with Sasha/warned Brando about Sasha/upset about five part article
  • Portia Robinson: Hiding that Curtis is Trina's father?/romance with Curtis/mad at Spencer and Esme/Portia vs. Jordan/friendship with Drew
  • Sam McCall: Romance with Dante/dealing with Drew being Scout's father/helping Willow find her bio mom/knows about Spencer's plan to help Trina/looking for Maggie
  • Sasha Corbin: Dealing with son's death/marriage with Brando/moving into a condo with him?/being back at Deception too soon?/dumped pills/having Happy Marriage party?/rich/close to Nina/feels guilty for killing Harmony/confronted by Gladys with drug use/Gladys moving in?
  • Sonny Corinthos: Will leave Brad alone as long as Brad stays away from Michael and Wiley/dealing with Jason and Luke's presumed deaths/wants to replace Jason (not just Brick? Hiring Dex or Brando?)/supporting Sasha and Brando through son's death/divorced Carly/ONS with Nina (relationship on hold?)/working with Selina (involved in poker games)/warned by Marshall to stay away from T.J./knows Marshall has mental condition/worried he appears weak/had Eric beaten up (other robber still missing)/Michael wants to bring him down/Dante is mad at him/Brando supports him/witness at Wiley's hearing?
  • Spencer Cassadine: Working at Kelly's/disowned Nikolas (no longer a prince or Cassadine)/still cares for Trina (staying with Esme to watch her)/doesn’t want to sleep with Esme/owes Victor?/interested in The Ice Princess/restitution for Ava at gallery/staying at Wyndemere with Esme/let Cameron and Sam in on his plan to help Trina/Sam researching Maggie for him/friendship with Britt (pushed her away for her protection?)/Spencer vs. Rory/knows Esme had Trina drugged/Ava offered to give him his trust fund back if he and Esme leave Wyndemere
  • T.J. Ashford: At NY Methodist with Molly for Marshall/doctor at GH/domestic partnership with Molly/friendship with Brando
  • Trina Robinson: Friendship with Spencer over?/drugged at cabin by Esme reveal?/Trina vs. Esme/doesn't trust Marshall/framed by Esme who reported Trina/arrested when a burner phone with purchases using Trina's credit card and the sex tape is found planted in her purse/upcoming hearing in 10 days/relationship with Rory after trial?/being expelled from PCU?
  • Willow Tait: Romance with Michael/fight with Nina for visitation rights to see Wiley?/delayed Michael's proposal/being a nursing student at GH/dealing with death of son/Paris trip with Michael delayed/reason for passing out?/still feeling tired/reveal that she is Nelle's twin and Silas and Nina's daughter?/dealing with Harmony's death and crimes/Sam helping her find out who her bio mom is/at Wiley's hearing

