About this template

Template:Citation/core can be thought of as an engine producing consistent output for Wikipedia's citations. Templates such as Template:Tl provide this core template with a list of parameters, which it uses to produce a formatted text (HTML) output, which contains embedded COinS metadata. This metadata allows many readers to find cited references more easily, or to extract their details to a reference manager.

The presence of a central template makes individual citation templates simpler to code and amend, and produces a consistent look throughout the encyclopaedia.

Templates using this 'engine'

Changes to this central template can affect the output of several 'upstream' templates. A list of templates using citation/core is provided below for testing purposes.

Parameter details

Note that the examples below are common uses of each parameter, intended to help editors understand the functioning of this template. In the most part, there is nothing wrong with passing different data to any of the parameters below if it produces the output that is desired. The exception is in parameters which are associated with a COinS field.

|Sep = {{#ifeq:{{{separator}}}|;|;|{{{separator|!}}}}} (Replace the exclamation mark with a default separator, if one different to a period is desired.)
  • Template:Para series of which this periodical is a part.
  • Template:Para first author's surname or last name.
  • Template:Para, Template:Para, ..., Template:Para up to eight additional authors’ surnames or last names. The ninth is not actually used, but causes et al. to be generated.
  • Template:Para Title, to be displayed in italics after Template:Para. Used, for example, when citing the title of a book; the chapter title would be passed to IncludedWorkTitle
  • Template:Para Translated italicized title, in case the original title is in a foreign language. Can be used in conjunction with TransTitle, e.g. for book and chapter title, respectively. This translated string will appear in square brackets, following the italicized book title, with the same URL link.
  • Template:Para Translated title, in case the original title is in a foreign language. The translated title will appear inside square brackets, enclosed within the quotation marks of the IncludedWorkTitle.
  • Template:Para Uniform Resource Locator of an online location where the article can be found.
  • Template:Para volume number of a multi-volume book or compilation.
  • Template:Para Note to accompany the year. Example: First published 1886
  • Template:Para year of authorship or publication.

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