• Here are the couple I see happening this summer

    1 Sonny and Olivia

    2 Carly and AJ

    3 Sam and ME new character

    4 Kate/Connie and RH new character

    5 Liz and NIk

    6 Molly and Rafe

    7  and Bobbie come back with Noah Drake

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    • I think Milo and Lulu will hook up because Dante is being to pushy.

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    • To help the show's executive producer handle and the solve the teen adult pairings;;;;;; here it is:::::

      Should be paired together    Rafe and Molly       / TJ and Taylor     /Michael and Kiki

      Morgan and Christina Collins     and if Serena Baldwin comes into town pair her up with Milo... - Max's brother......

      Case closed.....

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    • I love Rafe and Molly  (Rally as they are known).... I am okay with them taking their time building on the foundation of what I hope will be the greatest love story ever told next to Luke and Laura.....I see them as a potential future supercouple in the making...... and with General Hospital  who are famous with their past and present couples I know they will continue to follow the rich history and do justice.... I am hoping in the future their characters will marry and have children, have the happily ever after......

      connection  -- why I paired the way I did above....

      Molly and Morgan are biological cousins... Michael is the adopted cousin to Molly same will be said about Rafe and Christina (Lucy' Coe's adopted daughter) Lucy and Rafe Sr. bio cousins....

      Rafe and kiki could be related as cousins or siblings if it is revealed she is Silas daughter or his brother Stephen Clay's daughter....   Michael and Morgan are 1/2 brothers..... kiki and christina if they marry them will be sister-in-laws....  if rafe and molly marry   christina and molly will be cousin-in-laws and so will be morgan and rafe.. and michael and kiki... but if rafe turns out to be kiki's brother (then brother/sister/inlaws...  But all in all they will be all a family (be blood connected).. intertwined family circle..

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    • I hope General Hospital sticks to the plan they went with all along as it should be: with the teen scene putting Rafe and Molly together and TJ with Taylor.... seeing yesterday's scene/episode July 23/2013 said it all....

      I don't know why fans still want TJ and Molly together... they have nothing much in common plus they don't even have that great of a chemistry together to me they're just plain borrring... the way I see it when I watch them..... TJ and Taylor I see a little chemistry..and spark....  Molly is way more suited for Rafe...... and oh boy their chemistry and their body language  the way they look at each other says it all......they're a better fit and they make more sense... they were just meant to be...  ALL RALLY fans have you checked out on youtube special songs other fans dedicated to them. in special footages on them there are lots........ check them out..... by goggling it.... I'm sorry Tolly fans but they don't have what RALLY has.....their very own song...... Into your Arms by Chris Ryan.....

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    • These are what fans are saying about RALLY:

      I think they are one of the best couples on GH right now! So clearly I'm team Rafe & Molly. I ship Molly and Rafe! The potential her and Rafe have as a couple can go very far in the soap world. First off I LOVE these two so much, they are super cute….. Molly & Rafe better then I liked TJ & Molly ( I was never a fan of TJ) but I also dont think he and Molly are right for each other. I can see Molly and Rafe on the other hand getting married, and having kids and sooo on. I Love these two!! They have the potential to be a super couple. Can’t wait for them to actually get together finally. 

      • After today, I prefer TJ with Taylor and Molly with Rafe. Good couples bring out the best in each other, not the worst, IMO anyway... Right now, Rafe/Molly is the thread holding me to GH. Not liking so many of the SL but Rafe/Molly give me hope.

      I do like that they are taking their time in building this because IMO this could be the next generations great love story couple.i think they are cute together and could be a great couple someday.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET MOLLY AND RAFE BECOME A COUPLE!Molly and Rafe have chemistry ; they could be a supercouple in the making! !

      • Want to see Molly and TJ both realize they should not be together. Totally do not fit with each other at all and ARE completely BORING! PLEASE!!!! DO NOT PUT MOLLY AND TJ BACK TOGETHER!!! MOLLY AND RAFE TOGETHER PLEASE!! Rafe has always been supportive of Molly from the start, he will treat her right...

        on GH they look more convincing as a couple.

      • I so so hate Molly and TJ together.they are so so boring, no chemistry that I see  and have nothing in common.... he so belongs with Taylor... I will be so pissed off if they get back together, because I bet you TJ is going to break her heart again.  I want Molly to be with Rafe... they're a better fit and are meant to be…. RALLY has amazing chemistry on screen... They have the potential to be the next generation of a great love story and could be a supercouple in the making....