Minor Characters

  • Aiden Spencer: Suspects Franco's ghost is stalking Elizabeth/used Ouija board to contact him/staying with Laura
  • Amy Driscoll: Nurse at GH/wants Brad to stay out of GH/Amy vs. Terry/found out Chet is seeing Terry
  • Brad Cooper: Living with Selina/new job working as a gambling manager at The Savoy/Sonny will not retaliate as long as Brad stays away from Michael and Wiley/Brad vs. Michael, Carly, and Amy/Britt wants him to date?
  • Brick: Researching for Sonny the new threat taking over for Cyrus on the West Coast/coordinating with Spinelli on finding out who sent the sex tape/taking on more of Jason's work
  • Cameron Webber: Romance with Josslyn (truce after his defense of Esme)/dealing with sex tape aftermath/working at Kelly's/going to PCU/worried about Liz going to Shadybrook/feels guilty about Stella losing her papers/promised to keep quiet about Spencer's plan to help Trina/staying with friends at the dorms
  • Chet Driscoll: Relationship with Terry/manager at Volonino's Gym/Amy's brother
  • Damian Spinelli: Dealing with Jason's presumed death/friendship with Maxie/investigating Sonny's cabin for Carly?/coordinating with Brick on finding out who sent the sex tape?/Britt's blind date?/on same app?/created app?/dating
  • Dex: Working for Sonny?/motives?
  • Diane Miller: Lawyer/friendship with Sonny and Carly/relationship with Max/wants Alexis to date/at Wiley's hearing
  • Epiphany Johnson: Nurse at GH/broke up with Marshall/wants to be a doctor/taking MCATs
  • Gladys Corbin: Working at Deception/wants stock options/rich/knows about Sasha's drug use/moving in with Sasha and Brando?
  • Grant Smoltz: Published five part article on Nina's history for Michael/working with Felty/threatened by Brando
  • Gregory Chase: Grandfather to Violet/father to Finn and Chase/interested in Alexis? (Invader rivalry)
  • Jake Spencer: Chatting with Elizabeth's parents secretly/worried about the stalker/staying with Laura
  • Kevin Collins: Married to Laura/comforting her through Luke's death/blocked Esme from seeing Ryan
  • Kristina Corinthos-Davis: Still working at Charlie's Pub/fine with Harmony and Alexis being friends for now/wants Sonny and Carly back together
  • Leo Quartermaine: Autistic/bonding with Chase
  • Liesl Obrecht: Romance with Scott/helping Britt find a dating match/friendship with Anna?/mad at Austin?
  • Linc Brown: Claims he owns Brook Lynn's old songs/involvement with Marshall reveal?/remixing Brook Lynn's old songs
  • Lucy Coe: Deception Cosmetics went public/relationship with Martin is public/realtor/rich
  • Mac Scorpio: Marriage to Felicia/Chief of Detectives of the PCPD/watchful of Austin being with Maxie/wants a baby?
  • Marcus Taggert: Father to Trina/ex-police officer/dating again?/mad at Jordan
  • Marshall Ashford: Woke up while hospitalized after being stabbed during a mugging/Curtis' father?/forced to leave family due to unknown criminal/had Joey beaten up?/not in witness protection/working with someone on phone regarding the protocol?/doesn’t want Curtis and T.J. involved with Sonny/taking an antipsychotic (bipolar?)/Stella and Irene knew he faked his death after being arrested during a protest and being institutionalized in a mental facility/lived in Buenos Aires/ready to talk?
  • Martin Grey: Relationship with Lucy is public/working as lawyer for Valentin
  • Molly Lansing-Davis: At NY Methodist with T.J. for Marshall/ADA at courthouse/domestic partnership with T.J.
  • Ned Quartermaine: Marriage with Olivia/adopted Leo/Ned vs. Valentin/dealing with Leo's autism diagnosis/offered COO by Drew and Michael for ELQ & Aurora merger/meeting with Valentin
  • Olivia Quartermaine: Friendship with Robert/dealing with Leo's autism diagnosis/marriage with Ned/had Ned adopt Leo/mad at Nina
  • Phyllis Caulfield: Mystery relative?/owner of Charlie's/supports Nina getting to know Wiley/knew Harmony from Crichton-Clark Clinic/daughter with Lenny passed away?
  • Robert Scorpio: Friendship with Olivia/grieving Luke/involved in plot to bring down Victor
  • Rory Cabrera: Officer at the PCPD/flirtation with Trina/Rory vs. Spencer
  • Ryan Chamberlain: At Spring Ridge Prison/faking being locked-in/Esme's father who wants her to break up Nikolas and Ava/ordered Esme to sleep with Nikolas?/knows Esme's nanny Maggie/updated by Esme/Felicia is Esme’s mother?
  • Scott Baldwin: Romance with Liesl/on Trina's case/at Wiley's hearing
  • Selina Wu: Had Brad living with her/has him working at The Savoy as a gambling manager/Selina vs. Michael and Britt/agreement with Sonny to have gambling/deal with Curtis to allow gambling at The Savoy/gave him Marshall's sealed arrest records/blackmailing Britt to manipulate Brad with something Britt did with Faison in Lisbon in 2016
  • Stella Henry: Had a panic attack/remembers divorce papers were stolen/told Curtis that she and Irene knew Marshall had faked his death but won’t say anything else/hiding the real reason?/not Curtis' family?
  • Valentin Cassadine: Romance with Anna/Victor is his father/Valentin vs. Ned/still working with Victor? (mysterious phone call)/knows Sasha is on drugs/found out about ELQ and Aurora merger
  • Victor Cassadine: Returned from overseas/wants to unite the Cassadines?/Valentin's father - a Cassadine after all?/had Naomi and Roger killed/kidnapped Hayden?/Victor vs. Anna/wants to know about Drew's knowledge of the Navy SEAL's Operation Demeter/had Luke neutralized?/dropped hit on Laura/moving on to Phase 2/knows about Britt's Huntington's/working with Eileen/wants a big family vow renewal for Nikolas and Ava with Spencer there/Victor vs. Sonny/framed Jennifer for having the Ice Princess
  • Violet Finn: Saw Elizabeth when mysterious things happened


