• I know this isn't a popular view, but I don't want Sam with Jason. He never treated her right, always put her in danger and made her cry. He's  all wrong for her. She should go with John McBain. He was there for her when she needed a freind, and they'd make a great couple. I know she's with Patrick now, and I want to be happy for them, but how do we know if it's just sex between them... I know John turned into Silas, and he wasn't always very nice to her, but I want Sam with a Michaul Easton character. He and Kemo know how to play a supercouple ever since their heyday as Caleb and Livvie in PORT CHARLES. If PROSPECT PARK still won't bring back the OLTL 3, then have Silas leave town and return as another cop with a different name as a lover from Sam's past to shake things up between her and sexy Patrick. So, who do you want ME to play as Sam's future husband...Tanner Scoffield, Father Michaul Morley, Caleb Morley,  Stephen Clay, John McBain, or Silas Clay or a new guy with ME's face, and please, everyone, no KEMO/ME acter or character bashing. Thank you.

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