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The Floating Rib (formerly Jake's) was a local bar in Port Charles. The original "Floating Rib" was established in 1978 and was across the street from General Hospital. In March 2012, Luke Spencer paid the owner to rename the bar "The Floating Rib".

Jake's was originally owned by a woman named Jake, then owned by Coleman Ratcliffe until he sold it to Mac Scorpio in 2014. Mac and Felicia Scorpio ran the bar similar to the Outback.

They were continually one of the sponsors of the annual Nurses Ball charity event.

On November 20, 2020, the Floating Rib was blown up by a bomb planted by Julian Jerome, per the order of drug kingpin Cyrus Renault with the intent of killing Corinthos organization rival Jason Morgan. As of September 9, 2021, The Bank of ELQ is being built on the site.


Located in the more shady part of town, the bar was first introduced in 1996 owned by a woman named Jake, often referred to as the "Shady Lady." After Jake left town in 1999, Coleman bought the place. Many popular couples met at Jake's over the years, including Jason Morgan and Carly Corinthos, Lulu and Dante, and Johnny Zacchara and Olivia Falconeri.

Many fights also broken out at Jake's over the years, the most well known being a bar fight between Sam McCall and Carly Corinthos. Other fights include Johnny with Matt Hunter, Mac Scorpio with Kevin Collins and several between Olivia and her cousin Connie Falconeri.

In 2006, Robin Scorpio, Emily Quartermaine, Elizabeth Webber, Kelly Lee, and Lainey Winters chose Jake's as the location of their Girls' Night Out, although the number of outings has decreased over time. Max Giambetti, Ric Lansing, Patrick Drake, and Nikolas Cassadine also planned a Boys' Night Out to fantasize about Carly Corinthos.

In 2009, Coleman decided to "give the place a little class" and to "appeal to his more upscale clients." One day he added a piano to Jake's and served "an excellent pinot from a California vineyard." Johnny Zacchara promptly sat at the piano and played Chopin.[2]

Johnny once serenaded his then-girlfriend, Olivia Falconeri, on the piano. Coleman also began hosting karaoke nights at Jake's. Performers include Lulu Spencer, Maxie Jones, Rebecca Shaw, and Diane Miller as "Maxie and the Maxettes," Robin, Patrick Drake, Spinelli, Ethan Lovett and his father Luke Spencer, Alexis Davis, Mac Scorpio, Brook Lynn Quartermaine, and even Coleman himself.

During Maxie and Spinelli's non-wedding, when the age limit was temporarily lifted for the party, Morgan Corinthos and his cousin Molly Lansing-Davis performed.

The Floating Rib sign

In 2012, Luke Spencer paid Coleman a substantial amount of cash to change the name of the bar to "The Floating Rib" a former Port Charles restaurant closed in the late 1980s.

Luke wanted the name changed because he thought "Jake's" was a reminder to Elizabeth Webber of her son, Jake Spencer, who was presumed dead after Luke drove while drunk a year earlier. Coleman later hires Mac Scorpio as the manager and bartender. Since the name change the bar has become known for their ribs.

In 2013, The Floating Rib was host to Mac and Felicia's wedding and party with Karaoke performed by Mac, Kevin Collins, Maxie Jones, Lulu Spencer, Dante Falconeri, and Liesl Obrecht. The wedding itself was later crashed by Richard Simmons.

In 2014, after Coleman was arrested, he sold The Floating Rib to Mac.

In 2017, there was an attempted armed robbery at the Floating Rib, however the perpetrator was quickly subdued by Jordan Ashford with aid from the PCPD.

In March 2018, when the Floating Rib was host to Josslyn Jacks and Oscar Nero's school dance, an earthquake struck Port Charles. Josslyn and Oscar became trapped in a freezer and Drew Cain later became trapped under the freezer door after rescuing them.

Drew was later saved by Franco Baldwin and Dante Falconeri. The earthquake left the Floating Rib in shambles, however Mac and Felicia had the bar rebuilt and renovated a month later.

In October 2018, the serial killer Ryan Chamberlain decapitated nurse Mary Pat Ingles on Halloween. He then placed her head in a barrel of apples, which Carly Corinthos and many guests were horrified to discover during a party at the Floating Rib.

In 2019, Mac hired Chet Driscoll as a bartender.

In September, 2019, the bachelor/bachelorette parties for Valentin and Nina are held here, during which Valentin sweeps Nina off her feet singing karaoke.

In 2020, after Marcus Taggert is supposedly killed in a mob shootout; Mac hosts his memorial service at the Rib.

Twice in early, 2020, while at the Rib, Brook Lynn Quartermaine ended up in a physical fight. Lulu took part in both - the first time she and Dustin Phillips helped defend Brook Lynn against her sleazy manager's advances, and the second time she and Brook Lynn exchanged heated words leading to a fight.

Valentin Cassadine gleefully recorded the second one. The P.C.P.D. were called to break up both, arresting all parties involved the first time, and only Brook Lynn the second. Upon release, Lulu, Brook Lynn, and Dustin agreed to pay Mac and Felicia for the damages. Ned agreed to cover the damages and Brook Lynn promised to pay him back.

The Floating Rib explodes from a bomb

On November 20, 2020, the Floating Rib was destroyed by a bomb planted by Julian Jerome, per the order of drug kingpin Cyrus Renault. Cyrus' purpose was to kill rival Jason Morgan. Prior to the explosion, Jason and his son Danny are playing billiards when they are joined by Cameron Webber and Dev Cerci. Julian watches as he leaves a suspicious package under a booth, not realizing that it is in fact a bomb. Jason eventually takes Danny home and while Julian (who is Danny's maternal grandfather) leaves the building he attempts to call Cyrus using a burner phone when it unintentionally detonates the bomb. Jason and Danny barely escaped, having driven away just moments before the bomb exploded. Franco Baldwin, Elizabeth Webber-Baldwin, Cameron, Dev, Dustin Phillips, Lulu Spencer, and Dante Falconeri are caught in the explosion. Dev and Dustin are fatalities, and Lulu ends up in a coma from a cerebral edema.

As of September 17, 2021, a branch of the Bank of ELQ is being built on the site.



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