Love Triangles

  • Nina/Sonny/Carly
  • Drew/Carly/Sonny
  • Trina/Spencer/Esme
  • Portia/Curtis/Jordan
  • Dante/Sam/Drew
  • Esme/Nikolas/Ava
  • Rory/Trina/Spencer


  • Cesar Faison: Deceased/crime committed with Britt in Lisbon in 2016?
  • Cyrus Renault: In prison/Cyrus vs. Sonny and Laura/tried to convince Laura she is in danger from someone else and that he is born again/returning?
  • Hayden Barnes: Can't be found after Nikolas scared her out of town/either kidnapped or killed by Victor
  • Jason Morgan: Presumed dead after being buried in cave-in down in the Cassadine Island tunnels/Monica declaring him legally dead and having a service for him
  • Jennifer Smith: Sent to Steinmauer Prison by the WSB/framed by Victor for stealing the Ice Princess/working for Cyrus’ West Coast replacement (lover?)
  • Luke Spencer: Presumed dead after a cable car crash/Victor had him neutralized/Anna and Felicia in Austria investigating his death
  • Lulu Spencer: Sent to Silver Water Aftercare in a coma
  • Monica Quartermaine: At a convention/romance with Yuri?/declaring Jason legally dead and having a service for him
  • Shawn Butler: Moved to San Francisco
  • Tracy Quartermaine: Went back to Amsterdam/dealing with Luke's death/unknowingly sold a counterfeit Ice Princess/returning?


