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The Chimera Virus was a powerful bio-weapon that both the WSB and DVX were after.


The canister containing the Chimera Virus (2017)

In early May 2017, Jake Spencer tells his mom and Franco Baldwin he wants to stay home for his birthday. His parents also discover (separately) a chimera that he's drawn. He had also been talking about chimeras and Franco told Liz that he did some research and chimeras foreshadow disaster.

Later that month Helena Cassadine's henchman Phillipos Costa rings Liz's doorbell and announces he has a gift from Spencer to Jake. Liz allows Jake to open this present early and it is a magic set. Jake is puzzled when Costa tells him “Happy birthday, little man.” There is an Top Secret envelope inside the magic set which is disturbing to Jake. He is told to look deeper inside the box where he finds a canister with a chimera on it.

On May 10, 2017, it was revealed that in 1984 Valentin Cassadine illegally sold a powerful bio-weapon named the Chimera Virus to his step-mother Helena, and through this he was able to pay for his surgeries and remake himself at the Boronsky Clinic in Russia.

On May 19, it was revealed that it was Alex Devane, Anna Devane's identical twin sister, who Valentin slept with all those years ago and who betrayed him. She wanted to steal the Chimera Virus from him under orders of the DVX.

Anna's Chimera necklace (2017)

Anna tells Valentin she bought a chimera necklace to symbolize the Chimera Virus he stole for her. Drew Cain (as "Jason Morgan") finds the necklace on the floor at the 2017 The Nurses' Ball in May. Griffin Munro asks why "Jason" has Anna's necklace and Anna is forced to explain the Chimera Project to "Jason".

During the Ball, Jake was supposed to do a magic show with assistance from Emma Scorpio-Drake and Charlotte Cassadine (that would release the Chimera Virus) but cancelled it at the last minute.

After the Ball, Jake decided to do his magic act. He was egged on by hallucinations of Helena telling him to release the virus but through the efforts of Jake's parents, "Jason" and Elizabeth, the Chimera was secured before it could be opened.

Valentin attempted to dispose of the Chimera on his own but Anna convinced him that it's best if it was given back to the World Security Bureau. Soon after, he received a call from Nina Reeves revealing that she is being held hostage with "Jason", and that the gunmen want the Chimera Virus. In the end, Valentin gets shot while saving Nina's life.

At the hospital, he is well treated and taken care of, and there Anna reveals to him that the Chimera has been disposed of and regretfully reveals that she has been given orders to arrest Valentin for charges on treason, and selling the Chimera virus to Helena Cassadine. She holds his hand in sympathy, symbolizing how sorry she is.

Jake has a therapy session with Andre Maddox. Liz tells Andre that Jake is acting like nothing happened. After they are alone, Andre tells Jake about a young boy on Cassadine Island with an old woman who told him to do bad things. He tries to assure Jake that he is safe.

When he was thought to be dead and held captive by Helena on Cassadine Island for four years, Jake was conditioned by Helena to open the Chimera Virus during his magic act at the Nurses Ball.

In June, "Jason" tries to figure out the identity of the sender of the magic box by looking at the shipping receipt. Sam McCall wants him to drop it since the Chimera has been destroyed.

"Jason" gives Spinelli the shipping receipt. After Spinelli does some research, he finds Costa's car through the license plates. Costa fights with "Jason" and is arrested.

In July 11, Valentin returns to Port Charles. He arrives at Wyndemere Castle and sees Nina sleeping on the living room couch. Valentin explains the charges against him were dropped, likely because the WSB didn't want the truth about the Chimera made public in a trial.