Did Elizabeth switch the DNA test?

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Duke Lavery was revealed to be alive on Monday, August 27, and has moved the presumed-dead Robin Scorpio-Drake from the Swiss facility she was being held in! Duke has been presumed dead since he was shot and "died" in Anna's arms in 1990. In 1986, Duke arrived in Port Charles as a member of his father's mob. He married Anna Devane in 1987 and got out of the mob; but when Anna was kidnapped, he joined the rival Jerome mob family in order to find her. Anna was found, and Duke faked his death in 1989 in a warehouse explosion to protect Anna and her daughter Robin from the mob. Later that year, Duke resurfaced. Only, he had a new face, no Scottish accent, and was going by the name "Jonathan Paget." Duke was again "killed" in 1990 in a shootout with Julian Jerome. So, how is it that Duke has resurfaced again, this time with his original face? Did he fake his death for a second time and again have plastic surgery, or was "Jonathan Paget" not actually Duke? Why did he move Robin from her location; was he actually the mastermind behind the faking of her death, giving orders to Jerry Jacks, who in turn gave orders to Ewen Keenan? Is Jerry still answering to Duke in his water-poisoning plot? And why would Duke hurt Anna and Robin? Watch General Hospital and find out!

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