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The Tan-O as a bar located in Nixon Falls, Pennsylvania. It is owned by husband and wife, the late Lenny Caulfield and Nurse Phyllis Caulfield. It was destroyed in a fire set by Peter August.


Owner Lenny behind the bar and in front of The Tan-O sign (2021)

On January 15, 2021, Lenny Caulfield is bartending at The Tan-O in Nixon Falls. His wife Phyllis comes in with Sonny Corinthos who has lost his memory and is calling himself "Mike". Lenny doesn’t want to help "Mike" at first but after hearing about his situation, he gives him a dishwashing job.

A man named Walter comes in and attempts to rob the place by pointing a gun at Lenny. "Mike" looks at Lenny, until Walter confronts him. Phyllis attempts to intervene, but Walter demands that Phyllis back off, demanding that Lenny open the cash register. "Mike" then intervenes by confronting, then beating, and disarming Walter. Walter flees as "Mike" warns him not to return. "Mike" then gives the gun Walter left to Lenny, in case of another robbery.

Lenny & Phyllis were grateful for "Mike’s" intervention and offered him a change of clothes and an available apartment located upstairs. "Mike" dreams of a blonde woman who he feels like he knows.

On February 17, "Mike" takes a drunk patron home and the bar is robbed and trashed when he returns.

In March, the Caulfields have financial issues and "Mike" wins money in a poker game to keep a developer named Elijah from buying the bar.

On March 19, Nina comes to The Tan-O to visit with Phyllis while "Mike" takes a nap in his room and dreams of the blonde woman again. When he wakes up, he notices that Nina left her passport and gives it to her.

On April 1, "Mike" introduces Elijah to Nina at the bar and she accepts an offer to go on a tour of the town with Elijah the next day.

In August, the presumed dead Peter August shows up at the Tan-O.

In September, the Tan-O is under renovations and is closed for the next three months.

The Tan-O is ablaze (2021)

On September 14, Peter used kerosene to set the Tan-O on fire with Nina and Phyllis tied up inside. The building is a total loss...though Phyllis, Nina, and Sonny make it out alive - and Sonny has his memory back.