• Todd and Carly were bribing with each other at Carly's house before Jax's return because he planted the recorder on the bunny. Carly tells Josslyn that the bunny came from Jax, but Todd says it came from him because Todd was trying to be like the new Jax because the recorder is inside the bunny, Todd started bribing with Carly on March 18.

    Does that mean Todd is driving Sonny nuts before Jax's return?

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    • No, Sonny really doesn't have too much grief about Carly/Todd - he just thinks Carly is crazy for dating him.

      The reason why Todd planted the recorded in the bunny is because he wanted proof of the scheme between A.J. and Carly (they were pretending to be a couple, so Todd might give up).  The reason why Carly told Josslyn that it was from Jax is because the bunny man told Carly that it was some guy from Australia (Jax) and Carly believed him.  Carly admits his feelings for him after the charade was done, but Carly says that they will not work.  This is done so Roger Howarth (Todd) can go back to Llanview with Kristen Alderson (his on-screen daughter Starr) going to LA (and then to Llanview) due to the OLTL reboot.

      Sonny is already frazzled due to Kristina's fiasco, Michael being part of ELQ, Connie/Kate DID flipflop confusion/frustration.  The return of Brenda will give Sonny some light at the end of tunnel, but Jax will defintely ruin that.

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    • I think that maybe Jax and Brenda will be together when they return.  That would throw a monkey wrench into Sonny wanting Brenda back, unless he really does want Connie/Kate.

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