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Dr. T.J. Ashford and Molly Lansing-Davis are fictional characters and a popular committed couple on the ABC daytime soap opera, General Hospital.


The role of T.J. was originated by actor Krys Meyer, who portrayed the role for a few months in 2012, until actor Tequan Richmond took over the role on August 16, 2012 until October 19, 2018. Tajh Bellow took over the role on November 20, 2018.

The role of Molly has been portrayed by actress Haley Pullos since July 2, 2009. The role was originated in 2005.


T.J. is the son of Shawn Butler and his ex-mistress, Comr. Jordan Ashford and the legal son of the late, Tommy Ashford.

Molly is the daughter of two attorneys, Ric Lansing and his ex-wife, Alexis Davis.

The couple have been to three Nurses' Ball's together and counting.


Molly and T.J. met in January of 2012. T.J. recently moved to town to live with his guardian, Shawn Butler, whom Molly befriended months prior. Molly befriends T.J. after Shawn introduces them at Kelly's. Molly agrees to show him around school after she learns that T.J. would attend Port Charles High with her. Molly also becomes T.J.'s tutor and while she is tutoring him, she discovers that T.J. has problems reading. She downloads mp3 audio soundbites of their homework for T.J. and starts to teach him how to read. In exchange, T.J. sets up a fake MyFace account for Molly, that she names Desdemona. Desdemona is a hit on MyFace, more so than Molly's real account, where she only had her mother as a friend.

T.J. becomes very popular at Port Charles High in contrast with Molly who does not have many friends. He decides to show everyone how cool Molly is by throwing a party at her house. He posts a party invite on MyFace and invites everyone over to Molly's house for a party that involved alcohol. Molly is shocked when tons of people that she doesn't know, pile into her house for a party.

The party starts to get out of control, and Molly calls her cousin Michael Corinthos for help. As T.J. mingles around the party, he notices a boy trying to take Molly back to her room and stops him just before Molly passes out drunk. He then discovers that Molly's drink had been spiked and he tries to shut the party down. Before he gets the chance however, Michael arrives and shuts the party down. He kicks all of the kids out of the house and has them call their parents for rides.

Michael then finds Molly unconscious and begins yelling at T.J. for his cousin's drunk state. Molly awakens to the two of them arguing and Michael goes to call Molly's mom Alexis, but T.J. tries to convince him not to because he didn't want to get Molly in trouble. They start to clean the Lakehouse, but before they can finish Alexis and Mac Scorpio arrive. Molly initially takes the fall for T.J. and claims that she threw the party to keep him from getting in anymore trouble, but T.J. comes clean and admits that he was the one who threw the party because he wanted to help Molly makes more friends, and show the people at school that she really was cool. Nevertheless, Alexis forbids Molly and T.J. from hanging out again.

Despite being told that they can no longer be friends, T.J. and Molly continue to meet in secret and eventually start dating. Michael finds out about their relationship, but agrees to keep quiet for Molly's sake. Later, Molly's sister, Sam almost walks in on the two of them kissing, but Molly covers by saying they were just studying and T.J. quickly leaves. Alexis eventually finds out about their relationship when she catches them together on the Fourth of July. Molly invited T.J. over to go swimming at the lake.

While he was changing in Molly's room, Alexis barges in and catches him in his underwear. Alexis was livid, and a screaming match broke out between her and Molly. Molly hurts Alexis's feelings when she tells her she won't end up a pregnant teen like her. A few days later, Alexis drags Molly down to Kelly's to have a talk with Shawn about her situation with T.J.. Alexis ends up agreeing to let T.J. and Molly date but they must sign contracts, which they agree to do. Molly and T.J. later share a first official date at the Metro Court Hotel.

Shortly after, Molly and T.J. are both faced with death when Jerry Jacks poisons the town's water supply with a deadly toxin. Molly and T.J. contemplate making love so they would be able to share that experience before they died but decided against it. They spent what they believed were their final hours together talking about everything they would like to do and see in life. When an antidote is finally found, they celebrated together.

In late November, Molly decides to write a book titled, Love in Maine and she shares the book with T.J. letting him read a couple chapters. T.J. is impressed with Molly's book and tells her that he is proud of her. However, in early December just as Molly is about to get her book published, she loses it. In actuality, the book was stolen by Connie Falconeri, who rewrote some of the chapters and was planning on publishing the book under her own name.

