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The Invader is one of the local media companies in the city of Port Charles. It is located inside the Metro Court on the 7th floor and is currently owned by Peter August.


Invader logo (2021)

In August 2018, the WSB cleared Peter August of all his charges regarding The Jason Morgan Conspiracy and after being released from the hospital, Peter bought a trashy gossip magazine called "The Invader" with Valentin Cassadine's help. He was determined to reshape the media company as a news aggregator, so he offered a job to Lulu Spencer as a journalist.

The Invader Article

She accepts the offer and the title of "Chief Investigative Reporter". After a few puff pieces, she starts writing about a bandit who sets up dates and robs women while they are out of their homes. After signing up on the dating site, Lulu meets up with some men to see if they show up for their dates with her. One of them becomes her now deceased boyfriend Dustin Phillips. There was a false lead when Dev Cerci is caught breaking into Sonny Corinthos’ house after coming to town. The real bandit is never caught.

Shortly after, she begins writing a series of articles revolving around the 25th anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain murders which puts her in danger as Ryan is posing as his identical twin Kevin Collins. After Ryan is arrested, Lulu started covering other big stories around town.

In the summer of 2019, Molly Lansing-Davis pitches a story to Peter about the history of the Cassadine family. She later mentions that she is working on the article.

Peter offers Griffin Munro the Medical Column, but he turns it down. Valentin later forces Peter to hire Liesl Obrecht as a Medical Columnist for The Invader. When Lulu's ex-husband Dante Falconeri comes back to town, Peter hires him for security while Lulu writes an expose on Cyrus Renault and his organization. Peter is unaware that Dante was brainwashed by the WSB to kill him.

In 2020, Lulu is caught in a blast at The Floating Rib and is currently in a coma. Later an article in The Invader breaks the news of Julian Jerome's death to Port Charles.

On January 27, 2021, Peter has a story published announcing that Franco’s killer brain tumor is back. When the story leads to Alexis Davis accidentally stabbing Dante while she was attempting to kill Franco, Dante lands in the hospital, Alexis is arrested, and Peter fires him from security.

On March 2021, Peter has a story published about Finn and Chase being father and son on behalf of Cyrus.

Also in March of 2021, Peter publishes the story of Jason Morgan's arrest for the murder of Franco Baldwin - the murder that Peter committed, and that he is framing Jason with the help of Cyrus Renault.

On April 14, Carlton Media expresses an interest in buying the newspaper, leading Maxie to the impression that Peter plans to kidnap their child and leave the US.

On June 1, Peter tells Anna that The Invader has been sold to an interested party (presumably Carlton Media).