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There are different kinds of storylines on soap operas; Current Storylines, Callbacks, and Dropped Storylines.

Please use this link for characters who have been dropped: Black Hole.

Here are a list of both kinds of storylines on General Hospital:

Current Storylines by Character

  • Alexis Davis: Life after prison/suspicions of Ryan/relationship with Harmony?/working at non-profit with Shawn?
  • Anna Devane: Caught Peter on Cassadine Island with Robert/romance with Valentin
  • Austin Gatlin-Holt: Austin vs. Brook Lynn/friendship with Maxie over? (does he remember hearing Bailey is Maxie's baby while unconscious?)/working with Valentin to bust Brook Lynn
  • Ava Cassadine: Marriage with Nikolas/hiding that Nikolas knew Victor was alive/custody of Avery with Sonny
  • Brando Corbin: Romance and rough delivery with Sasha/staying out of the mob
  • Britt Westbourne: Huntington's Disease?/co-chief of staff with Terry/grieving for Jason's presumed death
  • Brook Lynn Quartermaine: Faked her pregnancy (Bailey is Louise, Maxie's baby reveal)/Brook Lynn vs. Austin/romance with Chase?/Chase knows Bailey is Louise and is claiming to be the baby daddy/Valentin knows Bailey isn't his/told Ned that Chase is the father
  • Cameron Webber: Romance with Joss/Spencer's boss at Kelly's/going to PCU/road trip?
  • Carly Corinthos: Needs to talk to Sonny about Jason/romance with Sonny/Carly vs. Nina/will leave Brad alone/mad at Willow for letting Wiley see Nina/curious about Sonny and Nina's past in Nixon Falls
  • Curtis Ashford: Romance with Portia/Marshall is his father/still married to Jordan reveal?
  • Dante Falconeri: Romance with Sam/dealing with Drew's return
  • Drew Cain: Returned home to Scout/relationship with Sam?/revealing he is alive and Jason is dead to the Quartermaines
  • Elizabeth Webber-Baldwin: Romance with Finn?/Jeff called her, destroyed his picture
  • Esme Prince: Working at Spring Ridge/connection to Ryan?/romance with Spencer/Esme vs. Joss/Esme vs. Trina/revenge on Ava with Spencer/solely behind Ava's car blowing up reveal/road trip with Spencer, Joss, Cam, and Trina?/interested in Cam?/reveal that she locked Gladys and Sasha in gallery closet?
  • Gladys Corbin: Told Austin about Brook Lynn/Gladys vs. Carly/concerned about Sasha's baby
  • Harmony Miller: Suspicions of Esme/relationship with Alexis continuing?/Willow and Wiley relationship?
  • Hamilton Finn: Romance with Liz/doctor at GH/Chase told him that Bailey is his (Chase's) daughter with Brook Lynn
  • Harrison Chase: Told Brook Lynn he knows Bailey is Louise/claiming to Valentin, Finn, the Quartermaines that he is Bailey's father/on desk duty at the PCPD/romance with Brook Lynn?
  • Josslyn Jacks: Romance with Cam/Esme vs. Joss/going to PCU/road trip?
  • Kevin Collins: Spencer and Esme staying with him as long as Spencer has a job/lost contact with Laura
  • Kristina Corinthos-Davis: Still working at Charlie's Pub?
  • Leo Falconeri - On the spectrum/seeing specialist
  • Liesl Obrecht: Romance with Scott/needs to find him
  • Marshall Ashford: Curtis' father?/reason he left/danger to the family?/fear of hospitals?/connection to Cyrus?/had Joey beaten up?
