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The Acorn Motel
The Acorn (2012).jpg
Trey Mitchell and his father Joe Scully, Jr. at The Acorn Motel (2012)
General Hospital
Genre Soap opera
Type Motel
Nickname(s) The Acorn
Notable locations Room #16
Notable people Joe Scully, Jr.
Address Port Charles, New York

The Acorn Motel was a local motel on the edge of Port Charles, New York through the 2010s.


A former motel, in 2012, when Joe Scully, Jr. is hiding out, he stays at motel room #16 in The Acorn Motel.

Trey Mitchell goes to visit his father at the motel and they talk about their plan now that Trey has married Kristina Corinthos-Davis for her father's money. Joe Jr. lies to Trey about the plan being done so Trey can just focus on his marriage.