Molly becomes suspicious that Connie was the one who stole her book, so she and T.J. went to search Connie's Crimson office. In order to get daily access to the office, Molly and T.J. decide to pose as interns at Crimson. Connie hires them and they spend time at the office trying to uncover what happened to Molly's book.

When Molly got proof that Connie stole her book, she and T.J. went to Connie's boss, Todd Manning, and demanded that he make Connie return the book. Todd denied any involvement in the situation and was skeptical of Connie's insistence that the book was hers, but he made no move to force her to hand it over. When Todd is unwilling to help them, Sam attempts to break into his safe to find out what really happened to the book, but she is stopped by Todd and Carly Jacks before she gets the chance.

In early 2013, Molly meets Rafe Kovich, Jr., who was on the run with his mother, Alison Barrington. Molly runs into Rafe while on the docks with her nephew, Danny Morgan and she invites Rafe to Kelly's where she buys him lunch. Rafe tells Molly about his sad life living on the run from his father, Stephen Clay. A few weeks later, Molly is spending time with T.J. at Kelly's and she tells him about meeting Rafe.

Rafe's mother is soon murdered by Stephen and Rafe is witness to the crime. Detective John McBain finds Rafe at the scene of the crime, with the murder weapon in his hand and he is taken into custody as a suspect. However Rafe IDs John as his mother's killer because John looked identical to Stephen. Molly visits Rafe in jail and agrees to help him find Alison's real killer.

Molly continues to help Rafe by hiding him in her room. While staying with Molly, Rafe wants to help her by watching Danny. Molly agrees to let Rafe watch Danny while she goes and covers with her mom. However, while under Rafe's care, Danny is kidnapped again by Heather Webber, who posed as Danny's nanny.

Heather tries to leave town with Danny, but is confronted by Stephen who also tries to take the boy because he was obsessed with Danny's mother, Sam Morgan. Stephen gets rid of Heather and is about to take Danny when he is stopped by Todd Manning, who wants to save Danny due to his guilt over what he did to Danny and his family before. Todd is caught on the docks and Stephen disappears, just as Sam and Anna Devane arrive and Danny is reunited with his mother.

Shortly after Sam and Danny are kidnapped by Stephen. Rafe gets caught and is arrested again when he leaves the house to try and find them. Later, Molly breaks John and Rafe out of jail, so they could help find her sister and nephew. However, Molly is caught for this and arrested. T.J. visits her in jail and is disappointed that she let herself get so involved in Rafe's drama. John, Rafe and Lucy Coe track Stephen down to Wyndemere castle and Sam and Danny are rescued.

With Sam and Danny safe, Molly and T.J. refocused on trying to get her book back. They visit her uncle, Sonny Corinthos, with hopes that he could convince Connie to give her the book back. Molly and T.J. then crash Connie's book launch and T.J. gets up on stage to tell everyone that Molly is the real author of Love in Maine. Connie finally admits that she stole the book and tells everyone that Molly is the real author.

In late March, Molly and T.J. start attending rehearsals for the Nurses' Ball and they save the day for Lucy when they agree to write the song and put together the music for the Nurses' Ball opening number. In early April, Molly and T.J. attend the Nurses' Ball, walking the red carpet together and later performing on stage. Molly continues to worry about Rafe, because as an orphan he now has no place to live and could go into the foster system.

She tries to get Lucy and her husband, Kevin Collins to take Rafe in and they agree to it, but their request is denied by a judge. She then asked Sam to take Rafe in and she agrees, with the judge granting this request. In May, T.J. surprises Molly with a date at Kelly's where he asks her to attend prom with him. Molly happily agrees and they begin planning to attend prom together. Rafe begins to develop romantic feelings for Molly and tries to make their friendship into something more.

Molly becomes conflicted over her feelings for T.J. and Rafe. T.J., however, is jealous of Rafe and Molly's friendship and he warns Rafe to stay away from Molly. When Rafe refuses, the two get into a physical altercation and T.J. punches Rafe. When Molly finds out what happened, she is furious and breaks up with T.J.. During T.J. and Molly's time apart, she grows closer to Rafe, supporting him when his cold uncle, Silas Clay comes to town and tries to force Rafe to live with him.