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    • The reason I am tuned and glued on to GH is only on these three couples:

      Rafe and Molly

      Michael and Kiki

      Sam and Silas

      The others just bore me to death......  Plus if these couple stand in the future they will all be related......

      Silas and Sam

      Rafe’s Uncle/Molly’s 1/2 Sister

      Get marry Rafe’s Aunt and sister-in-law/ if rafe marries molly

      Molly’s brother-in-law –Silas and so will be Rafe too.

      Silas is Kiki’s father – Sam’s step-daughter

      Michael and kiki marry – Silas be his father-in-law/sam be his step-mother-in-law

      Rafe and molly marry – RALLY and Miki be cousin-in-laws b/c rafe and kiki are full cousins.

      Miki – his side of the family are doctors his grand-parents Alan and Monica Quartermaine.  Her dad is a doctor.

      Michael was Jason’s nephew, Sam was his aunt by marriage , but Jason is dead…… she will be michael’s step-mother-in law too..

      Silas/Kiki/Rafe –  will be family…… related

      I also picture Miki and RALLY getting married in the future and having kids...

      1.& 2. fraternal twins boy and a girl    Miki kids

      Jason Edward Alan Quartermaine     Laurel Lila Monica Quartermaine

      1.boy  William Trevor Richard Kovich (Will)

      §         2.         girl  Alexandra Elizabeth Natasha Kovich  (Ali/Allie)for Alison/alexis

      3.& 4.  boy and girl {fraternal twins}

      Robert Malcolm Stephen Kovich (Robbie/Rob)

      Madeline Rebecca Amanda Kovich  (Maddy/Maddie)   diff ways spelling it   Chose first letter R (rafe) M (molly)

      Reason why I make Miki and RALLY have frat twins because twins run in their family…. Silas/and Stephen Clay are identical twins…… duhhh.....

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    • I totally agree with wiki contrib 24.85

      Rafe and Molly are so much better than Molly/TJ.  TJ could tame Taylor's snubbish attitude (hopefully).  Michael and Kiki are coming sooner than later.  Miki is so good together.  This Christina Collins would be good match for Morgan.

      Christina Collins, I am really waiting for because the actress seems to me to be caucasian version of Taylor...kinda snubbish, but hopefully Morgan will have a crush on Christina and get over the loss of Kiki somewhat quick.  I am hoping Serena also shows up, so Milo can have someone else to scene with.

      Olivia/Sonny, Rafe/Molly, TJ/Taylor, Michael/Kiki, Christina/Morgan, and Serena/Milo.  Carly with "Eric Webber" (RH's Franco, the tumor and cancer will make Franco/Eric "good" being revealed as Heather's twin baby when she had Steve),  Sam/Silas Clay, AJ/Liz, Nikolas/Britt,  and Patrick/Sabrina

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    • I mean Taylor/TJ in the first sentence.

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    • I am glad someone agrees with my pairings because it makes sense.... now i wish this will get to the GH producers to folllow this plan.... and stick with it... Another thing that I would like to mention:

      What's the Criteria for Becoming a Legacy Character?  I always believed you had to be born on the show or born from a popular couple? I believe the same thing. Mostly toward being born in the show with legacy family.

      Rafe did come on the show with ties to a Port Charles family, but it was the Barringtons. Rafe would seem much more important if you watched Port Charles, and how much you value what went on there as part of the GH canon. And Rafe is still a kid. I would be considering him as a possible legacy character, because he's still young enough to do some growing up and form relationships with that family. His Mum Alison and Stepfather Rafe better known as 'RALI' were Portcharles Supercouple on that show.... His father Caleb and Livvie wre also a popular couple too on that show.... So you see where I'm going he comes from two legacy supercouple parents. His ties will grow with the show if his uncle marries Sam, got a family core there and he has a cousin or sister in Kiki. I also believe that Molly Lansing's character could be a legacy character too because she was born on the show in such a dramatic storyline in 2005 the Train crash at the Glencoe Tunnel... remember..... to me I think her character could be the heart of the show because she is a beloved character.....  that's why I am so kung-ho on these two  known also as RALLY getting together because of the rich history of General Hospital......

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    • little bit more of above.... Another reason why because Molly Lansing has ties to Port Charles, from being Part Cassadine because of her mum alexis davis, and the history that the Cassadine wreck havoc on the citizens of Port Charles back in the old days and the corinthos clan in Uncle Sonny, with the mob family arc.... that is why i think she could be a legacy character too.

