Stuart Mest
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David St. James as Stuart Mest
General Hospital
Portrayed by David St. James
Duration 2004
First appearance July 5, 2004
Last appearance July 6, 2004
Cause/reason Never seen again
Gender Male
Residence Bailey’s Beach, South Carolina

Stuart Mest was a fictional character on ABC daytime Soap opera, General Hospital.

He was played by David St. James from July 5 2004 to July 6, 2004.


Stuart Mest is the husband of late Evelyn Bass.

Stuart Mest is the step-father of late Danny McCall and the adopted step-father of Sam McCall.

Stuart Mest is the adoptive step-grandfather of Sam's children stillborn Lila McCall and Danny Morgan and Scout Cain.


On July 5, Carly Corinthos and Jason Morgan visit Stuart’s house in Bailey’s Beach. They were looking for information on Sam McCall’s past and a bartender called Stuart right after they asked about Sam. Stuart pulls a gun on them and asks where Sam is right now. He tells them how Sam, as Sandra McIntire, killed his wife Evelyn Bass in a fire and he has been looking for Sam for 10 years.

On July 6, Stuart explains how Sam showed up one night looking for her mother Evelyn. Stuart said that Evelyn gave birth to Sam long before they met and she considered Sam a mistake. Sam threw Evelyn’s past in her face and got into arguments with her until one night, Evelyn threw Sam out of her house and said she would have Sam arrested for harassment if she came back. Stuart was out and when he came back, the house had burned to the ground with Evelyn inside. Sam was arrested that night and was let out on bail. She ran and was convicted in absentia. Stuart said that Sam must die and Carly agrees with him. She tells Stuart about Sam’s con artist past. Jason convinces Stuart to put down the gun and they leave.

Crimes Committed

  • Pointed a gun at Carly Corinthos and Jason Morgan [Jul 5, 2004]

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