A custody battle ensues between Silas and Sam, where Silas paints Sam as an unfit mother. In the end, the judge rules that Rafe has to live to Silas and Molly and Rafe say goodbye. However at the last minute, Silas decides to stay in town with Rafe and Molly is happy to still have his friendship.

Prom is cancelled due to a shooting at the Metro Court Hotel, where the event was scheduled to be held. Molly and Rafe, already all dressed up for the evening decided to have a prom of their own. They go to the park and dance, ending the night with a kiss. T.J., who was now dating the new girl in town, Taylor DuBois in an attempt to get over Molly, witnessed the kiss. He became sad and jealous and got drunk with Taylor in the back of their limo. In their drunk state, the two end up having a one night stand. Unbeknownst to T.J., Molly's kiss with Rafe made her realize she didn't have any romantic feelings for him, not like she did with T.J.. She explained this to Rafe and let him know that she would like them to continue being friends.

Molly goes to T.J. a few weeks later with her new-found revelation about her feelings and wants to work things out with him. The two get back together, but their reunion is quickly crushed when Taylor tells Molly that she had sex with T.J. on prom night. Molly is crushed because she and T.J. agreed the year before to have their first time with each other. Hurt and saddened she breaks up with T.J. again.

Rafe sees the break up as an opportunity to get Molly to be with him, so he continues trying to get close to her, despite her telling him that she only has romantic feelings for T.J.. Molly supports her family as Danny battles leukemia and Rafe sticks close as a friend. Molly and Rafe work together to figure out who Sam's father is because he could be a potential bone marrow donor for Danny.

In early September, Molly and T.J. try once again to make their relationship work. He apologizes for the one night stand with Taylor and she makes it clear to T.J. that she only has feelings for him. They eventually get back together and Molly dedicates her next book to him. Rafe is jealous of the two because he still has romantic feelings for Molly but she doesn't reciprocate them. Molly and T.J.'s relationship grows closer and stronger as they spend the following months together rebuilding their relationship.

Rafe starts pretend dating Taylor in an attempt to make Molly and T.J. jealous. When the four of them end up together at Sam's place a week before Christmas, they all get into it, arguing about all the games that Rafe and Taylor have been playing. Molly and T.J. even confront each other about actually being jealous over Rafe and Taylor's game, but in the end, they work things out, reassured in their feelings for each other.

In late December, Molly worries about T.J. after he witnesses a warehouse shooting between the Corinthos and Jerome organizations. T.J. went to the warehouse where Shawn was holding, Carlos Rivera and let Carlos go because he didn't want Shawn to get in trouble for killing anyone. Carlos is caught trying to escape by Shawn, Sonny and Max Giambetti and Carlos holds T.J. at gun point to make his escape.

Julian Jerome and Morgan Corinthos arrive as back up for Carlos and a shootout begins and quickly ends with Morgan accidentally shooting Max. Shawn gets T.J. away from Carlos and back to safety. Molly worriedly waits for T.J. at Kelly's and is relieved when T.J. arrives with Shawn. T.J. tells Molly about everything that happened, but reassures her that he is safe for now, because neither side wants the police to know that Morgan was Max's shooter.

In early January, Rafe overhears Molly and T.J. talking about what really happened during the warehouse shooting. They discussed the trouble T.J. could be in with the police and the danger he could be in with the Jerome mob family for witnessing the shooting. T.J. then told Molly that he would have to leave town for a little while, because Shawn thought it was the best way to keep him safe. Molly was sad and they were forced to share a quick goodbye.

Armed with this information and wanting T.J. away from Molly, Rafe went to Commissioner Anna Devane and told her that T.J. was a witness to the shooting of Max Giambetti. Right as Shawn was about to get T.J. out of town for his protection, they were called down to the PCPD for questioning, but both denied knowing anything about the shooting. Molly began to feel uncomfortable with Rafe's friendship because he continually pushed for more between them, while she only wanted to be his friend. When Molly and T.J. learned that Rafe was the one who turned T.J. over to Anna, they were furious. Molly blasted Rafe for putting T.J. in danger and broke off their friendship.

In early February, the situation with the warehouse shooting cooled down and Molly and T.J. were able to relax and breathe easy. They took Molly's nephew, Danny Morgan to the park where they spent the day together. While at the park, they also ran into Robin Scorpio-Drake. A week later, Molly and T.J. spent Valentine's Day together studying for the SATs. They almost made love, but decided to wait, to make sure the experience was special and safe for them when it did happen.

