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This incorporates one kind of pipe trick. As long as the All My Children article is not disambiguated. Hence,

{{a|Joe Martin}} results in Joe Martin.

Note for editors from other wikis

Other wikis use something similar to this template. Memory Alpha, for instance uses a template with exactly the same name. However, our o template is a bit different to memoryalpha:template:w, in that it defaults to the name of the page if you don't add your own variable name. In essence, Memory Alpha use w template to do not only what this one does, but also what the wikipediainfo template does. The default value of the second variable in this template is the value of first variable — not the name of the page on which you're working. That's why :{{a|Joe Martin}} renders Joe Martin.

For those interested in technical details, when you type {{a|Joe Martin}}, our template is actually delivering the following code: [[w:c:allmychildren:Joe Martin|Joe Martin]].

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