  • Maxie Jones: Friendship with Austin over?/Bailey is Louise, her baby, she is keeping hidden from Peter who called her and said he will see her soon/aware of Chase's plan to claim to be Bailey's father
  • Michael Corinthos: Romance with Willow (delayed proposal)/doesn't want Nina to see Wiley (Willow does)/promised Sonny not to retaliate if Brad gets parole and stays away from him and Wiley/in NYC with Willow and Wiley
  • Molly Lansing-Davis: Working at courthouse/domestic partnership with TJ
  • Ned Quartermaine: Marriage with Olivia/Ned vs. Robert/thinks Chase is Bailey's father with Brook Lynn
  • Nikolas Cassadine: Marriage with Ava/bribed Shawn to drop the Hayden investigation/didn't tell Ava/disowned by Spencer/working with Victor?/suspects Victor of killing Naomi
  • Nina Reeves: Blames Carly for death of her daughter Nelle/hiding past relationship with Sonny/working with Scott about upcoming trial/gave Sonny half the money for Charlie's Pub and keeping it secret from Phyllis/visiting Wiley with Willow's permission
  • Olivia Quartermaine: Relationship with Robert?/got Leo a specialist as he is on the spectrum/marriage with Ned
  • Peter August: Caught by WSB and awaiting trial/told Maxie he will get her and Louise back
  • Phyllis Caulfield: Mystery relative?/manager at Charlie's/relationship with Nina
  • Portia Robinson: Hiding that Curtis is Trina's father?/romance with Curtis/cautious of Spencer and Esme being around Trina
  • Robert Scorpio: Relationship with Olivia?/caught Peter on Cassadine Island with Anna
  • Ryan Chamberlain: Locked in?/connection to Esme?
  • Sam McCall: Romance with Dante/dealing with Drew being alive
  • Sasha Gilmore: Recovering after rough birth/wants to see her baby/romance with Brando/working at Deception
  • Scott Baldwin: Romance with Liesl/tricked by Victor while searching for her/locked in jail
  • Shawn Butler: Started a non-profit/wants Alexis to join/bribed by Nik to drop Hayden's shooting
  • Sonny Corinthos: Relationship with Nina reveal?/dealing with Cyrus/will leave Brad alone/marriage to Carly/needs to talk to Carly about Jason
  • Spencer Cassadine: Upcoming trial in 6 weeks/working at Kelly's/disowned Nik (no longer a prince or Cassadine)/friendship with Trina
  • Terry Randolph: Co-chiefs of staff with Britt/knows about Liz's childhood?
  • T.J. Ashford: Found out that Marshall is a relative (reveal that Marshall isn't really TJ's grandfather?)/doctor at GH/domestic partnership with Molly
  • Trina Robinson: Friendship with Spencer/road trip?/Trina vs. Esme
  • Valentin Cassadine: Romance with Anna/Victor is his father/upcoming vote for ELQ next week/took his claims back from Brook Lynn/found out from Brook Lynn that Bailey isn't his daughter as Chase said he is the baby daddy
  • Victor Cassadine: Had Scott locked in jail in his place/escaped/Valentin's father - a Cassadine after all?
  • Willow Tait: Romance with Michael/wants Nina to see Wiley (Michael doesn't)/delayed Michael's proposal/nursing classes at GH/relationship with Harmony/Carly mad at her for letting Wiley see Nina/in NYC with Michael and Wiley