In late February, Molly and T.J. decide they are ready to take the next step in their relationship. T.J. books a room for them at the Metro Court and Molly meets him there after covering with her mom by saying that she was staying the night at a friend's house. On their way up to their hotel room, they run into Rafe, who questions them about their intentions, but they both blow him off.

When Molly and T.J. get to their room, T.J. asks her one more time if she is sure and she reassures him that she is ready. The two share a dinner together, while Rafe hurries over to Molly's house and tells Alexis what Molly was really planning for the night. After Molly and T.J. have dinner, they prepare to make love, but are interrupted by Alexis and Julian. Molly and Alexis get into a huge fight, that ends with Alexis ordering Molly home. Julian stays behind and discreetly threatens T.J. by urging him to go to the police and tell them all about the warehouse shooting.

When Molly and Alexis get home, she is still furious, but they are both shocked to find her father, Ric Lansing in the living room. Molly reunites with her father, who takes her side in the argument. She later discovers that Rafe was the one who ratted her and T.J. out, and she yells at him before kicking him out the house. Alexis forbids Molly from seeing T.J. again and they fight some more. Molly later sneaks out to meet T.J. at Kelly's. She soon decides that she wants to move in with her father, so she could see T.J. whenever she wants. She later makes up with Alexis and decides to continue living with her mom, when Alexis decides to be less strict regarding her and T.J..

Molly and T.J. perform

In mid-March, T.J.'s mother, Jordan Ashford comes to town and Molly meets her for the first time. In late April, T.J. learns that he was accepted to Port Charles University for the fall and spring semesters and Molly is the first person he told. T.J. is sad that he won't be able to share this good news with his father and Molly comforts him. At the 2014 Nurses' Ball, Molly and T.J. compose the song for the opening number for the second year in a row. During the event, Molly and T.J. are in various acts individually, but they also perform together to Just Can't Get Enough.

As a present for T.J.'s recent accomplishments, his mother gifts him with a car, which he takes Molly joy riding in. After T.J.'s mom is arrested for drug trafficking, he goes to meet Molly at Kelly's. An upset T.J. fills Molly in on what happened with his mother and she comforts him. T.J. sadly tells Molly that everyone in his life either leaves him or lies to him and Molly comforts T.J. by telling him she would never lie to him and she's not going anywhere. In July, Molly and T.J. are set to watch the fireworks but are interrupted when T.J. tells Molly that Rafe has been doing drugs and she gets in the car with him but ends up in a car accident. A couple of days later, Molly is released from the hospital and goes home with her mom, T.J. and Danny.

On April 2, 2020, Molly goes to Brando’s garage and ends up having a one night stand with him. She thought T.J. had left her but she found out he was actually kidnapped by Cyrus. Brando and Molly agreed that it could never happen again and T.J. couldn’t find out.

On December 28, Molly confesses to T.J. that she slept with Brando. He calls off the commitment ceremony they had planned but decides to stay with Molly.

On February 22, 2021, T.J. and Molly had their commitment ceremony to become domestic partners.


Kate Grahn (the real-life daughter of Nancy Lee Grahn, who plays Alexis) performs her original song Private School Girls with her band Traction, Molly Lansing-Davis and T.J. Ashford at the 2013 Nurses' Ball. Molly, T.J. & Friends (which included Kate Grahn) perform to the song Just Can't Get Enough by Depeche Mode at the 2014 Nurses' Ball.


TJ and Molly Perform @ Nurses Ball 2013


GH Molly, TJ & Kate Grahn Just Can't Get Enough

T.J. "proposes" domestic partnership - Molly accepts: 4/7/20


GH- 4-7-20 - Molly & T.J. Part 4-4

Commitment Ceremony to become domestic partners: 2/22/21


GH- 2-22-21 - Molly & T.J.’s Commitment Ceremony Part 1-2-2

Part 1


GH- 2-22-21 - Molly & T.J.’s Commitment Ceremony Part 2-2-2

Part 2

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  1. Per T.J.'s suggestion and Molly's agreement on April 7, 2020.
  2. The ceremony aired in real-time on Feb 22, 2021, but it was still Valentine's Day in Port Charles.
  3. Revealed by Jordan on May 22, 2015.