• Here are some Sam storylines that should be written in this show. [1.] HER TEEN'S CHOICE. Sam's son, Danny gets sorased into a teenager and she has to worry about his bad tastes in girls. [2.] JASON'S LAST STAND.   The villian, Jason is finally murdered and he has an array of suspects and of course, our favorite character, Sam is the prime suspect, so she uses her pi skills to find her husband's killer, and of course, the least favorite character, Franco, killed him. Jason's women finally make peace with each other, finally realizing the borg was never worth fighting for. [3.] REPAIRING MOTHER AND DAUGHTER. Alexis helps Sam find Sam's sorased daughter, Lila and brother Danny, prooving that Alexis didn't kill a couple of Sam's family members after all. Don't expect Lila's parrents to unite anytime soon. Then, Ric finally confesses that he and Sam never had sex, he was only faking it to cause Sam trouble with her mother and her guy, prooving Sam never really hurt her mother after all. [4.] BACK TO THE FUTURE. Sam and Maxie travel back in time to the wild west, where Sam's great great grandpa, Jack shot Wild Bill Hickock over a card game. [5.] SAM'S HEROISM. Sam makes the ultimate sacrifice when she teams up with two of the peaple she hates the most to save two of the peaple she loves the most.  [6.] LOVE TRIANGLE. Silas wants Sam back, but she's with Patrick now. Who will she choose...[7.] ABDUCTED. Sam, Carly, Liz and Maxie get kidnapped by aliens all at once, then return with no memory that night yet suddenly experience wierd health problems. So, they turn to Dr. Kevin Collins for help.  [8.] TO HELL AND BACK. Sam travels to Heaven, Hell and Pergatory before she makes it out of triple bypass surgery. [9.]  TWICE AS NICE OR DOUBLE TROUBLE. Sam's doppleganger, Alicia, returns from prison to stir things up and this time, she's ganna stay. Could it be that Alicia is Sam's twin sister...[10.] SAM'S TICKING CLOCK IS UP. Sam goes through menapause.

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