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    • Another note to mention is that  Michael and Morgan too are legacy characters too just like Molly is because they were born on the show, plus their ties and connections to Port Charles.... Same will be said sort-of of Kiki (Lauren) to the Jeromes if she is one of them//and I hope she is Silas daughter/rafe's cousin or could be Stephen Clay's daughter and 1/2 sister to Rafe, either way it doesn't matter which way they go as long as they're related somehow; and Christina Collins sort of from the spin-off Port Charles in her adopted parents lucy and kevin... Same can be said about Rafe Kovich Jr.,, even though his character was not born on the spin-off Port Charles... but his character appears on GH as a teen he too has ties and connections on the GH you can see in the feedback..  that is why I pair these couples together....  They're the next generation to take the show if GH makes it to the 22nd century....

      Rafe and Molly  ///Michael and Kiki  ////    Morgan/Christina

      case solved.... the end

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    • Sorry but Molly and Morgan can never live that long to be it the 22nd century that start in the year 2100

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    • I think Dr. Britt Westbourne is anna and duke's daughter.....wouldn't that be a shocker.... that will make robin and her 1/2 sisters...

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    • What I picture their profession being on GH (in the future their career)

      Michael, Kiki, Rafe, Molly, Morgan, Christina

      Michael - will run ELQ be the Boss

      Kiki - Be a corporate wife or own her own business (boutique) fashion/jewellery

      Rafe - see him as a doctor/or a lab technician(Researcher) following in the same field in the Oncology Department like his Uncle Silas....

      Molly - being a lawyer like her parents Ric and Alexis or being an Author.

      Morgan - working at the MetroCourt at his mum's work place or owning his own business by being an Accountant.

      Christina - working at Deception where her adopted mum Lucy works.

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    • If General Hospital is still around on air, you have another generation of teens to come....

      Spencer, Cameron, Aiden, Emma, Josslyn, and Melissa. when they age the characters to teens.... known as SORASED (Soap opera rapid age syndrome)

      Spencer - Nikolas Cassadine & Courtney Matthew's son

      Cameron - Zander Smith & Elizabeth Webber's son

      Aiden - Lucky Spencer and Elizabeth Webber's son

      Emma - Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio-Drake's daughter

      Josslyn - Jasper Jax & Carly Roberts's daughter

      Melissa - Kevin Collins & Lucy Coe Collins's daughter

      pairings I see possibly happening:

      Spencer with Melissa  or Spencer and Emma

      Cameron with Josslyn

      Aiden with Emma   or Aiden and Melissa

      Reasons why the pairing of these couples: (have a family member who is a Doctor/nurse at GH....)

      Spencer - is Molly cousin (Second Cousins) & Melissa sort of Rafe's adopted cousin because he considers Rafe Sr. his real dad who is Lucy's cousin on that side. - have that sort of connection.   Spencer (Dr. great-Grandmother Lelsey) Dr. Melissa's dad (Dr phsychiatrist)

      Cameron his little brother was Jake.  Josslyn was sick as a baby - his little brother saved her life. (Cameron's uncle Steven/uncle rick Dr/GrandfatherJeff/Great-grand-father Steve Doctors) his mum nurse... Josslyn (her grandmother bobbie a nurse)

      Aiden the grandson of Luke and Laura   and Emma granddaughter of Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio -- they're good friends and the Scorpios and Spencers go way back.... you know the history. (Dr. great-grandmother Lesley), uncle Steven/uncle rick  Dr/GrandfatherJeff/Great-grand-father Steve Doctors) his mum nurse...

      Spencer with Emma (consider Emma like royalty when the GHFCW introducing the main cast 2013 see youtube) the announcer said. be close to same age-range. Plus Nikolas and Robin were very good friends.....

      Aiden with Melissa (Aiden is Laura's grandson) and (Melissa is Lucy's daughter)

      Laura and Lucy their history with Scotty Baldwin.......

      note the reason why i didn't pair Aiden and Josslyn together is because they are cousins; because Carly and Lucky are first cousins making aiden and josslyn second cousins. (they are blood-related)....

      Can see another rich history,,,,, to come.... with the next GH couples......

