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The Savoy[2] is one of the local nightclubs in the city of Port Charles.

According to Britt, they make excellent "mocktails." Curtis Ashford buys it in 2021 when he decides to give up his career as a private investigator.


The Savoy logo (2021)

Carly & Britt drink to "Galentines Day" (2022)

On February 19, 2021, Portia Robinson and Curtis Ashford arrive at a local nightclub. Portia had agreed to tag along with Curtis to the club as he checked on a possible cheating spouse on Valentines Day.

Curtis sees the club owner talking to the woman of interest. They are clearly having an affair and not hiding it. Curtis follows the couple to take many pictures as proof for his client.

When he is finished, Portia doesn't want to leave yet. Curtis had been apart from his wife Jordan Ashford for the last two months after she lied to him. Portia convinces Curtis to not call the client on Valentines Day and wait until the next day. Curtis says he is thinking of changing things up, hinting that he may be possibly purchasing the nightclub.

On February 23, Britt Westbourne covertly meets her mother Liesl Obrecht at the nightclub to discuss her brother Peter August. Her sister-in-law Maxie Jones meets them and Liesl leaves to sneak into Maxie and Peter's apartment.

On February 25, Curtis brings his P.I. partner Sam McCall to the nightclub, which she admires. He admits to wanting out of other peoples problems, and wants to buy the nightclub instead. Sam reminds him that being a bar owner means he'll still hear those problems. He responds that at the end of the night he can close up shop and go home and never think about those people again. As Sam wants to be more involved in their PI business, he suggests she buy his half, for sole ownership, gaining his contacts, files, client list, etc...and he use the money to close on the nightclub, to which she agrees.

On March 17, Curtis tells his nephew T.J. Ashford that he bought the nightclub but hasn't decided what to call it yet.

On March 23, Curtis is inspecting the nightclub and tells Portia it will be opening in a few weeks. Laura Collins brings her grandson Cameron Webber to the club where he plays a tribute song[3] to his late stepfather Franco Baldwin with the previous club owner's guitar. Trina Robinson and his mother Elizabeth Webber-Baldwin are also present.

On April 12, Curtis tells Jordan he decided to call his nightclub The Savoy.

On May 6, Curtis hired a bartender named Angela to be a mixologist. She fixed Portia and Curtis a drink called "Between the Sheets" which they enjoy together.

On July 2, bartender N'neka is working at The Savoy during a graduation party for Trina.

July 15 was the official grand opening of The Savoy.

On July 27, Curtis offers the newly freed Shawn Butler a job managing the nightclub. Shawn points out he still has to figure out what he wants to do - and that he managed a restaurant, not a nightclub. He agrees anyway, when Curtis tells him he has a place at his nightclub in the meantime.


On April 4, 2022, Selina revealed to Britt Westbourne that she knew her father, Cesar Faison and that he and Britt had committed a crime in 2016 while in Lisbon. Selina blackmailed Britt into letting her manipulate Brad into working for her. Selina wants Brad to manage poker games at The Savoy instead of his preferred job, being an orderly at the hospital. Curtis had turned down Selina's request to use the backroom for legal poker games and she sent him a money tree as a reminder of a story about her grandfather that she had told him.

On April 5, with Deception going public, Selina buys stock to become a major investor. She surprises everyone by showing up at The Savoy celebration, where she continues to attempt to persuade Curtis Ashford to allow poker games for her select friends like Judge Abbott to help keep the peace around town.

Eventually Curtis agrees to allow the poker games in his club when Selina gets him Marshall's sealed arrest records. Selina works out an arrangement with Sonny to have poker games in town. Jordan also comes into The Savoy to investigate the poker games.

In June, Linc goes to a poker game and Cody uses the password to enter the game and win. Selina is upset he ended the game early, takes his winnings, and has him beaten in the back alley.