This infobox has been designed specifically to address the particular needs of a series couple.

This infobox comes with expanded parameters for relationships (Children, Grandchildren etc.) that only appear if used.

The template also features the ability to present the Series name in a colored bar below the main image, standardized image sizing and additional image parameters (for alternate performers in the same role only).


Type {{Infobox soap couple|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.

All parameters are optional, and will not display if empty. The "name" parameter will also default to PAGENAME if the parameter is not used; this is usually preferable to keep infobox heading concise, considering that full names (with multiple married names) are always noted at the beginning of each article.

{{ infobox soap couple
| name           = 
| series         = [[General Hospital (show)|General Hospital]]
| nickname       =
| dates          = 
| status         = 
| image1         = <!-- File:FILENAME.jpg  (No linking required) --> 
| caption1       =
| type           = 
| official       =
| gender         = 
| age            = 
| residence      = 
| parents        = 
| siblings       =  
| children       =
| grandchildren  = 
| species        = <!-- For non-humans only -->

Relationship parameters

The Relationships section of this infobox is collapsed by default to conserve space, and is a direct replacement for any and all other relationship lists within an article. Still, relatives listed should be limited to closer family and generations having some relevance to the character in question. Remember, more distant relations (step-great-grandchildren?) will be noted in the infoboxes of other characters more closely related to them. Similarly, relations by marriage and other potentially temporary connections need only be noted if the relationship holds some notable significance for the characters in question.

In addition, descriptions and qualifiers within parameter content are largely unnecessary because of the category names displayed in the infobox; for example, noting "father" or "sister" beside a listed name is discouraged because this information is made obvious by the categories "Parents" or "Siblings" and only clutters the box. Only include missing or unclear information (marriage dates, "adoptive" or "deceased" where appropriate, etc.) or clarifications of more unusual situations ("biological mother" or "half-brother" being examples). Similarly, noting "dated," "lovers," etc. within the "Romances" parameter is redundant and not advised. Finally, when listing children, grandchildren, etc., it is unnecessary to note the parents, etc. that may establish the connection, as in: Junior Jones (son, via Mama Mia). The infobox is intended as a collection of basic information and a navigational tool, not an abbreviated article. Filling it with endless trivial data defeats this purpose.

Parameter descriptions

Parameter Explanation
name Character name for display in header bar; defaults to PAGENAME, which may be preferred to keep header a reasonable size.
series Applicable series name for display in bar under main image and caption. Do not use a link ( [[ ]] ); name is automatically linked and italicized.
dates Include the couple's marriage date(s), or relationship dates if never married.
status What is the current marital status (dissolved, divorced, annuled, ect).
image1 An image of the wedding if possible
type What type of marriage was it, religious (in a church) or civil (not in a church).
official Who officiated the marriage (a reverend, priest, ect.)
gender The genders of the united couple, male & female, male & male, female & female.
age The ages of each spouse at the date of marriage.
residence Where did the couple live.
parents Each spouses parents. ( <br/> ).
siblings Each spouses siblings. ( <br/> ).
children Name(s) of the character's child(ren). Separate multiple people with line breaks ( <br/> ).
grandchildren Name(s) of the character's grandchild(ren). Separate multiple people with line breaks ( <br/> ).
color To set a color for all bars other than the default color.
color text To set a text color for all bars other than the default color.
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