• I had been watching clips of Kelly Monaco's characters, Sam, Tess and Livvie. One was about the loveships of Sam. It showed her being just freinds with Silas and Patrick before she became lovers with them. At least, it showed her slapping Carly, before it showed them actually getting along. Why it showed Sam and Liz acting like freinds is beyond me, they usually hate each other. Well, there's plenty of other videos of Sam and Liz in catfights, but not this one. Liz and Carly are really her frenemies. And, of course they had some stuff of her and her actual freinds, Maxie and Spinelli. I don't understand why Franco was included, as well, no offense to Roger Hawath, he's hilairious in this, too, but there's no love between Sam and Franco, she hates him for obvious reasons. Thank Heavens Jason was not in this. I'm just glad that this video showed Sam in a Jason-free world.

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