Love Triangles

  • Dante/Sam/Drew
  • Sonny/Carly/Nina
  • Spencer/Trina/Esme



  • In 1981, Diana Taylor was shot to death. Jeff Webber was accused of her death as he had been one of the last people to see her alive. Anne Logan was also a suspect since Heather Webber wrote "ANNE" in blood next to Diana's body. It was revealed Heather's mother Alice Grant was the real killer.
  • In 2013, Connie wrote "AJ" in blood after she was shot. A.J. Quartermaine was immediately a suspect of her murder and he had also been one of the last people to see her alive. It was revealed that Connie meant to identify "Ava Jerome" as her killer when she wrote "AJ".
  • The Bacchanalia Ball (1998) was paid tribute to by Nikolas Cassadine with the Black and White Ball (2007) which also took place at Wyndemere Castle.
  • B.J.'s Heart (1994)/Nelle's Kidney (2011)

Dropped Storylines

  • The Conundrum Box: A deadly box given to the WSB and never seen again or opened.
  • Oscar's ELQ Shares in Limbo: Upon his death, his inherited shares were in probate court to keep them from the manipulative hands of the "Dawn of Day Cult". Somehow Nelle ended up with Oscar's shares (despite them being tied up in court) and gave them to Valentin.
  • Rosalie's Secret: Nikolas, Helena, and Nina were blackmailing Rosalie. We never found out what it was as Rosalie disappeared.
  • Rosalie or Brad's Crime: One of them witnessed or committed a crime and they married so they couldn't be forced to testify against their spouse. We never found out the crime and Brad figured out offscreen how to divorce Rosalie.
  • Baxter Corbin: Sam was investigating Baxter's past with Hayden. Nikolas told Sam to stop her investigation and the story was dropped.
  • Claudette Beaulieu: Jax hired Curtis to find Claudette in 2019 and she was never mentioned again.
  • Jason's Shooter: It was revealed Cameron didn't shoot Jason in the GH parking garage as Jason and Britt left but we never found out the shooter's identity.
  • Holly's Kidnapping: She was seen locked in a room connected to the Le Lucien Casino and held there by a person watching her on video footage but the story was put on hold as the actress who plays Holly has long haul Covid.
  • Peter's Escape: How did Peter escape the Sub-basement Laboratory at GH? Was he rescued by Victor or did he somehow leave the freezer himself?
  • Helena's Will: Laura's gift was a key that led her to a chest with law books and to the Campus Disco where the story was dropped.
  • Elijah's Calls: Elijah was talking to someone on the phone regarding Sonny and Nina's identities. We never found out who he was working with as Elijah was arrested and not seen again.
  • Neil's Overdose: Cyrus found out Neil used his drugs but we never found out if Neil accidentally overdosed or someone killed him.
  • Nelle's Adoptive Mother: Frank married an unknown woman and the couple adopted Nelle. The mother was never identified and is supposedly dead according to Nelle.
  • Molly's Family Article: Molly was planning to write an article for The Invader about the Cassadines. She mentioned later that she was working on it and then it is never mentioned again.
  • T.J.'s Kidnapper: T.J. said that one of his two kidnappers had taps on his shoes and a southern accent. Presumably this hinted at Martin being involved, but the kidnappers were never identified.
  • Dev's Parents: He was hesitant to talk about his parents and then he was killed.
  • Maxie's Recipe: Colonel Sanders gave Maxie his secret recipe for fried chicken which she hid in her apartment and then it was never mentioned again.
  • Morgan, Cassandra, and Alex Dead: Their bodies are missing and they are presumed dead.
  • Spencer Election Rigging: A few people like Sonny and Valentin know Spencer was behind rigging the election machines and then the story was dropped.
  • Victor a True Believer?
  • Unknown Woman in Compound Prison: Prison was emptied and no woman was found (she was previously heard screaming by Drew and Chloe). Holly? Hayden?
  • Nikolas and Hayden Still Married? They discussed getting divorced before Hayden suddenly left town.
  • Aiden's Bullying: Kids were cyberbulling Aiden online (calling him Gayden and even telling him he should kill himself) and the story was dropped.
  • Jake is Evil: After revealing he was alive, Jake was acting evil and pushed Cam into a shelf (Cam hit his head) before the evilness was dropped.
  • Charlotte is Evil: Charlotte shredded a picture of Lulu, tripped Jax, and planted a snake in Ava's purse before the evilness was dropped.
  • Kobe's Body: Michael killed Fluke's henchman Kobe in self-defense. Sonny and Shawn got rid of the body. Carly and Rosalie were in the room too but Kobe was never mentioned again after Sonny covered up the murder.
  • Alcazar is Tomás?: In 2012, Carly and Skye go to Blair with news that Tomás may be Lorenzo Alcazar. Shortly thereafter, a CIA agent arrives to tell them Tomás has left on a mission. Skye, Blair and Téa leave in search of Tomás. The story is dropped due to a lawsuit from Prospect Park.
  • Cole Alive?: Shortly after Cole Thornhart and daughter Hope Manning-Thornhart are killed in a car accident, someone is seen in first-person view on the same stretch of road but we never found out who it was. Possibly also dropped due to the Prospect Park lawsuit.
  • Felix's Secret?: Taylor was blackmailing her brother Felix with a secret that she threatened to tell their parents. The implication seemed to be that it was "Felix is gay" but it was never clarified and Taylor soon left town.