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    • 1.                  'Rumor about The Teen Scene thread

      From HNY on DDTake with a GOS The Rafe/Molly/TJ/Taylor quad has been put on hold they explain that Rafe/Molly as well as the entire quad failed this summer There was also supposed to be a Molly crisis storyline this fall but that seems to be in hold and most likely dropped

      Molly and Rafe have tons of chemistry. So, hopefully this rumor isn't true. However, out of the 4, Haley(Molly) deserves some sort of storyline. The character of TJ is just not there for me. Kind of  bland.

      The GH writers should keep Rafe and Molly on GH and scrap TJ and Taylor..... Rafe and Molly have significance to GH because of their ties and connections to the show... unlike TJ and Taylor don't..... Rafe and Molly I can see have potential in the soap world and can go along way  as a couple  they just need  a great storyline.....

      TJ - kill his character or write him off the show (decides to go live with his mum) actor in real-life probably wants to go into movies.......

      Taylor - not a long term contract - their for the summer teen storyline, make her character leave GH and head back home to her parents... This actress  probably has other projects..

      If GH is able to somehow savage the teen storyline; I think GH needs to get another writer for the teen storyline separtely.......(need a female writer's perspective).. I think GH should have numerous writers for certain storylines, so they be able to take their time and craft the characters to the storyline well.....

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    • 1.       It was put on hold probably b/c the two of the stars (Tequan Richmond/TJ and Samantha Logan/Taylor) aren't just "soap stars." They actually have major projects that they were doing before being part of this genre, and currently as well.

      that is why I mentioned above they should get rid of TJ and Taylor.....

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    • Rafe does have other family too, from the shows history. Mike Webber (David Mendenhall) The adopted son of Rick and Lesley Webber. Mike bio-dad turned out to be Derek Barrington (Mark Goddard) who was Amanda's Nephew and Alison’s cousin. So Mike would be Rafe's second cousin.  proof why they should keep Rafe.... and you know Molly with the Cassadine /Davis/Corinthos clan....

      They make more sense to keep on the show....

      I can't belive they are putting TJ and molly back together, it is beyond ridculous, the  writers are making Molly's charcter stupid, how can you let her go back to him when he slept with Taylor, it's beyond mind-boggling....

      The scenaro I see  happening is Rafe will start seeing someone else new, when Molly sees this she will become jealous....  Then her true feelings will begin to show for Rafe.......I hope Rafe and Molly do get together in the end. Maybe they are putting her with TJ for a while,  but then later they both will realize  they are not meant to be together.then she will realize Rafe is the guy for her all along. .Plus have you ever heard Molly and TJ say they love each other???. not that I can think of..... Anyways it sounds a little like the same story plot they did on Port Charles with Alison and jamal dated as teens and then later she got together with Rafe Sr. in her adulthood.

      Can see the comparision between Alison and Molly  here is a few  (their first boyfriend was black) 

      Alison with jamal and Molly with tj

      Alison and Rafe (RALI)     and         Rafe and Molly (RALLY)     Keeping it in the GH/PC Family

      Alison (Barrington) rich family   Molly Lansing-Davis (russian royalty) the Cassadines  both beautiful and  strong-willed...

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    • Was on GH Facebook (question was Rafe or TJ) ---- February 1 these comments

      Rafe's mom Allison is the missing quartermaine from Edward and Alison Amanda's grandmother affair years ago.. Which would make Rafe a great grandchild.

      And Rafe is the Quartermaine that will inherit all the money, as Edward had an affair with Allison’s grandmother and SHE is  or will be Edwards grand daughter. (I am guessing)

      the hot topic Storyline with everyone speculating who the missing quartermaine heir is their has been

      rumors that it could possibly be Rafe Kovich Jr. 's mum Alison.

      . Mentioned back long time ago

      I think the GH writers should consider going down this route i would like this possiblity to be true

      The scenario if it is true can do a background story   I think Edward Quartermaine and Amanda Barrington had an affair years ago, that produced a child, the son Malcolm Barrington, who was actually a Quartermaine. Malcolm Barrington who later married Elizabeth, and they had a daughter Alison…..

      Alison had a one-night stand with Caleb Morley (aka Stephen Clay) that produced a son named Rafe on the GH spinoff Port Charles...…This could be a great storyline for Rafe and will connect him to more family members on the show; if they decide to go down this route. Then he will have more of a GH history background. And will make his character more interesting and intruiging and have balance.

      He will be connected to Danny who is Sam and Jason's son.... Rafe great-uncle would be Alan Q. and great-aunt be Monica, Tracey will make Jason, and Aj his cousins..... also make michael and danny his second cousins..

