Thomas “Tommy” Ashford
Unknown actor as Thomas 'Tommy' Ashford
General Hospital
Ethnicity African-American
Gender Male
Died 1996 in Afghanistan
Cause of death Shot by Shawn Butler
Occupation US Marine

Thomas “Tommy” Ashford is a fictional character mentioned on the ABC Soap opera General Hospital.


While stationed in Afghanistan in 1996, Shawn Butler befriends fellow soldier Tommy Ashford. Shawn is devastated when he accidentally kills Tommy during a friendly fire incident.

Curtis Ashford is T.J.'s uncle because T.J.'s legal father, Thomas was his older brother, meaning that Jordan Ashford is his former sister-in-law. He and Thomas were raised by their maternal aunt, Stella Henry.


In 2014, it is revealed that Shawn and Jordan had an affair before TJ was born and that when Tommy found a letter about the DNA test proving that Tommy, not Shawn, was TJ's father, confirming Shawn and Jordan's affair, he became so enraged that he attacked Shawn. Tommy pulled a gun but before he could kill Shawn, Shawn killed him first.

On May 22, 2015, Jordan confirmed that Shawn, not Tommy, is in fact TJ's father.

On December 22, 2017, Stella Henry looks at a picture of Tommy. This is the first image we have seen of Tommy.

Crimes Committed

Health & Vitals

  • Was killed by Shawn Butler in self-defense after Tommy pulled a gun on Shawn [1996; revealed 2014]

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