• I am not a GH loyalist; I was an avid OLTL loyalist ever since I started watching it with my mom when it first began.  I can remember back before Erika Slezak was Vikki.  I loved that show and I loved what you did with it.  I thought the last years were brilliant and it felt like my best friends died when it ended (very weird feeling to get that het up about a TV show!  I have a PH.D, after all!!).  So, followed you to GH, dragging my feet.  Loved Todd, Starr, John, Luke, Tracy, Britt's evil mom, etc.  Tried to convince my die-hard GH friends that you would do well by their show.  But she hates and I have to say, so do I.  How could you do so well by OLTL, and so terribly by GH?  REALLY stupid plotlines.  On OLTL, young people got involved with drugs and contemplated suicide.  There was school bullying.  Here, little kids act out trite adult love triangles.  How incredibly contrived and stupid.  Then there's the Silas/Nina/Sam love triangle - haven't we seen that done dozens of times before?  I'ts soooo tired.  Todd thinking he killed Victor, being manipulated by his mother in a Manchurian Candidate take off that somehow fabulously involved Alison Perkins - that was brilliant!!  Britt conspiring with Spencer to win back Nicholas is idiotic.  What happened?  Did you like OLTL but don't give a sh_t about GH?  Get over yourselves and think up some actually interesting plots, 'kay?  don't make me wish I'd just watched the Revolution more often . . .

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