      We already know Rafe's cousin is Kiki who will go with michael.eventually... - connection  there.... and I hope Rafe and molly will get together they will make a great couple.


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    • Interesting thought.  I've read that there still might be a missing Q heir out there, but I didn't think about it being Rafe.  Hmmm, I like that idea.

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    • I think they should get rid of the GH writer Ron Carvalti.... the teen storyline a disappointment .. haven't seen Rafe and Molly and TJ and Taylor for weeks now.... He shows them like one time every month, then they disappeared and you don't know when they come back on again on screen.  To me he doesn't continue the storyline like he bails on it and moves on to the other characters...... to me it's not consistent.... and I hated he made Molly an idiot for going back to TJ..... She belongs with Rafe, he is a better fit for her....

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    • I hate GH writer Ron Carvalti for ruining and destroying Rafe's character on the show....... He should be fired.......If they kill Rafe's character on the show they will be a lot of backlashing his fans on the actor....... I hated that the writer threw his character under the bus for TJ ...... treating TJ as a saint which he is not at all...... Have you forgotten he cheated on Molly with Taylor when he slept with her and that is alright?????

      The only scenario I see if it happens if they do kill rafe's character is bring the actor back as another character.....rumored he   signed for 4 years on the show....  like how they did with kristen alderson Starr manning/kiki jerome and michael easton.john mcbaiin/stephen clay/silas clay...

      Mention rumor Silas and Nina Clay's son comes to town... what if that turns out to be Christina's boyfriend Trevor (Kevin and Lucy's kid) He thinks his folks are his bio parents but aren't he later learns he is a clay.. will have a sister in kiki and a uncle in nathan, cousin be rafe (deceased) .. nina and nathan are cousins their mom's are sisters. nina's mom gave the baby up for adoption without letting nina who didn't know about it. Christina and Trevor won't last long b/c she will go with morgan... in the end  and Trevor will eventually end up with Molly... b/c he so looks like rafe... Be like Molly's second chance but it isn't rafe but trevor that looks like him..... TJ and Molly will be history realizing they won't work no more.... He will leave the show....

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    • I hope there is a twist and rafe isn't responsible for the car crash of patrick and sabrina and the death of baby gabriel..... how funny how they just pin point it on rafe, when they didn't even show actual scenes with him in the car actually hitting them, when he hardly was even on the show.from the past of couple of months....... until now... when summer comes along there is no other solution they say okay choose rafe    to pin it on him.... sorry but bad writing here.... does anyone agree??????

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    • Another wish is I hope that TJ's true colors show meaning he blurts out while drinking a beer he is happy rafe is dead, that he was a loser,his dad a serial killer he was doomed from the start saying hurtful words admitting  to sean or his friends  and Molly sees or hears it and is stunned.   the{thread is TJ happy Rafe is gone?}... then she can confront him and dump his sorry ass for good.....finally......

      I hope if there is a funeral for Rafe Kovich Jr. that TJ is not at the service, because he hated him.from the beginning with jealousy..... out of respect for his family he should just stay away... It should be the people that cared and loved him be there...  I am also hoping during the service or at the grave site that there be a moment scene with Molly and Kiki talking about Rafe..... Letting Molly know that Rafe never really gotten over her, and wished she could have given him a chance... Kiki tells her she knows the whole story during her talks with Rafe mention streetcar name desire, bought him chili etc.; and thanked her for being nice to her cousin when he first came to town...During their talk; I am also hoping Molly realized now that she did have feelings for Rafe, but now it is too little to late.... and who knows TJ overhears what Molly said... that she did love him... afterall... but didn't want to hurt TJ's the time.....  show flashbacks of rally moments ( to their song Chris ryan into your arms) as molly remembers him......

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    • a scenario that is far fetched what if rafe and gabriel are alive.......

      during the car accident when britt delivered sabrina and patrick's son gabe on the side of the road he was taken by a paramedic and given to a fake paramaedic who switched with another premi and the other taken by order of victor cassadine..... so the baby that died in the icu was not patrick and sabrina's son...... he is alive somewhere hidden under victor cassadine's watch......

