• With Todd and Starr Manning and John McBain being forced to "sit out" for at least for some of March airings, how do GH/Prospect Park writers have them move back to Llanview?

    It is reported that the three actors are going to be off-GH for some time.  How will they pause/end their storylines for their "brief" leave of absence.

    Are they going to have them go back to Llanview/PP's OLTL, then include parts of their adventures on PP's OLTL in the comeback or leave it out, or just somehow leave them off canvas.

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    • I'm guessing, and this is just purely guessing, that GH will have the three go back to Llanview for some reason.  I'm hoping that OLTL (and GH) decide to keep the continuity between the two shows so that it makes sense since I think many viewers will watch both shows and it'll be confusing if they don't keep the continuity (like Cole and Hope dying, Todd being found inocent of Victor's murder, Starr dating Michael, John and Natalie having a custody battle, etc).  I'm hoping that OLTL doesn't decide to undo all of those storylines, and that if the three do appear on the new OLTL and come back to GH, that GH doesn't undo the storylines they had on OLTL during that time, it'd just be a big confusing mess.

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    • Right now, it is all pure guess work because we're dealing with two different companies and they hasn't been any signs of storylines ending (besides Todd being arrested and being arraigned).

      My best guess is that GH will have trial in Llanview (or at least taped by OLTL) and have John go there to testify. Starr to go there to see what happens to her father.

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    • I could see John maybe going back to deal with Natalie in the custody battle for son Liam.  I think maybe Starr will go visit her mom.  Maybe Todd will back back to try to reconnect with his kids Jack and Dani and his nephew Sam, and his sister Viki.  Or, something to do with his family.

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    • But before all that happens, if Todd were ought to see Sonny and Connie in his office, what would he do to Sonny?

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