Dropped Storylines

  • The Conundrum Box: A deadly box given to the W.S.B. and never seen again or opened.
  • Oscar's ELQ Shares in Limbo: Upon his death, his inherited shares were in probate court to keep them from the manipulative hands of the "Dawn of Day Cult". Somehow Nelle ended up with Oscar's shares (despite them being tied up in court) and gave them to Valentin.
  • Rosalie's Secret: Nikolas, Helena, and Nina were blackmailing Rosalie. We never found out what it was as Rosalie disappeared.
  • Rosalie or Brad's Crime: One of them witnessed or committed a crime and they married so they couldn't be forced to testify against their spouse. We never found out the crime and Brad figured out off-screen how to divorce Rosalie.
  • Baxter Corbin: Sam was investigating Baxter's past with Hayden. Nikolas told Sam to stop her investigation and the story was dropped.
  • Claudette Beaulieu: Jax hired Curtis to find Claudette in 2019 and she was never mentioned again.
  • Jason's Shooter: It was revealed Cameron didn't shoot Jason in the GH parking garage as Jason and Britt left but we never found out the shooter's identity.
  • Holly's Kidnapping: She was seen locked in a room connected to the Le Lucien Casino and held there by a person watching her on video footage but the story was put on hold as the actress who plays Holly had long haul Covid.
  • Helena's Will: Laura's gift was a key that led her to a chest with law books and to the Campus Disco where the story was dropped.
  • Elijah's Calls: Elijah was talking to someone on the phone regarding Sonny and Nina's identities. We never found out who he was working with as Elijah was arrested and not seen again.
  • Nelle's Adoptive Mother: Frank married an unknown woman and the couple adopted Nelle. The mother was never identified and is supposedly dead according to Nelle.
  • Molly's Family Article: Molly was planning to write an article for The Invader about the Cassadines. She mentioned later that she was working on it and then it is never mentioned again.
  • T.J.'s Kidnapper: T.J. said that one of his two kidnappers had taps on his shoes and a southern accent. Presumably this hinted at Martin being involved, but the kidnappers were never identified.
  • Dev's Parents: He was hesitant to talk about his parents and then he was killed.
  • Maxie's Recipe: Colonel Sanders gave Maxie his secret recipe for fried chicken which she hid in her apartment and then it was never mentioned again.
  • Morgan, Cassandra, and Alex Dead: Their bodies are missing and they are presumed dead.
  • Spencer Election Rigging: A few people like Sonny and Valentin know Spencer was behind rigging the election machines and then the story was dropped.
  • Unknown Woman in Compound Prison: Prison was emptied and no woman was found (she was previously heard screaming by Drew and Chloe). Holly? Hayden?
  • Nikolas and Hayden Still Married? They discussed getting divorced before Hayden suddenly left town and Nikolas also suddenly married Ava.
  • Aiden's Bullying: Kids were cyber-bullying Aiden online (calling him Gayden and even telling him he should kill himself) and the story was dropped.
  • Jake is a Bad Seed: After revealing he was alive, Jake was acting evil and pushed Cam into a shelf (Cam hit his head) before the evilness was dropped.
  • Charlotte is a Bad Seed: Charlotte shredded a picture of Lulu, tripped Jax, and planted a snake in Ava's purse before the evilness was dropped.
  • Kobe's Body: Michael killed Fluke's henchman Kobe in self-defense. Sonny and Shawn got rid of the body. Carly and Rosalie were in the room too but Kobe was never mentioned again after Sonny covered up the murder.
  • Alcazar is Tomás?: In 2012, Carly and Skye go to Blair with news that Tomás may be Lorenzo Alcazar. Shortly thereafter, a CIA agent arrives to tell them Tomás has left on a mission. Skye, Blair and Téa leave in search of Tomás. The story is dropped due to a lawsuit from Prospect Park.
  • Cole Alive?: Shortly after Cole Thornhart and daughter Hope Manning-Thornhart are killed in a car accident, someone is seen in first-person view on the same stretch of road but we never found out who it was. Possibly also dropped due to the Prospect Park lawsuit.
  • Felix's Secret?: Taylor was blackmailing her brother Felix with a secret that she threatened to tell their parents. The implication seemed to be that it was "Felix is gay" but it was never clarified and Taylor soon left town.
  • Passenger with Drew?: Lethe Unlimited bought the ticket for a mysterious passenger on the chartered flight that Drew got on. The identity of that passenger was never revealed.
  • Peter's Accomplice?: Peter claimed to Martin that someone helped him out of the freezer in the Sub-basement Laboratory but we never got confirmation if it was Victor Cassadine or someone else as the story was dropped.
  • Giles Death?: Nikolas was hinted to have Giles killed after Hayden was shot but Nikolas paid off Shawn to quit the investigation into Hayden's shooting and the story was dropped. Ava knows Nikolas had Hayden shot.
  • Dating Bandit?: After Dev is accused of being the dating bandit, the storyline is dropped and the real culprit is never revealed.
  • Nelle's Body: Chase said he was going to Pennsylvania to verify Nelle's body. The verification happened offscreen and it isn't clear if Chase was the one to do it before the body was confirmed to be Nelle and buried.
  • Drew's Accident: Ava hit Drew with her car. Jordan took the blame as she came by and was undercover and the story was dropped.