      accident with rafe and molly...... when both taken to the hospital...... when rafe suffers a seizure and has to be operated on..... they didn't show him being prept for surgery what if they some how stable the real rafe and put in a look-alike rafe who later we find was hooked on herion because we know the rafe only did was cocaine only.... anyway they take the real rafe  somewhere under victor's orders, maybe that is why they couldn't use rafe's heart for alice  -- someone suggest a fan says victor probably has him on ice with the rest and that is why as i mention couldn't use his heart for alice......   i hope this is the case..... then they can rewrite the wrong in this wholearable scenerio..... and there be no blame involved... Hoping Molly  dumps TJ's ass once he cheats on her in college with other girls..... what i see possbily happening Molly will start seeing Trevor once she sees Rafe with Kailey,  but her feelings for rafe will still be there and start to show..... and trevor will see she has feelings for his cousin rafe.... i am predicting trevor is nina and silas clay's lost son....

      bring back rafe   then they have the new teens on canvas with christina, trevor and kailey......   show rafe start dating other girls...... most likely they can pair him with kailey but in the end i am hoping he and molly will get together finally once molly sees rafe in a new light......

      final pairings who should be together in the end when it is all said and done.... if rafe is still alive

      rafe and molly                         trevor and kailey                    christina and morgan    be great pairings here in the making!!!!!!

      michael and kiki too..... everyone be happy problem solved..... the end....... start to lead into more adult storylines

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    • what if rafe is alive and has amnesia.... robin brings him back alive... with the andidodate and be the same with gabriel..... patrick and sabrina's son...   that is where he will meet kailey too.. who is kept frozen too.. he will have no memory of silas, sam, kiki, danny or the end  they will know he is alive... it is up to them to bring back his memories.... setting up a love triangle for rafe kailey and molly..... what do you think??????

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    • once this storyline is revealed on the baby gabriel and rafe's death, silas will not look at sam the same way.... because she is  a cassadine and a jerome who are responsbile for what happened to his nephew, that cohorst him in this chain of event.......that turned into a recipe for disaster.....  i bet molly too once she finds out her mom's side of the family the cassadine's  and boyfriend julien jerome who brought drugs into port charles she too will never forgive her either..hoepfully it will make alexis feel guilt ridden too... and same to for kiki if it is true that ava jerome her mom and victor  cassadine did teamed up to target patrick and sabrina in the car accident... kiki to will never forgive ava for killing her cousin rafe......

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    • How dare you bad peaple bash Sam for no reason, she has nothing to do with what her father did, and Silas  was an idiot for not knowing what a wonderfdul woman Sam is, he lost her to the gorgious Patrick Drake, his loss.

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    • Too bad Silas doesn't know that his fraud of a wife is his own  sister, yuck, icky-cacca, gross.

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    • I've always hated Robin for using her work to try to steal Sam's own husband, Jason away from her, no wonder Patrick's divorcing her, it will serve Robin right when she learns Patrick and Sam are a couple, Robin had no consideration for Sam's feelings, after Sam was so nice to help Robin's husband choose her over Sabrina, has Robin ever tried to encourage Jason to fight for Sam or ever say one nice thing about Sam, no, Robin's a criminal, working for the evil Victer, saving killers, instead of being a mother and wife. The difference between Sam and Robin is if the roles were reversed Sam would tell Robin that I'm going to go save your husband, Patrick, so he will be home in time to be with you and your daughter, but does Robin care about Sam, no she does not, she should have told Sam why she left but she chose to make Sam suffer in silence still thinking her hubby Jason is dead, Robin is a selfish, lying, cheating husband stealing dirtbag. At least, Sam dumped Silas for lying to her about his being married, and now that Patrick filled for divorce, Sam is free to have the gorgious young man, who Robin deserved to loose. Karma is a bitch.

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    • It will be revealed that Nina's long lost twin bio brother is no other than her own soon to be ex husband, Silas Clay. It's incest, it's awful, it's wrong, but that's how it is. Nina and Silas are brother and sister.

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    • Sam and Patrick have tons of chemistry, Liz and newJason have no chemistry, he looked rather out of place on the hospital bed. Counting the days for Michelle Stafford to leave gh, she sucks, and I hate Silas for not being a one woman man. He should had just stayed with Sam.

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    • A lot of peaple hate Silas Clay. Well, I used to love Silas Clay, but only when he was with Sam, but now I hate Silas because of Nina, and I hate Nina for daring to breathe the exact same air Silas breathes in. I used t find him tollerable when he was only with Sam, but now I hate Silas for insisdting on having both a wife and a girlfreind. Silas sucks. McBain would never treat Sam that way.

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    • Nina sucks. Get her off the show. Fire Michele Stafford, now.

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