• I am not gonna mention my name but I want to say this. It's time for Sebastian Roché to return as Jerry Jacks in my opinion. Here's my idea. What if Sam gets kidnapped and Jason Morgan and Andrew Cain work together to find her? Maybe as they work to find her, the cops investigate a potential bomb threat and a mysterious male voice using the name "Joss Carlos" plays cat and mouse with them. "Joss Carlos" plants bombs all over Port Charles, and he has Sam. Eventually it's revealed that "Joss Carlos" is Jerry Jacks and he holds the city ransom but the bomb crisis is a distraction to keep everyone busy as he breaks into Aurora Media to steal a mysterious computer drive containing certain codes or malware or whatever. He then takes Sam down to the pier and Jason and Andrew show up with guns in their hand and they confront him but a bomb explodes and Jerry and Sam are presumed dead but they are revealed to be alive on an island and they need each other to make it off the island despite Sam's hatred for him and him being her captor. The twins find out they're alive and they track them down to Cassadine Island. This could also bring Victor Cassadine back (even though he was killed off on September 16, 2014 but that has never stopped a soap before) and he and Jerry could be in cahoots trying to control the U.N. They could also be holding an alive Nikolas Cassadine captive. Eventually Jason and Andrew can rescue Sam and Nikolas, a shootout occurs and Robert shows up with a WSB task force to arrest both Jerry and Victor. Victor could get arrested and Jerry manages to escape despite being shot at by Jason and Andrew. This is just a cool idea to me and I hope that however they bring Jerry back if they bring him back that it would be an intense comeback and hopefully for an extended arc. What do y'all think?

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