• We know that Alexis is 49, but we still don't know about Anna's and Heather's age. Heather Webber is much older than Sonny's lawyer Alexis Davis. But is Anna younger or older than Heather?

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    • Anna started to appeared in 1985 (28 years ago) and had Robin in 1977 (36 yrs + approx 20 years due to her working for the fictional WSB agency in 70s = 56ish)

      Heather appeared in 1976 and had Steve in 1977 (revised 1973) (40 yrs + 23ish = early 60s)

      They might be close in age, but I might speculate that Heather might be a tad older than Anna.  This is just want I found, no conclusive answers but something to go on

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    • I'd say Anna is 56, Alexis is 49, and Heather is 63.

      Heather Webber is much older than Alexis, but Anna is younger than Heather and older than her friend Alexis. Heather is the oldest because she buired Anthony Zacchara into the woods in the night of the severe thunderstorm.

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