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In 1981, the Quartermaines, the Cassadines, the Spencers, and the WSB were all looking for the Ice Princess - a large uncut diamond whose base contained the formula for a powerful weapon.


The Ice Princess diamond

Edward Quartermaine's niece Alex Quartermaine arrived in town and began working at ELQ Enterprises. Alex hired Luke Spencer to do some investigative work for her to locate her competitors, Cassadine Industries. Alex assured him the job was legitimate, but Luke was wary of it. One day, he arrived home to a ransacked apartment and was held at gunpoint by a man with an Australian accent. The man wanted information about the Ice Princess, and Luke didn't know what he was talking about. The man was later revealed to be Robert Scorpio, an international financier.

Robert told Luke that the Ice Princess was a statuette; it was actually a large uncut diamond that Alex had painted black and was mounted on a pedestal. Luke agreed to help Alex and Edward find it, but for a price. Robert also wanted it, and offered Luke $50,000 to find it for him. The Ice Princess was shipped to Port Charles, but when Alex went to the docks to claim it, she found it had been stolen. Now, not only were Luke, Robert, and Alex after it, but so was Cassadine brother Tony Cassadine, who was using the alias Tony Castle.

Luke met a ditzy woman named Emma Lutz who had the Ice Princess, but thinking it ugly, gave it to Lila Quartermaine for an art auction she was sponsoring to benefit General Hospital. Luke, Robert, Alex, and Tony all planned to steal it the night of the auction. During the auction, the lights went out. When they came back on, both the Ice Princess and Luke were gone; but Luke resurfaced weeks later, he didn't have the statuette.

IcePrincess Collage 1981.jpg

Robert teamed up with Luke to find the Ice Princess, while Alex teamed up with Tony. Alex and Tony knew a secret, that the base of the Ice Princess contained a secret formula for a powerful weapon that could give the Cassadine brothers the power to hold the world hostage. Alex and Tony got their hands on the formula, and Robert revealed to Luke and Laura Collins that he was actually an agent for the World Security Bureau and had to stop the Ice Princess from falling into the wrong hands. Luke, Robert, and Laura secretly boarded the Cassadine yacht, where the formula was held. They ended up on a tropical island where Mikkos Cassadine, the mastermind of the operation, was waiting.

They went Cassadine Island and Mikkos revealed he had plans to build a weather machine that would produce carbonic snow and freeze the world. He would first threaten world leaders by freezing Port Charles as an example to the rest of the world. B-actress Tiffany Hill was also on the island, as Cassadine brother Victor Cassadine's girlfriend. She was repulsed by this plan. She ran into Robert and she decided to help him, Luke, and Laura stop Mikkos. Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, the temperature was dropping and a blizzard took place. Port Charles was declared a disaster area.

Robert sneaked into Mikkos' compound, then Luke and Laura sneaked in as well. They set off an alarm, and as they were running to escape, they came upon an ice chamber, with frozen bodies in it, including Alex and Tony. They were then captured, and brought before Mikkos, where they were reunited with Robert, whom had also been captured. Luke told Mikkos he would help him, and said he would convince the WSB to surrender. But, during a radio transmission, Luke started to give away their location, at which point Mikkos angrily turned off the radio. There was a scuffle and Mikkos attempted to throw Luke into the ice chamber, but Mikkos was the one who ended up going in and dying. Luke was then able to turn off the machine by entering the password ICE PRINCESS, saving the world.

On February 19, 2013, Luke and Laura are surprised to find out Lulu received an uncut rock, that was supposedly the Ice Princess, from an unknown person. The rock ended up not being the Ice Princess and resulted in Lulu being kidnapped by Helena and Stavros Cassidine. Luke, Laura, and Dante rescued Lulu who had been frozen by Stavros. He referred to Lulu as his ice princess.

On January 21, 2022, Tracy gave Laura the Ice Princess at Luke's memorial ceremony on The Haunted Star. Spencer saw it and was interested in the rock but Laura warned him to stay away from it. Tracy was later almost arrested by the WSB as she sold a piece of the Ice Princess which was revealed to be a fake. Anna got the WSB agents to drop the arrest and Tracy left the country.

On April 6, Victor talks to Johann about briefly going overseas for business. He texts for someone to get it done as there’s too much at stake. Victor tells Johann that the authorities will soon find another suspect for Luke's death.

Recovery of the stolen Ice Princess (2022)

Sam and Dante meet Anna and mention it is too coincidental that the Ice Princess was stolen when Victor came to town. They discover from Spinelli that an auction for the Ice Princess is taking place in French Polynesia. Valentin plants the Ice Princess in Jennifer Smith's safe after flirting with her. Jennifer is arrested by Anna for stealing the diamond which Anna suspects Jennifer obtained by murdering Luke.