• If Kristina Davis-Corinthos and Molly Lansing-Davis are the aunts, and Sonny Corinthos is the uncle of Danny Morgan, would T.J. Ashford and Shawn Butler also become the uncles of Danny? After all, Shawn is Sonny's friend and associate.

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    • Sonny's not Danny's uncle, he's only Molly's uncle.  Sonny isn't related to Danny.  TJ and Shawn aren't Danny's uncles either.  They're not related to him.  Being a friend doesn't make you someone's uncle, unless you're just talking about how people sometimes call friends "uncle" as an honorary or respect thing.  There's no blood relation there.

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    • You're saying that I know too much about it? Well, I already am too much about it.

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    • Yes Ylnani, unless Shawn/TJ marry Alexis or Molly, they are not uncles to Danny. TJ could be uncle by marriage if Molly and TJ got married (but this seems kinda too soon for them).

      If Shawn married Alexis, then Shawn would be a step-grandfather of Danny due to Alexis being the grandmother. He would be a true grandfather (if Sam's father is Shawn, but this would not be the case because I would assume Alexis would of said something and Sam Morgan isn't a mix white-black or "mulatto")

      Sonny has no blood connection to Sam McCall-Morgan or Jason Morgan - same concept only marriage would give relation to Danny (marrying Alexis or even Sam - they had a thing), but doesn't seem so.  Unless Sonny is Sam's father, but this doesn't plausible because it wouldn't benefit the storylines (Sam is adult, Alexis and Sonny already has a kid together, and it would unethical to reveal that Sonny is the father of Sam when they were romantic together)

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